Friday, November 1, 2013

Oct 27th - Not Quite a Usual Sunday

We attended church, as usual, and it was all good.  But, from there on, the day was not our usual Sunday.
When I got home, rather than getting dinner prepared as usual, I packed my clothes and the cooler for our trip to North Carolina.  I had packed eveything else already, so it didn't take long to finish it up.  Then I just had to patiently wait for Bill to get home from church.
Bill finally got home, packed his own clothes, loaded the car, and we were on our way by about 4:00.  He had not eaten, so we stopped for a quick burger on the way.  Otherwise, it was a straight shot for the cabin.  We were both anxious for this break.
We arrived about 6:45, which meant it was not quite all the way dark.  It was too dark to see how the leaves are, but Bill was able to get things turned on and the car unloaded while it was still a little bit light.
Then we just relaxed!  We eventually got things unpacked, but we didn't work too hard at it!  By about 8:00, we were ready to eat a little something.  I had planned BLT's for dinner, so I fried up the bacon and we had sandwiches.
Bill settled in to try to watch some TV.  The Dish is on, but it is the very basic service, so there are not really any channels that he wanted to watch.  He may contact Ron tomorrow to see if he will upgrade for the week, and we pay for it, so he can watch some games.  I, of course, am happy as can be, just curled up in my corner with a book.
We are looking forward to these few days.  Bill really needs to de-stress and I always enjoy these kinds of get-aways.   We are both glad to be in North Carolina!

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