Friday, November 1, 2013

Oct 31st - Back Home!

We got up at our usual lazy time, fixed another big breakfast mid-morning.  Then we had to pack up and get on the road.  I think we both could have stayed another day or two without any problems!

We left around 11:30, so we were back home by 2:00.  After unloading the car and putting away the food, we both just collapsed.  I spent a good bit of time on the computer, catching up with emails, FB, etc.  Bill watched a little TV, took a nap, and then worked on the seminary lesson that he has to teach in the morning.

It is Halloween today, so we were prepared to have some trick-or-treaters, but there were only two groups with a total of seven kids.  We never got the Halloween decorations out this year and, even though the light was on, I think the kids just didn't come.  That and the fact that there are fewer children in the neighborhood, I guess.

So we are back home and now will have to get back into a normal routine.  I am not sure I am ready - especially since I seem to have a pretty full plate over the next few weeks.  Even so, it is always great to get back to one's own bed!

Happy Halloween!

PS - Got these out of order.  I thought I had uploaded all the blogs that I couldn't post while we were at the cabin (no wi-fi), then I discovered I had missed one!  The 30th really was written before the 31st!

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