Friday, November 1, 2013

Oct 30th - Another Gorgeous Day!

We slept in again today - even I didn't get up until 7:45.  When he finally got up, Bill decided he needed a walk, so he headed up the mountain.  He took about an hour and when he got back, we finally had breakfast.  By then, it was 11:00!
After eating and cleaning up, we headed out for another ride.  This time we headed to Waynesviile, where we took the road that heads to Brevard.  It passes over the Parkway and is a beautiful drive, which we have taken before.  Past the parkway, we stopped at sliding rock, a huge rock formation in the creek that is a perfect slide.  It is very popular in warm weather.   
We went on a little further to see Looking Glass Falls, which is a nice waterfall that is close to the road, so I didn't have to hike.  My knees just don't take hiking anymore.   I am not sure of the drop, but it is at least 40 or 50 feet, probably a good bit more.
We then headed back up the road to the Parkway and took it to go back to Balsam.  It is a beautiful section of the Blue Ridge, as it is mostly right on the ridge and there are beautiful views on both sides.  It also has the highest point on the whole parkway.  It was a warm, sunny day, so that made everything even lovelier. 
Once we got back home, we decided to go ahead and cook dinner, so we ate early, by about 5:15.  After cleaning up, we sat out on the porch swing for an hour or so.  What a beautiful ending to our last night.  When it started getting too cool, we headed back in and I read and Bill watched the world series.
It has been a great few days - so sorry that we have to head home tomorrow.  But, I am glad we made it up here.  Ron is trying to sell the cabin, so this may be our last trip.  I am glad it has been a good one!

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