Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 29th - Jen's Bridal Shower

I had to pick Lisa up by 10:30, so my morning was mostly getting ready!  We had to be down to the Swan Coach House for the luncheon and bridal shower by 11:30.  All went well and we made it in good time.  I have not been to the Swan House is quite a few years, so it was fun to eat there again.  We had a private room for the shower and had a great turnout.  After the lunch, Jen opened the gifts and things began to wind down.  What a fun 2 1/2 hours!

Bill and Corey planned to go to the Braves games which started at 4:00, so they were gone when I got home.  I did a few things around the house and on the computer, including some family history.  I also was able to sneak in a nap.  The game turned into a long one and I had to work to stay up until they got home. 

This has been another good day.  Congratulations, Jen!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 28th - Fun Filled Day!

What with Corey and Bill getting back from the airport so late last night - turned out they didn't get to bed until 3:00 am - I wasn't surprised when they slept in!  I was up as usual and quietly worked at my computer.  I was totally immersed in some family history by the time they both woke up.

After a little breakfast, we headed out to Stone Mountain.  It was a beautiful day and enjoyed our ride around the mountain and stopping at a few spots along the way.  There was no storm today, so we were able to ride the Skylift and wander around the top of the mountain.  Very fun.

By the time we left the park, it was mid-afternoon and we were getting hungry, so we stopped at a Chili's and had lunch, then made it back home in time to have a short time to rest before taking off again.

With my niece and her daughter in town for the big wedding shower on Saturday, Hazel had a big family get together at her home.  Everyone was there and we had a good time.  It has been since Christmas that the whole family has gotten together - and then some of them were not in Atlanta.  We had a great time getting caught up and eating, of course.  Corey seemed to survive the encounter quite well.

I was ready to go to bed when we got back home.  It was a long, busy day, but we had a lot of fun.

Friday, June 28, 2013

June 27th - House Cleaning Day!

Well, the truth is that I had someone come and do it!  It was the last cleaning from the Groupon I bought a while back and I love having the house so clean.  With a guest arriving tonight, it was the perfect day to have her come!

So, what did I do while someone was else was doing my work?  I started the day with water aerobics.  It will be my last class for a while.  They don't have classes next week, a holiday week, and then I will be out of town for two weeks.  It was the last day of Brooks' swim lessons, so they dropped Ashby off here on their way to the pool.  

I needed to make sure everything was picked up for the cleaning lady, so Ashby and I got the kitchen in order and the guest bed made.  Several toys that I had ordered all arrived yesterday, so we spent the rest of our time exploring the new toys.  We had played with two of them and were just starting on the third, a bubble maker (my old one died) when Lisa and Brooks got back.  It was perfect timing, because we could keep the kids outside while the cleaning lady finished up.  They had a ball!

When she finished cleaning, it was lunchtime, so we went out to Subway.  From there, we headed over to Macy's to try and find a shower gift.  We lucked out this time, as we both found something we liked on her registry.  The only problem was keeping two little children in control when we were surrounded by expensive glassware!  We managed, but not without a few gasps.

From there, everyone headed home to nap.  I stopped at the library on my home to pick up some books that had come in.  Then I did my computer/office/relief society things that I do almost every day.  By then, I was feeling very tired and went to take a short nap.  It was short because I kept getting interrupted - the doorbell when FedEx delivered another package (part of Ashby's birthday present), then the dryer buzzed, then the washer buzzed - well, you get it!  I did sleep a little, but I could sure have used a little more!

I got all the laundry finished and put away, my house is really clean, the guest room is ready for Corey - I think I got everything done.  Bad news is that his plane was supposed to get in at 11:00, but the flight was delayed and it will now be 12:30.  Bill is going to the airport - I think I will just see Corey in the morning!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

June 26th - What Fun with Ashby!

Our day started rather early, what with Ashby spending the night.  About 5:45, she came into our room, went to Bill's side of the bed, and woke him up.  But, she is so gentle waking a person up.  Usually she just lightly taps on your arm.  If she did that, it didn't work, so then she tried clicking her tongue.  That didn't take long!  Bill pulled into the middle of our bed and she cuddled right up with me.  I don't think she ever went back to sleep, although she was quiet as a mouse.  About an hour later, we finally got up.

After our morning chores - shower, getting dressed, brushing our teethe, breakfast, getting some laundry started, etc. - we went to Target.  I needed to check out my niece's wedding registry for her shower on Saturday and Ashby wanted a Barbie.  We ended up buying some Barbie clothes that were on sale and she picked out something else.  I checked the registry and total fail.  Almost everything was only available online (not time to order now!) and I couldn't find some of the other items.  I will try Macy's or get creative with Lisa tomorrow.

We were almost home when Ashby realized that the item she had picked did not include the Barbie doll.  I had checked the box and had missed that, too.  Strange, since I was particularly watching for that.  Anyway, we went back to Target, returned the item, and she picked out something else.  When we got home, she was totally absorbed in playing with it.  She had just switched to putting the new Barbie clothes on the old Barbies when Lisa and Brooks showed up.  It was the first scowl I had seen on her face in two days!  She really didn't want it to be time to go home.

