Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 29th - A Good Tuesday

I met one of my visiting teaching sisters for lunch today.  She hasn't let us visit for several months, because she had taken her father into her home and he required all her attention.  Having guests was disruptive for him.  He passed away while we were in San Diego, so she was ready for a visit today.  We went where we usually go - Chi-fil-et.  As we arrived, several other members of the ward showed up, too.  It seems that one of them teaches an exercise class and the others attend it and they always hit Chic-fil-et afterwards, so they can chat and the kids can play.

We didn't sit together, though, so Mary and I could visit quietly.  We had a nice talk and enjoyed our couple of hours very much.  Hopefully, they will be back at church on Sunday.  This has been a very difficult couple of years for them. 

The rest of my day was pretty much routine.  In fact, I can't really think of anything all that exciting!  I did get the pasta cooked for the salad I will be taking to the luncheon tomorrow.  I did some family history, mostly reading emails, etc., and reviewing my next lesson.  I did not take a nap!  Good for me - I was busy with little things and just never got around to it.

Bill went home teaching this evening, so I had a quiet evening, too.  I watched a little Law & Order while I ate some leftovers for my dinner.  And then, read a little in bed. 

A good day!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28th - Dreary Monday

The storms moved through last night and it was pretty much dreary all day today.  The sun made it out a little in the morning, but not enough.  I think it is the change in weather that has caused the sinus headache to return.  I was pretty miserable all day.  And, as a result, I didn't accomplish much.

I got the routine chores done and spent some time on family history.  Other than that, I rested, watched a little TV, read a tiny bit - that sort of stuff.  I did contact a couple of my visiting teaching sisters who have been having a rough time and talked or texted with them. 

We are supposed to have more storms rolling through over the next couple of days.  Hopefully, the sinus will adjust, so I am not quite so out of it.

Monday, April 28, 2014

April 27th - Big Change Today

Bill was released from the bishopric today.  When he was called to work with the new bishop a year ago, he was told it would only be for a short while.  Well, that happened today.  It is always with mixed feelings when one gets released from a big calling.  He will miss many things, but is glad to be able to give up many others.  They are not going to let him sit idle, however, as he was immediately called to be the Adviser for the Priests Quorum.  I think the priests were excited, as they already know him and have a great relationship.  It will be interesting to see if he can keep up with all the activities, though.

When the kids came over for dinner, we learned that David had also been released from working with the Cub Scouts and was called to be Ward Mission Leader in their ward.  He is a little overwhelmed, but he will do a good job once he gets a handle on just what he is to be doing.

The rest of our meetings were good.  My class went well, with at least one new student dropping in today.  I had another sister ask if she could start coming, even though it is midway through the class.  Of course, I said she could.  She couldn't do it today, but may start next week.  I also had one of the students, who has to miss a lot of the classes because of her calling, come in before class to share how excited she was that she got DNA results back.  It is great to see so many people starting to get excited about their family history!

We had a fun time with Lisa and family.  The kids wanted to play outside right away and it was a good thing they did since a thunderstorm rolled through a little bit later.  We had roast chicken, carrots, celery, pasta, and homemade (frozen) bread for dinner.  It really turned out good.  And, of course, the kids loved it.  Anything with pasta is a favorite.

Ashby was so cute clearing the table.  I think she was playing waitress and was so polite as she picked up each item and carried it the long way through the house to the kitchen.  Then she helped load the dishwasher and was so proud of how she helped.

They had to leave a little early, since Brooks had not napped and was getting way tired.  It was still a fun time while they were here.

Our hometeacher came shortly after they left and we had a great visit with him.  He told us all about his visit to his family in South Africa that happened a couple of weeks ago.  Very interesting - especially how excited he was to actually see some lions, as they are often hard to spot on the reserve.  It was a fun visit.

So, as usual, Sunday was the best day of the week. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 26th - Saturday - Need I Say More?

I had every intention of doing a deep cleaning today - well, you know about intentions.  I did do a good bit of straightening and a few of the things that needed to be done, but I just didn't feel like spending all that much time on the house.  Thankfully, it is never messy, so that helps!  I did also do one last load of clothes.

