Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 22nd - Fun Day with the Grandkids!

Ashby and Brooks both slept all night and didn't wake up until after 7:00 this morning.  Can't ask for better than that!  Ashby ended up staying in our bed, so I had a snuggler all night.  So sweet!  Brooks is funny - he doesn't just get out of bed in the morning.  He hollers until someone comes to get him.  He does that at home, too.  Anyway, once they were both up, they were anxious to play some more.

Eventually they decided they were hungry and chose to have French toast for breakfast.  We all enjoyed that.  Then it was get dressed and ready for the day.  They were really anxious for Grandpa to take them to the pet store.  They had wanted to go another time a few weeks ago, but Ashby didn't have her shoes.  She pointed out to Grandpa that she had shoes this time, so they needed to go to the pet store.

So, the three of them took off and had a great time at the pet store.  Just as they were about to leave, the dogs and kitties arrived, so they got to pet them, too.  Ashby informed me that there were two kitties who really loved her - they even licked her. 

Back home, they were very involved in their play.  When it came time for lunch, they wanted pizza, so Bill ran out to pick one up.  When you are at Grandma and Grandpa's house, you get whatever you want, you know!

We were just finishing the pizza when Lisa arrived to pick them up.  They were no ready to leave, so she stayed a while and we had a nice chat.  But, after a while, they were ready to go so they could see Daddy.

We had a wonderful spend-the-night with them.  They were both so good. 

Once they all left, we were both pretty tired!  It was a little too windy for Bill to be able to blow the leaves, so he was "forced" to watch football.  I worked on my Family History Fair presentations.  Yes, plural.  They just added a second one, so I will have two to prepare.  The second one will be on using timelines and similar charts to help with research.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 21st - Spend the Night!

After a rather normal day, Lisa brought the kids over late in the afternoon.  David is out of town on a camping/fishing trip with some friends and Lisa has to present a class at the stake leadership training in the morning, so she needed a place to put the kids.  We decided to have them just spend the night.

What a fun evening with them here!  They wanted mac-and-cheese for dinner, as well as plenty of other snacks.  They played with the Barbies and with the trucks and dinosaurs.  Oh, and of course, Brooks played with the train.  They had a ball playing hide-and-seek with Grandpa.  Then they watched some classic Disney cartoons on Grandpa's tablet.  The three of them were laughing like crazy - and I was laughing at them. 

We finally got ready for bed.  The plan was for the two of them to sleep in the guest bed together.  Brooks has graduated from the crib.  They could hardly wait to get into bed together, but then they just giggled like crazy.  After a few minutes, they got up, ate more snack, and then tried again.  This time Brooks went into bed alone and was asleep almost as soon as had walked out of the room.  Ashby snuggled in bed with me and was asleep be the time I got to the second verse in my scripture reading.  I think Ashby will just sleep in our bed all night with us. 

I then got up, did the things that needed to be done before bed, had a snack, and then climbed back in with my book.  And with Ashby cuddling up close, too.  Best thing ever!

Friday, November 21, 2014

November 20th - No Art Class, But I Still Got Ashby!!

The kids have been fighting a virus over the last week or so.  Ashby got it last and they thought she was better, but during the night she had more coughing and light fever.  So, Lisa called her friend and said it probably wouldn't be a good idea to be exposed during art class.  Ashby still wanted to come to Grandma's house, so Lisa dropped her off and then went out to run some errands.  She came back after Brooks finished Joy School.  Abby was so disappointed to miss another art class, that we just rescheduled it for Monday.  So Ashby just played - mostly with the new Barbie knock-offs that I bought earlier in the week.  She did rest a little and watched some My Little Pony episodes on TV.  Needless to say, it was fun having her here. By the time Lisa and Brooks got back, Ashby was just cuddling in my lap and wanting her back rubbed.  I hope she is better by tomorrow, but she is clearly not herself today. 

When they left, I had some of the usual things to do around the house.  I had three loads of laundry that I had started first thing and needed to finish.  I worked on my May presentation a little, trying to get the format figured out.  Then I will have to teach myself Power Point. 

I got so tired in the late afternoon that I actually went in and took a nap - first one all week, but I guess it finally caught up to me.  It was a very nice nap, I must say!  It even gave me enough energy to actually cook some dinner.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 19th - A Day of Adventures!