Unfortunately, I had other plans, so once they left, I took off to pick up one of my visiting teaching sisters to go to lunch.  From there, we went to visit my companion, who is pretty much housebound.  She is a great companion, sends out emails to our sisters a couple of times a month, keeps in touch with me, helps plan the gifts we give for Christmas and birthdays, etc.  She just can't come out to visit our sisters.  She had never met the one with me today in person, so we had a great time getting - we talked for quite a while!

Back home, I did the rest of the things that needed to be done that were still undone.  I spent some computer time, as well.  I was pretty tired, so my evening was spent doing some frivolous computer stuff.  Bill went with the rest of the bishopric to visit two new families in our ward.  I ended my day reading, as usual.  I am just about finished with Mosiah in the Book of Mormon - I am not keeping up with the youth who are to read it during the summer, but I will finish a bit later. 

It has been a very busy and good day. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 25th - Ashby Spends the Night!

This morning, we were invited to go to swim at a friend's neighborhood pool.  We all had such a great time!  Ashby and Brooks are both getting to be better swimmers.  They both like to jump in the pool!

After lunch and more swimming at the pool, Ashby came home with me to spend the night.  We were so tired that we both rested first.  Then we played a while.  Our favorite activity of the afternoon was to make some snickerdoodles.  Boy, are they ever good!

We talked to Grandpa on the phone and Ashby asked him to pick up a pizza for our dinner, which he did.  We loved our dinner!  We especially liked the dessert pizza with the frosting dip.  Grandpa had to go to a meeting, so we had a fun evening without him.  It would have been more fun if he had been home.

Ashby decided to take a bath - with her Barbies!  They took a very long bath and had so much fun.  Then it was time to get ready for bed, brush the teeth, brush the hair, and get jammies on.  We got into Grandma's bed and Ashby read three books to me.  She did a wonderful job, because she is an excellent reader. By then, it was way past bedtime, so Ashby climbed into her bed and went to asleep right away!

What a wonderful day!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 24th - Ashby Brought a Friend Today

Back to the weekly routine - swim lessons for Brooks and babysitting with Ashby.  Today Ashby brought her best friend with her.  She wanted to show off the playhouse.  They had fun playing, although they had their "little girl" moments when one or the other was not happy over something.  Fortunately, at this age, those moments pass quickly.  It was fun watching the two of them.

After swim lessons, Lisa and Brooks came and Brooks was extra excited because Abby was here.  He was rather silly, if you must know.  He is only 2 1/2, but it seems he already  likes to show off for girls!  They all had fun.  Lisa fixed a little lunch for them here, then it was time to take off.

I did my normal chores once they left, and then ended up spending the bulk of my time working on family history.  I started on my great-grandparents paper files - sorting what was already in there, copying additional documents from online, etc.

I was so tired that I ended up taking a pretty good nap, too.  Some days I am really grateful for a nap! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

June 23rd - I Still Love My Sundays!

Today was a normal, regular, run-of-the-mill, nothing unusual Sunday - just the way I like them!  And the reason Sundays are my favorite day of the week!

Meetings were good.  It was the last Sunday for two families, so they were asked to bear testimonies.  We also had two new families in the ward, so we will have new people to get to know.  The missionaries (Elders) also spoke.  They are both new to the ward, so it was good to get a little familiar with them.  The rest of the meeting, and the lessons for Sunday School and Relief Society were all really good, too.

At home, I didn't have much to do to get dinner prep done.  I had put a roast with all the trimmings in the crockpot before I left.  A frozen bread loaf was in the pan thawing.  I shucked some ears of corn and  cut up a cantaloupe.  That was it.

Then I spent some time on the computer and got back into the family history again, doing more of what I was doing yesterday.  When the kids got here, we finished up the meal, baking the bread, making the gravy, etc., and we were ready to eat.

The rest of the day was just relaxing, playing with the kids, and having fun.  It is what I like best about Sundays!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 22nd - Oops! Forgot to Clean the House!

So, Saturday is supposed to be the day we do all our house work and end up with a clean house, right?  Well.......  I did do some laundry, changed the sheets, cleaned up the kitchen a little.  Other than that, well, the house is the just the same as before.  I was simply not in the mood to do any cleaning, what can I say?  Thank goodness the house is at least neat!

What I did instead was get so totally engrossed in family history that I did nothing else - other than the few items listed above.  I had an email question to answer and that always takes a little time, because I am checking myself to make sure I have everything correct.  I completed the paper files on my four grandparents - printing out the documents, etc.  I realized that I didn't really want to have an internet link be the only documentation for my information.  Just in case, you never know!

Then I started checking the leaves on Ancestry.  I currently have over 4000 leaves (possible links to information).  I started on the Hutchins line, Bill's mother's line, and found quite a bit.  It all takes a lot of time - finding the link, evaluating whether it is correct person and information, entering the information in my RootsMagic file, etc., etc., etc.  I write a lot of notes on each person's file.  I found a few new tidbits of information, but most of it is supporting what I already knew.  I have become such a fiend about wanting documented information that I like finding other sources to support the same information.

