Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November 26th - The Calm Before the Storm!

I had a rather quiet day today.  The weather was awful, raining and cold all day long.  So, it was good that I didn't have any really big plans - I wouldn't have wanted to do them anyway!  Instead, other than the usual things that always have to be done, I spent most of my day at my desk.  I got my lesson for next Sunday planned out and some of the prep things done.  I still have a little project to finish for that, but I made good progress. 

I managed to sneak in a little short nap this afternoon and started a new book before I dozed off.  I even cooked dinner again - meaning that I have actually fixed something every day this week so far.  It wouldn't be fair to call it "cooking" - "fixing" seems a better description, but at least there was something prepared.  It won't happen tomorrow, as any leftovers have to go so there will be room for the Thanksgiving stuff.

I enjoy these low key days way too much.  But, I have no intention of changing anything!

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