Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oct 26th - Another Funeral - and then the Grandkids!

We attended another funeral/memorial service this morning.  In this case, we were attending because we knew the son of the woman who passed away.  We had never met her.  She was 85 and had been ill for a while.  After hearing the stories about her from her family, I know that I really missed out.  She was born in Mississippi and eventually ended up in Chicago, one of 12 children.  We have known her son and his wife for several years and I should have known she was remarkable, just judging from the child she raised.  They had a dinner after the service, which we stayed for.  The turnout was quite small, but we were so glad we had made the time to attend.  We do not have many black friends and this family was terrific.  I hate to say that we enjoyed a memorial service, but we really did.

When we got home, Lisa and the kids were at the house.  I had told her I would watch the kids for a while once we got home.  She had a few errands and the kids hate getting in and out of the car when they are doing errands.  Bill had a short while before he had to take off again for meetings, so he played with them a bit.  Then I enjoyed the next hour or so with them.  They were on high energy today and tons of fun.  (I wonder if the candy form trunk or treat last night was having an effect?????)

When Lisa got back, she had to take off quickly since she had ice cream for the primary social this evening.  It was a quick clean up and then they were off.  Even a short day with Ashby and Brooks is a wonderful day!

By then Bill had taken off for his meetings.  There was a multi-stake meeting for ward councils with Elder Dallin H Oaks and Elder Ulysses Soares at 3:00 and then separate firesides in the evening.  The young singles were with Elder Oaks and the youth with Elder Soares.  Bill attended with the youth, since that is his bishopric responsibility.  That was held in the Roswell building.  He said they were both good meetings and the youth absolutely loved Elder Soares.  Bill does, too.  His first assignment when called to the Seventy was in our stake conference and he has been a favorite ever since.

I spent my quiet evening getting a few things finished up and then watched a couple of episodes of Monarch of the Glen until Bill got home.  Very lazy!  And relaxing!

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