Anyway, that was my day!  I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if it wasn't exactly what I was supposed to be doing.  Oh, well.  We all have to have some days of enjoyment!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 21st - First Day of Summer - at the Pool!

I spent the first part of the morning getting the routine stuff out of the way.  That way, I could enjoy the pool!

My friend Sharon had invited us to come swim with her at their neighborhood pool.  Once Lisa could get away and we made it over there, it was around 11:00.  The kids had a ball swimming and jumping in.  Ashby was particularly excited because she could touch the bottom of the pool and still have her head above water.  She is like a fish, under water half the time and swimming the rest.  I don't think she stopped moving the entire time she was in the pool. Brooks was just about as active, but is still wearing a tube when he is in the water, so he doesn't go under so much.  They both had so much fun. 

Lisa had brought lunch, so when they finally got hungry, they were able to have a picnic.  Then it was back to swimming some more.  We were there for a couple of hours, so they expended a huge amount of energy.

Back home, Brooks went right down for a nap and Ashby rested on the couch and watched Nick Jr on TV.  Lisa had an appointment later in the afternoon, so she went off for that and the rest of us continued to just lay around.

When everyone finally left for home, I finished up a couple of things.  Then I decided I was too tired, too, so I laid down and read a little and dozed off for just a few minutes.  I worked on family history a little and managed to finish checking the completed ordinances, so I won't worry about doing that again for a while.

It has been a fun day.  We have been invited to come again and I think that we probably will!

Friday, June 21, 2013

June 20th - Great Day!

I started off with my water aerobics class, got home with enough time to get cleaned up and then Ashby was dropped off so Brooks could go to his swim lesson.  She and I had a great time.  She got the wooden puppets out and the prince, princess, and horse had some great adventures.

Originally, we had an swim pool date, but my friend had to make a last minute change, so we will try for that tomorrow.  Since the kids were excited about swimming, and Lisa had brought lunch, we just turned the back yard into our adventure.  They had a ball playing in the little blow up pool and having lunch on the patio.  Kids are so adaptable!

After being out there for a couple of hours, they came in, took baths, and then headed for home.  What a fun time we had.

During the afternoon, I did all the usual chores that hadn't been touched yet.  I also managed to get in another pretty good nap.  By the end of the day, I even worked on family history a little.  I am running a check on completed temple work and getting my files updated. 

Fun day!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 19th - Now Back to Regular Life

MA and Charles were off by about 6:00 this morning, so I had to get back to my normal routine.  Of course, part of that was just recuperating from so much fun over the last couple of days. 

We had to run over and get my car - it was in the shop again with the air conditioner not working right.  Thank goodness, it just needed a little freon.  They couldn't find a leak, so hopefully we are good for the rest of the summer.

Back home, I had laundry to tackle - 4 loads.  I also did the usual routine around the house and had a long list of computer things to do.  Lisa dropped Ashby off at 9:15 so she could take Brooks to his swim lesson.  Ashby immediately wanted to go out in the little pool, so we got that set up and were out there for a while.  She had brought a squirt gun and was having a lot of fun squirting everything she could find - including Grandma!  When we came in, she had a cup of hot cocoa and a piece of cake and then cuddled up with a blanket to watch Dora on TV.

When Lisa and Brooks got back, he headed straight to the toy room and this time it was the tools he got out.  He seemed to really want to use that hammer.  There was so much left over Chinese that the kids had lunch here, then they had to go to do a few errands and then naps. 

When they left, I finished up some of the things I had been doing, ate a little lunch, and then hit the wall!  I ended up napping for a long time.  After my nap, I worked on some computer things and then Bill got home.  This evening, they had bishopric meeting here, but I was busy in the office and then off to bed.

I got a lot done today, had a chance to rest, but I would have loved another day with MA.  Hopefully, they will make it here again sometime.  I count my college roommates near the top of my best blessings!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 18th - Day #3 with MA!

We had a great day today.  The forecast was for 80% chance of rain, but we decided to just go out anyway and see what happened.  So, after getting up and having breakfast, we took off for Helen.  We no sooner stepped out the front door and the sun came out!  And it was sunny most of the day.  In fact, the only time we had any rain all day was when we were in the car driving.  That is what is a called a tender mercy!

We started our day in Helen.  We walked through the shops.  MA was looking for some little music boxes that Connie had bought the last time we were there.  She wanted them for Charles' granddaughters for Christmas presents.  We weren't having much luck, and even a phone call to Connie didn't help us figure out which store they had been in, but we kept looking. 

At lunchtime, we went to the German restaurant on the river and ate outside.  Two years ago, when the roomies were all there, we had a waiter named Brad who had been such fun and we had adored him.  Lo and behold, as we walked up to be seated - there was Brad!  We really laughed about that.  So, we had Brad as our waiter again and, of course, took another picture.  It was such a gorgeous day that we relaxed there by the river for a long time!

