Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 27th - Just a Friday

I didn't do much of interest today.  Well, I was busy all day, but it wasn't all that interesting to retell.  I have a lot of days like that.  Mostly I worked on my presentation and got the first draft of the outline done.  I have a pretty good idea of what I want to include and how it will be organized and getting it down on paper makes it easier to finish up the details.  I was also able to begin to outline the power point presentation, although I didn't get anything done on creating it.  I also decided that I needed a case study to prove that my points are valid, so I focused on someone that I will research using my points to get an example of how it works.  That means I will be doing some research over the next several days - yea!  I love doing the research.

I did rest for a while and watched the Downton Abbey episode from this week.  I think there is only one more week left. 

Looking back, it sounds like another lazy day - and maybe it was!  But, I am happy with what I accomplished.  Another couple of weeks and I may actually have the presentation pretty much finished.  Well, considering that I keep changing things - probably not, but maybe it will be close!

Friday, February 27, 2015

February 26th - Art Class

I tackled the laundry this morning - 4 loads plus the sheets.  It took a good hunk of the day getting it all done, folded and put away.  Ashby was supposed to come for art class this morning, but I didn't hear from them, so I just figured they had a conflict.  I was busy with the laundry and working on family history, so I didn't think too much about.  Around noon, Lisa called and said they had forgotten!  There had been no Joy School today, so their routine was interrupted and they had just forgotten.  Since they had not other plans, they came on over and we had class in the afternoon.

Brooks wanted to come up, too, so Lisa came to help with him.  We read a couple of books about Pablo Picasso and how he started painting like everyone else.  He was very good and eventually made a lot of money, but he was bored painting the same picture over and over.  So, he started painting how he wanted to paint and he didn't care that people thought his art was "ugly."  It was another good lesson about how we need to do art to make ourselves happy and not others.

Then we made a picture that copied Picasso's painting of hands holding flowers.  We just traced our hands, using oil pastels, and drew circles for the centers of the flowers.  Then we used water colors to paint the flowers and the petals and the stems.  They turned out really cute. 

Brooks even traced his hand and tried painting with the water colors.  It wasn't as easy as the acrylics had been, but he gave it a good try.  Then he decided he wanted to play with the clay, so Lisa helped him make a dinosaur while Ashby finished painting her picture.

After they left, I rested a little.  I am trying to finish up this book about researching female ancestors and I am just about there.  Other than that, the rest of my day was pretty much like always!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 25th - Family History Day

So, schools closed today, because it is supposed to snow later.  Some reports say by 10:00, others say by 2:00.  Just to be safe, they closed the schools.  Yes, a silly decision, especially considering that they were only half day anyway because of conferences.  We close the Family History Center for weather based on the school closing.  But, I had scheduled some things, so I went on in anyway.

I am glad I did.  There was a small group from the Study Group that are working on writing their family stories, so they set up in the FHC to discuss what they were doing.  One of the ladies who came wanted to actually do some personal research, so we went to get her set up with a FamilySearch account.  We just couldn't get it to work and finally I contacted the help desk.  They called and talked to her.  It took forever, and she had to passed up the chain.  They eventually figured out that it was a system glitch and hopefully they have it fixed.  At least, she and I weren't nutty!

There was also one other woman who came in to look at a microfilm.  So the place was absolutely buzzing!  I wish it was always like that.  My co-worker didn't come in, since we were technically closed, but I am sure glad I did!

I also got a message from one of the young women in the ward.  She said she enjoyed my talk on Sunday and they were going to the temple on Saturday.  She wondered if I had any names that needed to be baptized.  When I got home, I looked and I have two that could be printed, but that is all.  There are probably others that I could prepare quickly, so I will see if I can work in a little time tomorrow or Friday.

She also said that she would be available if I wanted any housecleaning done.  She and her friend have cleaned the house a few times.  She is trying to earn money for girls camp and other summer activities.  Naturally, I told her she could come anytime and clean my house!

The rest of my afternoon was rather quiet.  I had some odds and ends to take care of.  Bill got home early, since it had finally started snowing and they shut the job site down.  We both ended up taking naps.  Such energy with the senior crowd!  The snow didn't amount to much and it never got quite cold enough to freeze on the streets. 