I ended up spending most of my day working on my family history.  I read some in the book that I have to give a review on at the Genealogy Study Group in June.  I cleaned off the desk a little, so it isn't quite such a mess.  Then I tackled the files that have been filing up after I am at the Family History Center.  I needed to make sure all information is entered in all the trees and copies made for my permanent files.  I was able to put away one of the four files.  I had thought I would get more than that done, but as soon as I start doing a little, I find more information and it explodes!  I spent most of the time on my grandfather's brother, thinking I just needed to finish entering about four documents that I had found.  Oops!  I found about half a dozen more documents.  Some were very good, too - like marriage records that I didn't have and some additional census records that have been hiding from me.  Oh, well.  I will never run out of family history!!

It was a beautiful day - sunny and warm, but I was still in the house most of the day.  Bill got out in the late afternoon to work on the yard a little.  I had put a plastic laundry basket on the back patio to hold some of the plastic toys, so it looks a little neater when we get things all picked up.  I should have hosed out the inside of the playhouse, as there were some spider webs last week that need to be cleaned out.  But, maybe tomorrow............

So, another week has rolled by - so quickly.  It is hard to believe that we have been back from our trip for a full week now.  I am now looking forward to heading out to Las Vegas for the roomie reunion on  May 5th - just a week away!  Guess it is time to think about what I will be needing to take.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

April 25th - Stayed at Home All Day!

I love it when I have a stay-at-home day.  I think I am becoming a bit of a hermit!  Well, today I was definitely a hermit.  Of course, that doesn't mean I didn't accomplish some things.  Like, three loads of laundry, getting the hummingbird feeder filled and outside, straightening the house, working on my Sunday family history lesson, reading (before a short nap), watching a little Law & Order (during lunch), reading genealogy blogs, etc.  The biggie of the day was getting the Bathcrest books all balanced.  That also took the largest block of time.  Glad it is done!

Such a boring day - but just the kind I like.

Friday, April 25, 2014

April 24th - Not Too Busy

Today was a little quieter than yesterday, although I did get some things accomplished.  Besides all the usual stuff that has to be done, I also did a run to CVS and Target to pick up some specials.  Plus, I made a stop at the library to return a book and pick up three that were waiting.  That all took a couple of hours.

The rest of the day, I was just at home.  I did work on family history a little.  I am really trying to finish recording everything I have found, but it seems like I start to do one quick thing and before I know it, I have half a dozen things to do.  Oh, well.  Keeps me busy!  LOL!

I did sneak in a nap this afternoon, although it wasn't a long one.  I even cooked dinner tonight - fried chicken, rice, and green peas.  I guess I was just full of energy!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 23rd - Finally back to normal

Well, at least as normal as I ever get!

I worked at the Family History Center today and, unfortunately, we did not have any patrons.  I did get to work on my own stuff, though.  It seems like I am not getting as much time on my personal stuff since I am always preparing for something else - a lesson, a presentation, working with another person, etc.  The down side is that I find some things and then need to finish it up when I get home.  I am getting quite a pile of files that need some "finishing up" done on them.  I need to set aside some time one of these days.......

On my way home, I stopped to get my drivers license renewed.  I had not realized that it had expired until I used it to go through airport security.  All they require is a picture ID, so it wasn't a problem, but it is a problem to be driving illegally!  I have dreaded doing the renewal since they now require a handful of paper work - birth certificate, proof of social security, proof of residence, etc.  I had my stack of stuff, hoping it would be adequate.  And it was - thank goodness.  I was amazed that I was only there for 35 minutes.  I had expected a couple of hours wait, but they were quite efficient today.  Now I am good for a few more years.  Hopefully, the next renewal will be by mail.

I got lunch when I got home and watched a little Law & Order while I ate.  I had just gotten onto the computer when Bill got home early.  I was so tired by then, and I had been about to go nap, so that is what I did.  I think he did a nap at the same time in his big chair.  I didn't sleep long, but it was enough to get me through the rest of the day.

He had activity night and bishopric meeting this evening, so I just had some popcorn and watched another episode of Law & Order before working on my family history a little.  Then it was off to read.

It has been a busy day, but at least I am getting back to normal.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 22nd - Fatigue!

Yesterday, I hit the wall, but kept on going.  Today, I didn't.  I woke up still feeling tired and I ached everywhere - head, arms, shoulders, back, knees, legs........  I didn't get very far into my morning before I decided that I just needed to rest some more.  So, I lay down for a bit and actually fell asleep for a short while.  I did feel better when I got up, but it was just a slow day.

Lisa and Brooks ran by to pick up his mining toy that goes with his new train.  He had left it when he was here yesterday.  He didn't have a melt down when he discovered it wasn't at home, because Lisa promised they would come by and get it right away.  They were on their way to get Ashby from school, so they didn't get to stay long.