From there, we hit the last few stores and, surprise!, we found the music boxes.  What a successful trip to Helen!!

We decided to head over to Tallulah Gorge to show Charles that we do have some impressive geology here in in Georgia.  Almost as soon as we got in the car, we had our first raindrops.  We decided to ride it out, and when we stopped at the first lookout, the rain stopped!  We then went to the center, looked at a little there, and then hiked a bit.  It is not far to the first two lookouts over some waterfalls, so even I could do that.  It was absolutely beautiful.  That was enough hiking for me, but the others went to one of the other lookouts while I rested.

By the time we got back home, we were all exhausted and starting to get hungry again.  We picked up Chinese for dinner and spent the rest of the evening relaxing.  It is hard to believe that these days have gone so quickly!  They will leave for home tomorrow.

What a great day!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 17th - Day #2 with MA

What a great day we had, even if we had a lot of snafus along the way.  We all just slept in and had an eggs and grits breakfast at home.  When we finally decided to get on our way, we all loaded up in the van and started to see Atlanta.

Our first stop was the Atlanta temple.  It is closed on Monday, but we stopped out front and they took some pictures.  We decided to drive around to the back side to show them the chapel and were pleased to see that the back gate was open and we were able to drive onto the temple grounds.  We got out and walked up to the front and they were able to take lots of pictures.

From there we headed down to the Cyclorama.  I had read online that it would be closed tomorrow, so we decided we would need to go today if we wanted to see it.  My bad - they are always closed on Mondays!  I didn't even see that online.  Anyway, the door was open, so we just walked in and were able to look at the big train engine and the ground floor exhibits before we were caught and asked to leave.

From there, we just drove through town to go out to Stone Mountain.  At least the park is not closed on Mondays, right?  We entered the west gate and just drove around the mountain, stopping at the covered bridge for some pictures and enjoying the beauty of the park.  When we got to the Skyride, we parked and, since it was past lunch, decided to just grab a hotdog from the cafe there.  During that time, a storm moved in - rain, lightening, thunder, etc.  Of course, they close the Skyride when weather is bad.  The mountain is pretty when wet and all the waterfalls flowing off the face, but we really did want to take a ride to the top.  No such luck.

We walked over to the museum  next door and enjoyed looking at the carving and then went in and watched the movies about the men who did the carving and about the Civil War in Georgia.  Those were good and at least helped give some history.  The bad news was that the Skyride was still not open and another line of storms was coming through.  We just gave up and drove around the rest of the park area.

When we had seen it all, we headed back towards home.  We were all pretty tired and all took short power naps.  For dinner, we just went out to Del Rio for a little Mexican.  Back home, we just had a good time talking.

Though things did not go completely as planned, we really did have a great day.  Charles has  never been south before, so everything is new to him.  We have really enjoyed this time to get to know him better and are so glad that our first impression when they married was correct.  We would love to be able to see them more often, as we have thoroughly enjoyed their company.

One more day before they leave.  And the forecast is for more rain.  Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I am sure it will be as good as today - regardless of what we have to end up doing!

Monday, June 17, 2013

June 16th - MA has arrived!

This was another great Sunday.  It started with church services, which were wonderful, as always.  In Sacrament meeting, the 3 youth and 2 leaders talked about the ward girls camp and the young men high adventure that they did a few weeks ago.  Great talks.

When I got home, I got the basics together for dinner and then enjoyed a little computer time.  I was doing a little family history, as well.  Then the kids arrived and things got a little wilder!  We went ahead and fed Brooks and then he went down for a nap.  The rest of us relaxed. 

MA and Charles were coming sometime during the afternoon, so we didn't want to do dinner until they got here.  After dropping off family at the airport, they had gone to the aquarium.  Then we got another call that they were sort of lost.  I-85 had been completely shut down because of an accident and they had gotten off to get around and got a little confused.  Bill knew right where they were and was able to give directions. 

We were excited when they arrived!  After visiting a bit, we finished up dinner and had a great time sitting around the table talking and eating.  And laughing, of course!  After dessert, we just moved it to the living room. 

When Brooks woke up, he wanted to go outside, so Bill went out with the kids for a while.  Eventually, he and Charles sat out on the patio chatting until the mosquitos started to attack  We all had a great time catching up.  We especially are enjoying getting to know Charles better.  We had only met him at the wedding and, while we had a great first impression, it is great to get to really know him a little more. 

Ashby took right to MA and even read some books to her.  Brooks took right to Charles and even gave him a hug when it was time to go.  Those children sure are great judges of character!

So day one has been a great success!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 15th - Saturday Cleaning!

We had another busy day today.  My main focus was on getting the house cleaned, so that is about all I did!  Since we have some company coming for a few days, I was a little more careful - didn't take as many short cuts, you know?  End result is that the place is passable.

I also had to make a trip to the grocery store.  I know, I did a major shopping at Costco just a couple of days ago, but there are some things that are just not available at Costco.  I think we are set now.