February 24th - Lazy Day!

I didn't have anything important planned for today, so other than the normal routine, I was rather lazy.  I did some family history stuff, though.  I had a couple of people who had needed help and I got that done.  I also worked a little on my next presentation.

When he left, Bill asked what I planned to do all day.  I told him that it seemed like the kind of day where I should just curl up in the chair and read.  When he got home, I was in the chair.  He asked if I had accomplished by goal for the day.  I had to say, "Yes."  What I read was a book about finding female ancestors, which is the topic of my next presentation.  I did do some other things besides sit and read, but that was definitely the best part of my day!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23rd - Meeting with the Lawyer

First thing this morning, we had a meeting with an attorney to get this contract for buying the house from Billy.  We just pulled a name from the hat, but we liked him and feel comfortable.  We will also have him handle the closing.  He should get the contract to us later in the week and we will get the signatures and then get it sent on to the mortgage company. 

Bill went off to do a little work once we got back home.  I had some errands to do, as well - gas for the car, a few groceries including refreshments for this evening, picking up prescriptions, etc.  Once that was all done, I was able to do a few family history things.  I had a ward member with a question that I needed to spend a little time on.  I also had something from someone in the community, who couldn't view the copies of some death certificates.  I got those downloaded and sent to her, as well.  There were a couple of other little things. 

This evening was Empty Nesters Family Home Evening and we had a great evening.  There were 21 people there, which is a great turnout.  We did poetry - everyone was supposed to bring a poem to share.  One of the men writes poetry, so we especially enjoyed hearing several of his poems, which were extremely well done!  It was a fun evening.

February 22nd - Happy Birthday, David!

I had to give a talk at church this morning.  It went pretty well, except for the sound system going down and there being no microphone at all.  I can talk pretty loud, so even the people in the back could hear me.  My topic was family history stories, so I got to tell stories, which even the teenagers liked.

My lesson went well, too.  Next week we will only do FamilySearch, with no other lesson. 

It is David's birthday today and he had chosen to have tacos for his birthday dinner.  When we got home, we got the meat prepared and the other things planned.  Then there was time to get a little nap before the kids got here.  We loved the tacos.  Lisa brought cupcakes for his birthday cake, and the kids were so excited to sing to Daddy.

Between naps and the kids coming, our home teacher stopped by and we had a good visit with him. 

So, it has been another wonderful Sunday!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 21st - Wicked

Lisa and David got theater tickets for Christmas from David's brother.  They had four tickets, but Brooks wasn't interested in going, so they asked Grandpa to babysit with him and I got to go in his place.  We left early so we could have some lunch first.  We went to a pizza place that does Chicago style deep dish, but the service was a mess.  All that saved them was that the pizza was incredibly good!  They did discount the bill from $46 to $20 to make up for our having to wait so long.  Good deal for me, since I paid for it.

Then we went to the Fox for the show Wicked.  I had never seen the show, although I had heard much of the music before.  I enjoyed it very much.  Ashby was so enthralled that there were times when I enjoyed her as much as I enjoyed the show.  She does get into this musical theater stuff!

When we got back home, they stayed for dinner.  We ordered some Chinese which turned out to be just right.  It was a nice evening.  In fact, the whole day turned out great.

I did manage to finally get my talk written up in the morning, but I didn't have much time to really go over it.  I went through it once to make sure the time was OK.  Other than that, I will just hope it works!

February 20th - Doctor Visit

I had to get my prescription renewal exam this morning.  It ended up taking longer than normal, because of an emergency that kept the doctor busy.  Even so, it is nice to hear that all looks well.  He was pleased that I had lost over 30 pounds.  So, everything is staying just the same.

When I got home, I had to fix some dinner for the missionaries.  I made a meat loaf, baked potatoes, frozen peas, and homemade (frozen) bread.  One of the elders is sick with flu and Bill had to go to the Blue & Gold banquet, so he just dropped the meal off on his way.

The rest of my day was a little of this and a little of that.  I have again fallen behind on my to do list and I am going to have to get myself organized again.

