Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 25th - Grocery shopping day!

This was almost a normal Monday, where I just get the house straightened after the weekend and then work on my next lesson and other such things.  I did do all of that, including getting a short nap.

But, with Thanksgiving this week, I also had to make a trip to the grocery store before it got too hectic.  I already have most of what I need for my share of dinner, but there are always a few items to pick up.  Getting that done, without the grocery store being in total chaos, made it a good day!  Plus, there were a lot of sales because of the holiday, so I picked up some extra things that I use anyway.  So glad to have that done!

I had a friend stop by today.  She makes things with her vinyl cutter and they are so cute.  She had recently posted a picture of a wood plaque with a big initial and the family name superimposed on it, along with the marriage date.  I liked it, so I had told her I would get one.  She was dropping it off today.  The problem?  She had thought I would not be home, so she could just leave it by the door as a surprise Christmas gift.  Well, I was home and I caught her!  In spite of my trying to pay for it, she insisted it was a gift.  I am really happy with it and am trying to decide exactly where I want it hung.  She is the same one who stayed in our house last summer while we were in Florida and she was between houses.  The house she finally bought is in a different stake and we have missed her.  She had three of the four children with her, too, and it was fun getting to chat a few minutes.  Thanks again, Andrea!

As it turned out, my normal Monday had a little extra added.  It was a good day. 

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