Bill had to go to a baptism this morning and then mostly worked outside.  He had bigger plans than I thought were good, and when he was exhausted at the end of the day, I think he was glad he hadn't done them all. 

In between things - since I can only do so much physical before the back gives out - I got things done on the computer and even read a little.  I mid-afternoon, we both took a short nap.  I guess we are getting old!

It is always a good day when everything on the to-do list is crossed off - so today qualifies just on that.  I saw a hummingbird out the front window today as it busily checked out my gladiola.  Now that made it a good day!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 14th - Flag Day!

But our flag was not out since there is no holder on the garage to put it in. 

This was another busy day.  I am thinking it is time for another vacation!  Oh, yeah, I have guests coming and we will be doing a lot of playing for a few days.  I need that!

I got started early, stripping both beds, and getting laundry going.  I got six loads done, one of them being the sheets.  I also got both beds remade, which is a challenge because bending just that much kills my back!  (I have to make the bed in stages with little breaks in between - one of the bad things about getting old!)  I worked on my RS email in between loads.

Then, about 11:00, Lisa came by with the kids.  She had an appointment and I am designated babysitter!  That means all work was suspended while we played out in the backyard in the sprinkler and the little pool.  They had so much fun.  It was a beautiful day to be out there.  Some time shortly after noon, their tummies started getting hungry, so we came in, got dressed, and started lunch.  Of course, they always want mac & cheese.  Lisa was back by then, so she gave them some fresh fruit to eat while the m&c cooked.  It must have really been good, because Brooks had two nice helpings of fresh strawberries and Ashby had a peach and a big bowl of cherries. 

After lunch, they had to pack it up and head back home, as Lisa had a voice student at 2:00.  Once they were gone, I went back to finishing up the laundry.  Well, actually it was all washed, last load in the dryer, but all the rest to still be folded and put away.  I felt like I had really accomplished something when that was finished!

I also had to do some other things around the house, like straighten, empty dishwasher, empty all the trash, etc.  Tomorrow is the big cleaning day, but if everything is in order, that becomes much easier.  At one point, I finally hit the wall and went to rest a little and even fell asleep for a few minutes.  Then it was up and at 'em again!

Bill got home from his big job and went to work in the yard some.  While working, he talked to a couple of ladies from the front of the subdivision who were out walking and had seen our parachute flowers every day as they walked by.  They were so excited that someone was finally out so they could ask what they were.  He dug up a plant for each of them (they spread, so it wasn't like we would miss them) and then also dug up a gladiola bulb for each of them.  They were so excited to go put their new plants in their yards.

I was really excited to have MA call earlier in the day to let me know that they were in town and had survived the tornado like weather last night.  They will be here on Sunday afternoon and will be here until Wednesday morning.  We are so looking forward to their visit!

Friday, June 14, 2013

June 13th - Non-stop Day!

Whew - this has been a busy day!  It started with water aerobics at 8:00.  Ashby had her swimming lesson right after, so I brought Brooks back to the house with me.  He was so cute - still in his pj's.  He was so excited to go to grandma's house.  He has been here almost every day for two weeks - and he is still excited.  That makes me very happy!

When they finished, Ashby and Lisa came by and we relaxed a bit, letting the kids play.  I had a visiting teaching appointment at 11:30 - meeting at Chic Filet.  When the kids hears "Chic Filet," they also wanted to come, so it ended up we all went!  They played and my sister and I sat in our booth and had our visit.  It was actually a lot of fun. 

From there, everyone else headed home, and I headed off to do chores - a run by the library to return and pick up some books, and then to Costco.  I have needed to do a big shopping trip for a while, but keep putting it off.  Today I finally got it done.  The biggest thing was to stock up on meat again.  Anyway, I had a full cart, so that had to be loaded into the trunk, unloaded at home, and then all put away.  I had pretty much spent my energy, so I did the putting away in shifts - a little at a time.  While trying to recover, I did my usual computer stuff and other "just sitting" chores. 

This evening, we had the monthly Relief Society meeting.  It was on family history, with two classes - indexing and online research.  The turnout was small, but there were people in each class who really enjoyed it.  I went to the online research class, and even though it was basic stuff, I still found some new ideas.

Bill has a big job in Ellijay, in north Georgia, and had to stay over, so things were really quiet when I got home.  We talked on the phone for a while and then I was done!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 12th - Pool Day!

Lisa dropped Brooks off so Ashby could have her swimming lessons and he and I had a great time playing in the rice bin with his "mighty machine."  Then it was on to the same puzzle that he played with yesterday.  When Lisa and Ashby got back, we had a little time to relax and get snacks.

Then we headed off to the ward playgroup which was at a neighborhood pool just down the road from us.  They had so much fun.  Ashby couldn't wait to show me everything she has been learning.  It was a lot easier for Lisa to have someone to watch Ashby while she played with Brooks.  They were both non-stop!  After a picnic lunch, which Lisa had brought for them, they were back in the water for a little more playtime.  They were both exhausted, but neither wanted to go.  However, it was definitely time for naps!