Friday, February 20, 2015

February 19th - Visiting with the Sister Missionaries

I had a message from Lisa this morning that she had gotten the stomach flu now, so they would not make it over for art class this afternoon.  She wanted to know if I could come get the kids so she could rest.  Then she texted back and said that David was planning to get home early, so I didn't need to come for them.  So, that quick, my day did a different turn.  I spent time working on my talk and on my presentation.  For the talk, I got more clearly focused on just what I wanted to include.  Tomorrow I will have to actually write it out so I can see the length and what I need to delete or add.  For the presentation, I read some more in another book about finding female ancestors.  I also spent some "thinking" time.  I think I have a pretty good outline in my mind.  Now to get that down on paper, too, so I can then begin working on the power point part.

I took some time this afternoon and just collapsed.  I didn't go to sleep, but I cuddled up in the chair and watched a little TV.  I never used to watch anything, but I sure have been lately.  It is better than actually napping, as I relax some and can get re-energized.

Later in the afternoon, the sister missionaries came by and we went on a visit.  The son in the family is really into family history, so that is why they invited me.  We had a great visit and chatted up a storm about family history.  The family set up an appointment for next week to come back and talk about Joseph Smith.  They were a black family and I really enjoyed spending some time with them.

This evening, Bill got in from work, showered, and took off again for some home teaching.  I worked on a few things while he was gone and was back in the chair when he got home.  He though I was "still" there, but I assured him I was just there "again."  I guess he is starting to think that I do nothing but sit in the big chair and veg. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 18th - Family History Presentation

I was up and on my way this morning.  It is the 3rd Wednesday, which is always Genealogy Study Group and Family History Center.  Today I was also the main presenter.  My topic was timelines.  It is the same presentation I will do for the Family History Fair in May, so it was a bit of a practice run.  I am glad to say it went really well! 

When I finally got home, I fixed some lunch, watched a little Genealogy Roadshow while eating, and did a few other odds and ends around the place.  I was so tired by late afternoon that I actually went into the bed and took a nap.  I didn't wake up until around 6:00, so that was probably not the smartest thing I have ever done!

I even cooked some dinner when Bill got home from work.  This evening, I had a few computer things I worked on.  I have a huge list of things to do again.  Many of them are follow up to today's meeting, plus I have to finish my talk for Sunday and start working more seriously on my other presentation for May.  I do get myself busy; thank goodness, I love it!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 17 - Ice Storm!

We spent a good bit of the night without power.  It was on when we went to sleep, but sometime during the night it went off.  I always know right away when we lose power, because my CPAP machine stops.  But, with no power, the clocks also stopped so I have no idea what time it was.  And I didn't care enough to get up and find out!

When we finally got up, there was still no power.  It was starting to get a bit chilly, so I just put sweats on over my PJ's.  As it turned out, the ice was pretty bad on things, but not so much on the roads, so they were clear by 9:00 or so.  Bill called his scheduled job to make sure they had power and then went off to work as usual, just a little late.

There was still no internet and I finally called later in the day.  There was a major outage in our area and they said it would be fixed by around 10:00 this evening.  That didn't happen, though, as it was still out when I went to bed.

At least the power came back on by around 10:00 this morning.  I can cook without power with the gas stove.  I just have to use a match to light the burners.  The heater, though, doesn't work without electricity.  Bill made sure there was plenty of firewood so I could do a fire if it got too cold.  But, it came on quick enough that I was OK.

Of course, I couldn't do anything on the computer.  I did a few other odds and ends and then just sat in the big chair and watched some HGTV and fell asleep.  I didn't sleep well after the power went out, because I didn't have the CPAP machine.  That means I keep waking up and never get into the good sleep.  I just made up for it in the afternoon!

This was one of those ice storms that didn't do a lot of real damage.  There are lots of tree branches down and some complete trees and, of course, power lines.  One friend had a tree go down that brushed the corner of their house, but did not break through the ceiling or wall.  It stayed cold all day, so the ice did not melt.  It was actually quite pretty.  The trees look like they are coated in crystal or glass and when the sun peeks out, they glimmer and shine.  But it never warmed up enough to melt any of it.  We will see what tomorrow brings!