I did a few other things in the afternoon, but nothing of any great interest - a little of this and a little of that.  I have quite a long list of things to do, so I will have to work a little harder tomorrow.  I even laid back down for a few minutes late afternoon, although I didn't sleep this time.  Hopefully, things will get back to normal now.

Bill got home early - wouldn't you know when we don't have to be anywhere, he makes it on time.  I fixed loaded baked potatoes for dinner, which were good.  I ended my day as usual, reading in bed.  It has not been that great a day, but at least the achy feeling has mostly passed and I got some extra rest today.  I am beginning to realize that age is catching up with me - it takes less to upset my system and it takes longer to recover!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21st - Babysitting Brooks

Well, after a week of fun vacation and a great Easter Sunday, I just about hit the wall today.  I woke up exhausted and I stayed that way most of the day!

However, David dropped Brooks off this morning since Lisa was subbing at Ashby's school today.  There is nothing like an adorable 3 year old to fill a dull day with lots of fun.  He was so good and entertaining that the time flew by until Lisa picked him up around 2:00. 

In between all the activity, I managed to get five loads of laundry done.  That is the other bad thing about a vacation - all the dirty clothes that come home!  I am glad that is all caught up in one day, so maybe tomorrow I can actually begin to get back on a normal schedule.

Once Brooks was gone, I made a run to the library to return some books that were due today.  I returned 5 items and picked up two.  When I got home, I gave in and took a short nap.  I knew I wasn't going to make the rest of the day if I didn't.

This evening, we had Empty Nesters over at the assisted living facility where the Rowberrys are.  We were late, because Bill's job took longer than anticipated and we had agreed to pick up two other people.  We were still glad we went to get to see the Rowberrys and to socialize with our other friends.  It was a very nice evening.

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 20th - Happy Easter!

What a wonderful Easter Sunday this has been. 

Sacrament Meeting was a music and narrative presentation, all done very well.  My class went well.  We were online the whole time working in Family Tree.  I had to play piano for Relief Society and then called in to sub for a few minutes in Primary and then rush back for the closing in RS - Whew!

At home, I quickly changed and then got started on dinner.  Lisa brought over the ham, which needed just the glaze to finish it up.  We had mashed potatoes, corn, jello, olives, rolls, and deviled eggs.  Ashby and David made the eggs from the eggs they had colored yesterday.  She thought it was pretty cool to take the pastry mixer to chop up the egg yolks and then mix in the mayo.

It was such a nice day that the kids were able to play out in the backyard and they had a ball.  I am glad it is getting nice again, as they do enjoy running in the yard, playing with the bat and balls, climbing, etc.

By the time they left, we were getting tired, so I was off to read after just a little straightening.

It has been a wonderful Easter.  I thought of Jason often during the day, which happens whenever I really focus on the Atonement.  What wonderful blessings I have in my life!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 19th - Home Again - Long Travel Day

Well, it is all over.  Today was just packing up and heading home.  Not much fun and very tiring.

Bill & Shirley had to leave at about 10:00, so we had set 7:00 as when we needed to get luggage out to the van to start getting it loaded.  We ran a little late, but not much, as we had hoped to leave about 7:30.  We got at the airport about 8:30, unloaded them and their bags at the curb and said goodbye.

Then we drove around to the other terminal and dropped us off.  Our plane left about 12:00, so we had a little wait.  The others were leaving at 2:00 and 4:00, so they were going to get something to eat and then had to meet the people who were picking up the van at 1:00.

We got through security, etc., with no problem, and then sat and read a while.  We got a hamburger for an early lunch and then boarded on time.  We were able to sit together this time, but it was really kind of lucky.  As I was walking down the aisle, I noticed two empty seats, but one had things piled on it.  When I asked if the two seats were taken, the man in the window seat had to pick up his stuff.  It was pretty clear that he was hoping no one would sit next to him.  Bill tried talking on the flight, but he was not all that friendly.  Too bad, it was a full plane and every seat was taken in the end, so he wouldn't have gotten his empty seat anyway.

The flight was uneventful and we actually arrived a little bit ahead of schedule at 7:10.  Then we had the usual rigamarole of getting luggage, getting to the shuttle, getting to the car, and driving home.  We just picked up some quickie food for dinner on the way home.

