Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 8th - Sick Hubby

So, Bill was sick today with a terrible cold, fever, the works.  Hopefully, it will pass quickly.  He turned out to be a better patient than he usually is.  That just told me that he really is sick - otherwise, he would have had all these "needs."  As it was, he was up for a little while working on some church stuff and then took a nap that lasted for several hours.  He then had a little energy so ran out on a couple of errands.  He had to pick up the new scout shirt for an Eagle court of honor tomorrow and he wanted tacos, so he stopped at Taco Bell.  After he ate and watched a movie, he was back in bed by 8:00 or so.  That was pretty much it for him.

I didn't do much else.  The Family History appointment that I had today had to be rescheduled.  She had something come up at work and obviously that had to be done instead.  We will touch base later.  Other than a few things, very few, around the hours, and a couple of loads of laundry, I spent the rest of the day on family history.  I haven't done much with my own family tree recently, so I was working on Bill's grandfather.  I have a lot of documents on him, but I cannot find him in the 1940 census.  He died in 1947, so he has to be somewhere, but I sure can't find him.  Today, I spent almost the whole day looking.  I finally started looking through the census itself for the place that he had lived in 1936.  I found the street, but he was not there.  I am thinking that since his wife died in 1937 that he may have moved, but I sure can't find him.  It is also possible that he was just missed.  I can't seem to find his children in the 1940 either.  Hmmm.  I am going to have to think on this some more.  And with a name like Ransom Avant Cantrell, you would think it would show up in some form.  It's what makes genealogy so fun!

Once Bill went on to bed, I watched the last couple of episodes of Monarch of the Glen.  So, if I want to watch anything else, I will have to find something new.  The British do enough shows, I am sure I can find another one that interests me.

Bottom line, it has been a somewhat unusual day, but I did enjoy digging into that family history stuff. 

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