February 16 - No Internet!

NOTE:  I am posting this a day late, because we had no internet service from Monday evening until Wednesday.   How awful to be without internet!  Who would have thought we could become so tied to it!

My biggest accomplishment today was getting the laundry all done.  I also got my unpacking done.  And I was able to get caught up on the computer stuff - at least until the internet went out in the afternoon.  Fortunately, we had power, so I could work on my power point presentation for Wednesday's meeting.  I think I have that about as ready as I can get it.

It gets remarkable difficult to know what to do when there is no internet.  I couldn't even watch my TV shows, since they stream from the wi-fi.  Fortunately, it was late enough in the day that I managed to fill my time.  I even cooked a real dinner.  Bill probably wishes the internet would go out more often!

In the evening, our power went out.  It is freezing rain and trees and lines are going down all over.  We rarely lose power, because the lines are buried, but somewhere further up the trunk line must have had wires come down.  So, we had candles all over the place.  I climbed in bed to read my kindle, which has a battery light attached to it.  But after a couple of hours, it all came back on.  It will be interesting to see what things look like in the morning.

Monday, February 16, 2015

February 15th - RootsTech 2015

Yes, I have missed several days.  Between getting ready to go and then being at the conference, I found myself not having enough energy to even take a few minutes to write the blog.

Monday and Tuesday were very busy.  Monday was errand day and I was out doing a lot of running around, picking up what I needed and making sure everything was ready for me to go.  Tuesday was laundry and packing. 

Wednesday, we left around 7:15 to head to the airport.  I got there in plenty of time and took off around 10:30.  Bill drove on down to Florida.  He spent the rest of the week with his sister Martha.

Vanett met me at the airport and we went to the hotel, got checked in and all.  We met up with Joyce there.  We walked across the street and got registered for the conference.  Then we walked over to City Creek to get some lunch.  We ate at Blue Lemon and it was really good.  It was fun to see Joyce and to get a chance to get caught up in person.  Eventually, we walked on over to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, where Joyce was to meet John.  We enjoyed sitting in the lobby and talking for a little more.  When Joyce and John had to leave, Vanett and I walked through Temple Square on our way back to the Marriott.  It was remarkably warm - in the 60's all week.  It was colder in Georgia and even Florida!

We then relaxed in the motel for a while, going over all the stuff for RootsTech and making final selections on the classes we planned to take.  Then we went down to the hotel restaurant for a late snack - some appetizer type things that filled us up!

Thursday was the first day of the conference, starting with keynote speakers and then classes.  It was a fun day.  The day ended with a concert with Alex Boye and the One Voice Children's Choir.  We had had a very nice catered type lunch as part of one of our classes, so we only wanted a light dinner.  We ended up walking back to the Blue Lemon and having some avocado and spinach dip, which was so delicious!  Then more planning in the hotel for the next day's classes, as well as reviewing everything we learned on Thursday.

Friday was pretty much a repeat of Thursday, with different speakers.  Laura Bush was the main speaker and I really enjoyed her talk about how important the family is.  The speaker before her was Josh Taylor, who is one of the hosts on the TV shows, "Who Do You Think You Are?" and "Genealogy Roadshow."  We had another lunch class, but we still went out for dinner with some friends of Vanett.  We ate at the garden restaurant at the top of the JS Building.  Very enjoyable evening.

Saturday was the last day.  The keynote speakers were A J Jacobs, an author and promoter of the Worldwide Family Reunion in June.  The main speaker was Donnie Osmond, and again, I enjoyed his stories about family history and some of his ancestors.  He even sang a little.  Then we went to classes the rest of the day.  Saturday afternoon was Family Discovery Day, so the number of attendees went from around 8,000 to 20,000.  We attended the closing address of Elder Quenton L. Cooke, which was fun.  He had his family with him.  Then the closing entertainment was the cast of Studio C and David Archuleta.  With that the conference was finished.  We walked over to City Creek again and had a big, expensive dinner at the Brazilian steakhouse.  Oh, so good! 