We have had a wonderful week - did lots of fun things - and especially enjoyed being with the group again.   But tonight, we are exhausted!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

April 18 - Brunch and Beach - Day 7 San Diego

Today was the last day of our week with friends and it was a little more relaxed than the rest of the week.  We are all getting a little older (what?!) and are moving a little slower.  Even so, it was a great day.

We started with brunch at the 101 Cafe, a cafe on Hwy 101 that has been there for decades (like since the 30's) and serves breakfast all day.  It was very good.  Then we drove on down 101 for a ways to enjoy the beach views.  We stopped at one place and enjoyed watching the water, some walked on the beach, for quite a while.  We saw a baby elephant sea lion stranded on the beach, but it finally made it back into the ocean and joined up with its mother.

From there, we drove back to the condos, rested a little, then went out to see the movie, "Heaven Is Real."  It was not bad; at least it had real family values.  After the movie, we had dinner at an Italian place in downtown Oceanside. 

Back in the condo again, we settled up the money, ate some Klondike bars, and finished off our last  night with plenty of laughing.  Our next get-together will probably be in Breckenridge, Colorado, but who knows - plans change!

Friday, April 18, 2014

April 17 - Harbor Tour - Day 6 San Diego

We got up and going a little quicker this morning, so we could make it into SD to the harbor to get on the 11:15 boat tour.  It was a two hour tour, one hour the south loop and the second hour the north loop.  It was cloudy and cool, but felt good on the water.  We even opened the window covers so we could enjoy the breeze.  Of course, much of the tour included information about all the military ships in port.  Very interesting.  Beautiful, too.  It is too late for whales, but we saw quite a few sea lions.

We ate lunch - a hot dog - on board, so when the tour finished, we just headed back to the condos.  We all relaxed a little.  Bill and Bill took the van to go over and see Camp Pendleton, which is right by where we are staying.  Four of the group played canasta, while the other two read and relaxed. 

We had originally purchased food for Hawaiian haystacks, and since the week is running out, we fixed that for our dinner today.  They were really easy and tasty, too.  After getting everything cleaned up (doesn't take long with so many helpers), we drove to downtown Oceanside to go to a farmers market or street fair.  I was not excited about it and didn't like it, but it was only a block off the beach, so Bill and I walked down there.  There was the pier, all lit up, and an amphitheater.  We slipped into the seats and just enjoyed the view of the ocean, the beach, and the young kids playing soccer in the amphitheater.  Add in some interesting people watching and I really enjoyed it.  So much better than walking around that fair!

On our way home, we stopped at Baskin Robbins for an ice cream fix, sat and talked for quite a while, and then finally headed back to the condos again.  We enjoyed chatting some more for a couple of hours, before the whole group called a quit to the day - exhausted, as usual!

So another great day in San Diego.  There is only one more day left, before we head back home.  The week is going way too quickly!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 16 - USS Midway - Day 5 San Diego

We started off slow and relaxed this morning, but by around 10:00 we were back on the road.  Today we headed back into town to the harbor to spend the day at the USS Midway.  And it was a fun day.  We were on the huge aircraft carrier for about 4 hours.  I didn't try to walk a lot of it, but I saw everything of interest.

When we finally had seen all we wanted there, we went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  Yummy!  We took our time there, since we had gotten there early.  Then it was back to the condo.  We were all so tired that we had a pretty dull evening!  A little talking, a little laughing, and then off to bed.

Day 5 was another very fun day!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 15th - Temple - Day 4 San Diego

We started the day off just relaxing and taking it easy.  We didn't really have a lot of choice since we were waiting for the replacement van rental to arrive.  But, after all that walking yesterday, we all needed a morning to catch our breath.

Eventually, the van arrived and we took off to go to the temple.  San Diego Temple is beautiful.  We very much enjoyed our time there.  One of the interesting things was being able to walk out of the celestial room and into the observatory, where we could look out through the beautiful windowed patio and see the spire with the Angel Moroni.  I am not sure if there are any other temples where you can see the angel from inside the temple.  It was very impressive.

After the temple, we headed back to the condos to change clothes.  By then we were starving, so we headed across to the harbor that we can see from our condo.  They have a lot of eating places along there, so we picked one out and had a good fish/seafood dinner. 

Eventually we ended up back at the condo and had an evening with most everyone playing some game.  I do not like games, though, so I excuse myself from that activity.  It was fun hearing them all laughing and being so funny, though.

