Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nov. 5th - Time to Vote!

I did go vote.  Of course, it took me all of about 10 minutes, including parking the car.  There were only two items on my ballot - one for state rep and one the sales tax.  When I got there, there were two other people finishing up, so I was pretty much alone - with six or so poll workers.  I do appreciate the chance to vote, though.

The rest of my day was pretty much the norm - water aerobics, some things around the house, some computer stuff, some family history, etc.  I did get a call from one of the members of the ward who was calling for some family history help.  We set an appointment for Friday morning to get together at her place to see what we can do.

I rested for a while this afternoon.  I am not sure if I have more sinus infection or an ear infection, but the side of my face is quite sore, actually almost numb, just in front of my ear.  I am thinking it is probably the sinus causing pressure.  It was a good excuse to lie down and watch some Monarch of the Glen. 

This evening, Bill rushed in, showered, and took off again to visit someone with another brother.  So, I ended up watching another episode before he finally got back home.

Lisa also called in the late afternoon to bring us up to date on Ashby.  Her fever seems to have broken and she is feeling better.  She still had a low grade - around 99 - so will probably have to stay home from school one more day.  So glad she is getting better!

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