Sunday it was up early to head to the airport and fly back home.  Bill picked me up.  It is good to be back home.  I had a wonderful time at the conference and I learned a lot.  I am hoping that I can bring some of that excitement back to my calling and share it with others.  The counselor in the bishopric called later and asked me to speak at church next Sunday.  So, I guess I will have a chance to share more about family history, since that is my topic! 

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 8th - Another Great Sunday!

We were at church this morning, as usual.  And, as usual, the meetings were good.  It is always such an uplifting morning.  My class went well, too.  This is a big group and they like to talk, but they are very focused and excited to learn to do family history.  That makes it a lot of fun!

I had prepared a big crockpot dinner, with pork roast, potatoes, carrots, onions, butternut squash, and apples last night.  So, this morning I just had to put it on to cook all day.  By the time we got home from church, the house was smelling mighty good.  It was hard to have to wait until the end of the day to eat it!  In the meantime, a little lunch snack tided us both over.

We both took short naps, although I never did fall asleep.  I read a little and just lay there relaxing the rest of the time.  My mind was going a thousand miles an hour, so I couldn't quite relax enough!  The rest of the afternoon, I worked at the computer.

When the kids got here, we were ready to have dinner right away.  Then Lisa and I went next door.  Monica called earlier to say they were getting rid of a bunch of stuff and there was a lot of Montessori school materials that she thought Lisa might like.  She was right!  She had a number of things that Lisa had hoped to buy.  Monica refused to take anything for them, although Lisa would have been thrilled to pay.  She was so excited!  She and David had just been talking the day before about getting some of the things that she had wanted, but had put off buying.  We do have nice neighbors!

It was such a beautiful day that the kids wanted to play outside, so that is where they were until it got dark.  I love to see them having so much fun.  Ashby was in the playhouse most of the time, cooking I guess.  Brooks wanted to run and Toby loved chasing him all over. 

So, again we have had a wonderful Sabbath day, filled with all the things that really matter!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

February 7th - Saturday, But I Got to Babysit Brooks!

My normal Saturday - laundry, cleaning, etc. - turned much better when Lisa called and said that Brooks did not want to go to the theater to hear the storyteller telling folktales.  He suggested that they could drop him off at Grandma's house while they went.  I was more than delighted.  We had a great time.

It was such a beautiful day that we were outside for a while.  Toby came along, too, and loved chasing Brooks around on the lawn.  Eventually, we went back in the house and Brooks played with Grandpa's quadcopter.  He was quite proud of how he could make it fly.  Then he went back to the legos that he had gotten earlier and started to build dinosaurs.  Very creative young man!

When the play was over, they picked Brooks up so I had to go back to work.  Oh, well.  What a great break while it lasted!

I did get laundry finished, house straightened, and some work done on my family history class presentation.  I am pretty close to done with it, but I keep thinking of new ways to tweak it!  I really need to put it aside and get more work done on the other presentation or I will find myself in trouble!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

February 6th - Friday??? Not Sure What I did!!!

This seems to be one of those "lost" days.  I was busy most of the day, but I am not sure that I accomplished anything!  I did a little cleaning, a little family history, some other computer things, watched a little TV, read some, and who knows what else!

I did have a salesman stop at the door and he actually sold me some meat.  I usually just close the door, but this time I was surprisingly interested.  Now I have a freezer filled with beef and pork and the price for so much was good.  I was at the point of needing to do some serious meat shopping, so maybe it was my laziness that took over and I just let someone deliver it to my house!  Whatever, it looks like god meat and I am glad to have it.

Bill was late at work again, so I had another quiet evening.  I watched a little TV and then was back at the computer.  I do believe my life is going from routine to downright boring!  I am looking forward to RootsTech this coming week.  That will certainly liven up my life!  Then I will be ready for more boring.  LOL!

Friday, February 6, 2015

February 5th - Art Class

Ashby and I had a good time in art class this morning.  We read a book about Clementine Hunter, a black folk art painter from the New Orleans area.  Then we took a board and painted a base coat on it.  Next time, we will finish painting a picture.  The rest of our time was spent working with clay.  She does love clay!