Back home, I had the usual things to do around the house.  I still feel like I am fighting something, so I took a nap myself.  Then I mostly worked on some family history.  I actually cooked some bacon so we could have BLT's for dinner.  Yummy.

We really had a fun day - but it wore me out, too!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 11th - Another Day to Babysit!

With the swimming lessons, I am really enjoying the job of babysitting everyday!  Today, I started with my own water aerobics class.  Then Brooks came home with me from the pool while Ashby had her lessons.  He didn't really want to leave the pool; he had a sad little face as we were walking out of the building.  So I was asking him what he wanted to play with when we got to Grandma's house.  Play with Thomas?  Head shake no.  Play with blocks?  Head shake no.  Play with cars? Head shake no.  Read books? Head shake no.  Play with puzzles?  Pause - head shake yes.  And then he started talking!  All the way home, all he could talk about was the cow puzzle.  Well, except when we saw three big trucks and he had to point each one out to me.  It is amazing how quickly their moods can change!

When we got home, I quickly got dressed and then we got the puzzle out.  It is one of those that is made of 16 blocks and each side of the block is a different animal puzzle.  First we had to find the right side of the block and then we had to get them put together correctly.  We did it over and over.  In fact, we were still working on it when Lisa and Ashby got back. 

Lisa needed to do a little grocery shopping, so Ashby and Brooks stayed to play while she did that.  By then, they were both playing cars.  It seems Grandma made a great mountain just sitting on the couch.  And there were cars and trucks driving up and down my legs and arms.  How silly and what fun!

When Lisa got back, they all took off for home.  I did some of the usual chores that hadn't been touched yet.  I have been fighting a sore throat - not the raw kind, but the glands feel swollen.  Anyway, I was really tired and ended up taking a long nap. The rest of my day was spent on family history. 

Another good day!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 10th - Turned out to Be Another Manic Monday!

Ashby has swim lessons again this week, so Lisa dropped Brooks off about 8:30.  He and I played with the card almost the whole time.  He put the car box under the car mat to make a hill and then we visited all the places on the mat over and over again. 

When swim lessons finished, everyone had a little snack  Then we went out to do a little shopping.  Lisa wanted to go to Kid to Kid Consignment and talked me into going along.  We had fun shopping and Lisa found quite a few things. 

Then we headed over to the mall with the purpose of getting a haircut for Brooks.  Unfortunately, it decided to rain just as we were getting out of the car - and not just a light rain.  It went from no rain at all to a total downpour in about 30 seconds!  We made a run for it and were only soaked, even with the umbrella!  Since we had about 40 minutes to wait, we went down to the food court and had lunch.  There was still a little time left, so we also got a ride on the carousel.

Then it was off to the salon for the haircut.  Right outside the shop, there is a stage set  up with color lights blinking.  Ashby had a ball dancing the whole time.  We could hear the music from the shop and she was really moving it!  They dropped me off and headed on home for naps. 

I had a lot of computer things to do which hadn't gotten done yet.  I also straightened the house.  I put a little extra time in the on the guest room/toy room since I have guests coming for a couple of nights starting Sunday.  I will need to do the sheets and dust yet, but at least it is straightened nicely.

I also spent some time on family history.  I was really tired this afternoon and evening, so I headed to bed rather early to read.  I finished another book, Like Water for Chocolate, and started another one.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Jun 9th - Nice to Be Back in Church

We missed our church services during the two weeks we were gone.  We attended her church with Bill's sister the first week.  Last week, Bill was working so we didn't attend anywhere.  So today it was nice to be back in our home ward where all was familiar.  Not to be critical, but I just couldn't get the spirit with that rock band.  The organ and traditional music were much better.  Meetings were all good and I was really glad to be back.

When I got home, I got the dinner preparations done.  I had already sliced a pork loin to grill.  I put it in Dale's to marinade; prepared the veggies on the kabobs for the grill and put them to marinade in olive oil and Tony's; and got both sweet potatoes and white potatoes cleaned and ready to cook.  I had taken the frozen rolls out before I left for church and they were rising nicely.  We also had apple sauce, but I only had to open a jar for that.

Then I sat at the computer a while doing some things, including a little bit of family history.  Bill got home and then shortly after the kids arrived.  We got everything cooking for dinner and serving things up when Ashby had an accident.  I had just put the sweet potatoes from the microwave into a heavy ironstone serving bowl.  When I turned to put it on the table, Ashby came running full speed into the kitchen and cracked her head on the bowl, which shattered.  She ended up with a pretty good bump on her forehead, but it didn't break the skin.  The bowl and sweet potatoes, however, did not survive the encounter.

After dinner, Bill had to go back to church for a baptism and everyone else went to sleep.  I was at the computer again.  When Bill got back, we still had a house full of sleeping bodies!  Needless to say, with the late naps, the kids were ready to stay a while.  They were finally beginning to slow down by 9:00.  It was a fun evening being entertained by the two of them!

I do love my Sundays and this has been a good one!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jun 8th - Just Another Saturday!