Being Wednesday, this was Family History Center Day.  Being the 3rd Wednesday, it was also Genealogy Study Group.  I picked my friend up and we got to the church about 9:30, so we could start setting things up. 

The meeting went well.  The last part, we divided into two groups to work on computer related things.  Half the group came into the FHC to learn about the Premium Websites.  There were more than 8 people (the number of computers we have), but they shared as we went over the list of sites.  Then they had some time to work on their own.  There were lots of questions and some excited people who found things.  It was definitely not a quiet day for Phyllis and I!

When we finished up at the church, we headed out for lunch at Firehouse Subs.  I love their hot subs!  As we were driving out of the parking lot, a car backed right into the side of my car.  Fortunately, I was driving very slowly or it could have been worse.  As it is there are marks on the passenger side back door where the back of the SUV hit it.  We ended up wasting about 45 minutes while we waited for the police officer to come and prepare the report.  She was at fault, but it is still an irritation.  Hopefully, her insurance will come through quickly.

By the time I got home, it was mid-afternoon.  I had a few things to get done at home and then I was just plain tired!  I relaxed and watched a show and then I was back on the computer.  The rest of the day was pretty ordinary. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 18th - Tuesday Shopping

After I had done all the usual stuff around the house, I went out to do a little shopping at Tuesday Morning - seems appropriate!  I went looking for some more tissue paper (better colors) and some small easels for the art show.  I successfully found both, plus a few other things, as well.  It is such a fun store to be in!  I ended up buying some knock-off Barbies to put in the Barbie box here.  I also got a magic kit to give to Ashby for Christmas.  She has been interested in learning tricks lately.  There were several other things, as well.  Fun way to spend an hour or so.

This evening, I met the sister missionaries at the home of a couple who have been investigating the church.  They are a young married couple and have attended several times.  They were interested in getting some help with family history, so that was why I was asked to come.  We had a fun evening, getting them logged in to FamilySearch and teaching them how to add and link people.  His grandfather was a member, so much of his family history is done.  They got so excited when we linked in and they saw it all.  I love doing things like this!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 17th - Monday, Monday, Monday - What Else Can I Say?

Mondays are always a catch-up day - after the weekend, starting the week, etc.  Today was just the usual Monday.  And it was raining, so that just added to that dreary feeling.  I did the usual routine stuff, getting the house in order, etc.  I worked on my next lesson for the family history class and am now prepared with that.  Plus, several other odds and ends.

We were supposed to go to Empty Nesters this evening, so I made a plate of deviled eggs to take.  It turned out Bill's job was bigger than expected, so he didn't get home until 8:00.  Needless to say, I now have a lot of deviled eggs to eat!

I also ran out in the afternoon to Staples.  I had my bonus coupons, worth a total of $40, that expire in December, so I picked up mostly art stuff for our art class.  It was kind of fun to spend $55 and only have to pay $15! 

So my dreary Monday actually turned out to be a rather fruitful day!  Who knew!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 16th - Taught Two Classes Today!

Another great Sunday.  We had our usual quiet Sunday morning, finishing up lessons and relaxing.  I had to work on two lessons, as I substituted in Relief Society, as well as teaching the family history class.  Both went well.  The RS lesson was on prayer and it was easy to get the sisters to do most of the talking.  I tried to focus on slightly different things that normal and it went well.  I think there was a nice spirit there.

Ashby has caught the virus that Brooks had and she is much sicker than he was.  As a result, they didn't come over for dinner.  I had already thawed a salmon, so we went ahead and cooked it - with 3/4 of it left over!  As it turned out, Brooks was climbing the walls after being house-bound for several days, so Lisa and Brooks came over for a while.  It gave Ashby a chance to rest without him bothering her.  It also gave her Daddy's undivided attention.  Brooks wanted to play with Grandpa, so they played with the train set most of the time.  We also made some rice krispie treats, which are his favorite! 

We missed having them all here for dinner, but it was nice to have Lisa and Brooks for a little while anyway.  We sent home some of the left over salmon with her.  At least I won't be throwing so much away.  It is always a day-brightener to have Brooks around - he is such a hoot and keeps us laughing!