Not long after she and Lisa left, the sister missionaries came by.  They had asked me to go with them to an appointment with a lady in our neighborhood, but she had just called to cancel.  They had also wanted help with FamilySearch, so we spent maybe an hour doing that.  I love helping anyone with family history, so I had a great time.

The rest of my day was rather quiet - other than the four loads of laundry, I guess.  I plugged away at my projects and rested a little in front of the TV.  Bill worked late, so it was a pretty quiet evening for me. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 4th - Family History Wednesday

I got to the church a little bit early, because I knew there was a lot going on today.  The consultant who works another shift had let us know that she was going in early for a couple of reasons, so to not be concerned that someone was already there.  As it turned out, the missionaries had a conference, so there were lots of people in the building. 

One of the men from the Study Group was also there with a few others to train them in doing their biographies.  They mostly wanted help in how to do things in Word.  I set them up in the room next to the FHC. 

Then we had a man come in to get some help.  His wife was there practicing the organ, so he came to ask his questions.  We were able to answer those and get him going on some things that he needed help with.  So, the place was hopping today!

When I finally got home, I had a late lunch and then relaxed a little, before spending some time on the computer with various projects.

Billy called this evening and we worked out the beginning of our buying the house from him.  It looks like it will be OK, since we have been pre-approved and his selling price is fair.  We will see what happens next.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February 3rd - Power Point Day

My main accomplishment today was getting pretty close to finished on my first power point presentation.  As I look back through it, I see a couple of more things to tweak a little, but it is pretty much done.  Now to start on the second presentation!

In between, Venett and I texted quite a bit, working out our first day in SLC.  I talked to Joyce, too, to co-ordinate getting together.  I think we have a tentative plan worked out.  I also checked the weather forecast and it looks like it will be quite mild - in the 50's - while we are there.  That is like Atlanta weather!  I hope it holds.

I worked a little on art class, too, so I think we are set for that on Thursday.  This week we are looking at the folk artist Clementine Hunter and will paint a picture of her vase of flowers on a piece of wood.  Should be fun.

I also pampered myself a little by watching Downton Abbey and Genealogy Roadshow during my breaks.  Ah, my kind of a day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2nd - Ground Hog Day!

And it does seem like a repeat - another rainy Monday!  Fortunately, the sun came out before the day was over, so it turned out OK.

Bill had another spot removed from his face this morning, so he didn't work.  They managed to get all the cancer tissue with the first try, so he was home pretty early.  While he was gone, I got the usual morning routine done, including changing the sheets, etc.  So, when he got home, he was hungry and we went out for an early lunch to Steak 'n Shake.  Then we stopped at the library on the way home, as we both had books waiting to be picked up.  His were the Apocrypha for seminary.  Mine were about some artists for art class.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty lazy.  I worked on my presentation and I think I have the Power Point finished, although I think I may tweak a couple of things that don't look quite as good as I would like.  I even managed to get in another short nap.

I do like lazy days, but I really should have gotten a bit more done.  Well, there is always tomorrow!

By the way, even though the main groundhog in Pennsylvania predicted a long winter, Beauregard Lee, the ground hog in Atlanta, predicted an early spring.  Here's hoping he is right!  I already have daffodils getting ready to bloom!

Monday, February 2, 2015

January 31st - Les Miserables

After a rather ordinary Saturday, Lisa and I got together to go out to dinner and then to the play Les Miserables at our local theater.  We ate at the Oyster Bar in downtown Lawrenceville.  We both got fried shrimp and it was very good!

Then we walked across the street to the Aurora Theater.  I had heard they had done a fabulous job when they did the play last year, so we were both looking forward to it.  We had seen it years ago at the Fox when our friend Candi played Epinene.  She had gotten us orchestra seats and I figured there wasn't any production that would rival the national touring company.

Imagine my surprise when this production did indeed rival it!  The stage is much smaller, so the sets were not quite as massive, but they were well done and everything flowed so well.  The biggest surprise was the quality of the music.  There were several of the performers who were most definitely Broadway quality.  We were both overwhelmed!

What a great evening we had - fun mother-daughter time and a fabulous production to enjoy!