I seem to be back in a rut - but I think I liked the beach rut better! 

Even so, I got my usual Saturday chores done - some cleaning, planning Sunday dinner, changing sheets, 4 loads of laundry, making sure everything is ready for RS on Sunday, blogging, etc., etc., etc.  That all takes a good hunk of the day and all of it isn't even interesting!

Later I was able to do some family history.  I even went to take a nap, but I only lasted about five minutes before I was back up.  There are just so many things piled on my desk that need attention and I keep putting it all off.  It is starting to bug me, so I guess I will have to devote a day to getting rid of all of it!  The few things I cleared off today didn't even make a dent!

By evening, we were both tired.  Bill had to run out anyway, so he stopped and picked up the few items on the grocery list, so I did have to put those things away.  He brought back a frozen pizza, which was our dinner.  I actually sat and watched TV with Bill while I ate it.  He was watching an old James Bond movie and it was so bad!  I did manage to control myself enough to not make comments - quite an accomplishment for me!  Needless to say, once the pizza was eaten, I went back to reading.

It has not been a bad day - I crossed off most of the things on my to-do list and the house is looking clean and all the laundry is done, so that is good.  Even uninteresting days can have good endings!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 7th - Finally Friday!

This was a busy day at home.  I started with doing a few things around the house, as well as computer stuff.  Then Lisa dropped the kids off so she could go to an appointment.  They were fun, as usual.  When Lisa got back, it was getting close to lunch time, so we fixed some mac & cheese, per Brooks request.  Well, "request" is far too mild, it was more like begging.  Anyway, after lunch, they had things to do so were off.

I did a few more things around the house, then had a bunch of things to do for RS, etc.  I got my Friday email out.  I eventually was so tired that I ended up taking a rather long nap.  Guess I needed it!

I thought we were going to have a terrific thunderstorm, but it moved through so fast that it was not much.  When Bill got home, the sun was shining again.  He decided to work on the flower beds and spent the evening doing that.  With the earth so soft, it made it pretty easy.  Of course, trimming the bushes is a lot of work, wet or dry.  I, on the hand, worked on family history all evening.

It has been a mostly busy day and I got quite a bit done, but the to-do list is still not completely crossed off.  Well, tomorrow is another day!

Friday, June 7, 2013

June 6th - Back to Water Aerobics!

After a three week break between sessions, and missing the first class because of being in Florida, I was really glad to get back to water aerobics today.  It is starting at 8:00 for the summer, and I really like that better than 9:00.  Of course, I may be in the minority there!  It was fun to get back to it.

Ashby's swim lesson started right after my class, so Lisa just brought Brooks with her and I took him home with me.  He wasn't so sure he wanted to leave the pool, but a few minutes of encouragement and he was fine.  He really wanted to play out in the dirt, but what with the rain that was not a wise choice.  So, I got out the bin of rice again and he played with that for a long time.  His little bulldozer can really scoop it up.  Of course, it is a little messy, but a quick vacuum when he was finished playing took care of that.

When Lisa and Ashby got here, we relaxed a while and then went out to lunch.  Following lunch, she took the kids home for naps, etc., and I headed back home to try to get a few things done.  I crossed a few things off the to-do list, but not as much as I should have.  Later, Bill was napping and I sat in the recliner to read a little and fell asleep a bit myself. 

I did do a little family history work and was excited to finally find the passenger list for my Swedish grandfather and his sister who immigrated when he was 20 years old.  I had had estimated dates and other information, but had not been able to pin it down exactly.  It was exciting to actually see their names on the manifest.

Today was D-Day - and I am always grateful for those who gave so much to keep us free.  Thank you!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 5th - Trying to Get Back to Normal

I had quite a busy day today.  Ashby has swim lessons this week, so Lisa dropped Brooks off around 8:30, so I spent that hour and a half playing with him.  The first thing he wanted was the Train Thomas.  He had wanted to get it out about the time they were leaving last night and Lisa told him he could do it tomorrow.  I was surprised that he remembered!

Bill was not working today, as there was a lot to catch up on - not to mention that he had a toothache.  While he and Brooks were having some cereal, I heard a lawn mower going, thought it was a neighbor, then noticed someone in our front yard with a trimmer.  When I walked in and said to Bill, "You do know there are people working on our lawn, don't you?", his eyes about popped out.  It turned out to be a couple of the young men from church.  It was a very nice service.  Now our lawn is all mowed and trimmed. 

Lisa only stayed a few minutes when she picked up Brooks since both Bill and I had places to go.  He went to the dentist to get the tooth checked out.  Turns out it is infected, so he will be on antibiotics and pain killers for a few days and then will have to have the tooth removed and all the expense that goes with getting that fixed.

I had a presidency meeting and that took the next couple of hours.  We had the VT supervisor there, too, and that took a good hunk of the meeting.  Trying to get everything worked out is always a struggle. 

On my way home, I stopped by the library and returned two books and picked up four.  It is amazing how requested books all seem to come in at once!  Back at home, I had some RS things and computer things to work on, which took a couple of hours.  By then, I was getting a little tired, so took a short nap.  After the nap, I worked on some family history for a while.

Bill had to go out with the bishop to make some calls, so I had a quiet evening.  Once I tired of family history, I just got ready for bed and finished the kindle book I was reading and was able to get started on one of the books I just picked up.

It has been a good day - busy.  But, certainly not as lazy as lying around the pool and beach!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 4th - Made it Home!

We left Martha's around 8:00, or shortly after, to head back to Atlanta.  I still woke up at 6:00 and sat on her patio reading until Bill finally stirred!  It was overcast, but fortunately it didn't rain much on the trip home - a few showers, but not bad.  Traveling without the hot sun beating in is actually better. 

We got home around 4:00 - we stopped for an hour for lunch.  It is good to be back.  The lawn needs some work.  It did get mowed once while we were gone, but the shrubs and flowers and WEEDS are out of control!  The gladiola have started blooming and look beautiful.  I picked a couple from the side of the house and one from the front that had fallen over, so I can look at them inside.

Lisa and the kids came over around 6:00, once she had finished her voice lessons, and we fixed an easy spaghetti dinner.  It was so good to see everyone.  Ashby came squealing and running into the kitchen and jumped into my arms.  She was so excited!  So was Grandma!  Brooks was right behind her, although I think he was excited more because he was copying Ashby.  We had a great couple of hours, spending a while in the backyard watching them play.  Brooks wanted to get into the dirt so bad! 

We are both very tired tonight! 

June 3rd - Heading Home!

This started as just another day.  Bill had the walk through with the bigwigs to determine if everything was done and if it met their approval.  He called in early afternoon to say that they were happy with the results and that he was finished!  He had just a couple of touch ups to finish and then he was out of there.

I spent my last day in Ormond Beach doing just about everything I have done for the last two weeks.  I did a couple of loads of laundry, but that was all the work I did!  When Bill called to say we would pack up and head to his sister's house for the night, I took my remaining time to get a last swim in the pool! 

By the time he got back, I was showered and pretty much packed up.  He showered, finished his part of the packing, and we took off.  Since we were checking out so late, we had to pay for the night, but he didn't care.  We are living on per diem anyway, so it didn't really matter.

We drove up A1A, along the ocean, towards St. Augustine, stopping for dinner at the same place we had stopped at last weekend in Flagler Beach.  This time we had a Hawaiian pizza and it was the best of that kind I have ever had!

We spent the evening with Martha and enjoyed seeing her one more time.  Now that we are on our way home, I am really anxious to get going!  It has been a fun two weeks for me, but it will be good to get back to a normal routine - I think........

Monday, June 3, 2013

June 2nd - Ditto, Again!

This has been another great day doing absolutely nothing of importance!  And I am loving it.  Bill is worried that I must be getting bored being in the hotel for two weeks.  He laughed when I said I was so tired tonight because I hadn't had a nap - I hadn't had a chance because I was so busy all day.  He just doesn't get it. 

I spent a long time on family history.  I got into a groove, I guess.  Plus, I finished another book.  I spent a couple of hours out at the pool.  The sunrise took a while, too.  I was really pretty this morning with some clouds kind of making it look like the sun was playing peek-a-boo.

It looks like Bill will finish the job tomorrow.  At least, he will finish and then they will do a walk through.  They will probably find more things that need to be done.  If so, he will need to finish that up tomorrow.  We are expecting to probably go home on Wednesday, but the way this job as been going, who knows?

At any rate, I will enjoy my last day or two completely - just as I have the last two weeks!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 1st - Not much new today!

Easy post today - ditto!

Actually, I never made it down to the pool today.  I sat out on the patio, enjoying the sun, the view, and reading a good bit.  I got ready to go down - had my suit on, etc., but decided to get lunch first.  Then I decided I really needed a nap, which turned into one of those really deep kind.  When I woke up, I was about to go on down and discovered that it was raining!  It was more of a mist, but I decided to just wait it out, since it had also gotten cooler. 

In the end, Bill got home from work, and I never made it.  With the patio door open all day, it feels like I am on the beach, even from the hotel room, so I didn't really suffer any.  I read a lot and worked on family history a good bit, too.

We called Billy and asked him to make the house payment - we transferred the money to his bank - because we don't have the contact info here and he does. 

For dinner, we went to TGI Friday's for burgers - very good.  When we got back, we enjoyed our usual evening on the patio, people and ocean watching!

All I can say is - another great day!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 31st - Nice endng to another month!

So, here I am, still in Ormond Beach at the end of the month.  Our one week work/vacation is now almost two weeks old!  Not complaining.

My day was pretty much a repeat of the last two weeks, although I did do a couple of loads of laundry - my work for the week!  It was a beautiful day - again - and I enjoyed every minute of it.

For dinner, we just went out to Pizza Hut and were surprised at how good it was.  There was even some to bring home for my lunch tomorrow.  As usual, we ended our evening enjoying the view from the patio.

Such a life!