It has been another fun day.  It is hard to believe that the week is already half gone!  We are running out of days before we run out of things we would like to do!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 14th - Olde Towne - Day 3 San Diego

We got up and on the road by about 9, heading south to Olde Town.  On the way, the van developed a problem with the manifold.  We were able to continue driving it, but it made a bit of noise!  While we spent our day doing what we had planned, poor Richard kept in touch, trying to get a replacement van.  Bottom line on that, we drove it back to the condos that night and they will have a replacement in the morning.

We walked around Olde Town for a bit and then caught the shuttle for a tour of the city.  It took about two hours and we really enjoyed it.  It was a great way to see a lot of the city and get the story of its history.  Our driver was entertaining, too, so that made it fun.

Back in Olde Town, we went to a Mexican place for a nice big lunch/dinner.  Then we walked over to go through the Mormon Battalion Visitor Center.  They did a very nice presentation.  They end by taking a picture and giving the visitor a copy.  We got a picture taken with all 8 of us together and it turned out pretty good!

Our last big stop was at Cold Stone ice cream, where we all indulged in some wicked ice cream creations!  Then it was back to the noisy van and back home.  After a bit of an adventure trying to find a gas station, we made it back around 8:00.  That gave us enough time for a little gathering in our condo, with plenty of laughing and story telling. 

Big day!  I think we will take it a little easier tomorrow!

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 13th - Sabbath - Day 2 San Diego

Sundays are always my favorite day of the week, and today was another one!  We attended church at Oceanside 1st Ward.  Meeting started at 9:00, and since I woke up very early, there was plenty of time to get ready, eat breakfast, check the computer, and chat for a while, before we needed to leave.  The meetings were all good and we enjoyed meeting some new people.

Back to the condos, we started getting some dinner ready.  We grilled steaks out on the patio, and added some baked potatoes and a big salad.  It was a very yummy dinner.  We all squeezed around the table (made for six, but eight can fit.)  Once everything was cleaned up, we all relaxed a bit, some in one condo, some in the other.

Later in the afternoon, we all gathered back in the other condo for a mission report.  Bill and Shirley recently returned from a Military Relations mission to Okinawa and they had put together a slide presentation of their pictures.  He was able to get his computer hooked up to the TV and working the way he wanted - after some help from Skip.  When it just wouldn't work, Bill finally called our favorite computer guy and they did an over-the-phone help session.  We really enjoyed all the pictures and the stories.  Now we sort of feel like we were actually there with them.  We took a little intermission halfway through and had some popcorn and ice cream.

We then spent some time deciding what we wanted to do this week and managed to pretty much plan out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  There are so many other things we could do, but we will decide how to spend Thursday and Friday once we have been around the area a little.  After a good bit more chatting, we finally decided it was time to head for our own condos and get ready for bed.  We ended up sitting at the table in our condo with Richard and Jo Anne and spending another good bit of time talking and laughing.

Getting together with this group of friends is always the most fun - and we are enjoying ourselves immensely. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 12th - Long flight! - Day 1 San Diego

We had to get up early and get on our way.  Our plane left at 8:45, but with the drive to the airport, long-term parking, shuttle over to check-in, getting through security, trek out to the gate, and a quick biscuit breakfast, it takes a good bit of time!

The plane was running a bit late for taking off, so we arrived in SD about 15 or 20 minutes past scheduled time.  It was a 4 hours 45 minute flight - a long time to just be sitting in an airplane!  Still, that is much better than having to make a change and adding a couple of hours more to the trip.

Jo Anne and Richard were there when we arrived.  They had gotten in an hour and a half earlier.  Richard and Bill went over to the Delta terminal to pick up the van they had rented at noon.  Bill and Shirley were due in on Delta about 12:30.  Jo Anne and I held down the fort at Southwest, since Gary and Carolyn were due there at 12:45.  All went well.  It was a bit of a juggling act to get all the luggage for 8 people, plus the 8 people all into the van, but we managed it.

Everyone was hungry - especially us! - so we headed on towards the condo which is north of SD in Oceanside, hoping to find a good place to eat along the way.  We eventually stopped at a very nice place and had a great meal.  By then, it was 3:00, so that served as lunch and dinner.

After eating, we went on to the condo to get checked in.  Because, they had reserved two units together, we had to wait a little while they finished the cleaning.  With spring break, they had a huge turnover and they were running behind.  Since we were not willing to take units that weren't together, we chose to just wait.  It wasn't long before we were able to get into the first of the two and within another hour or so, they were both done.  The condo is WorldMark Oceanside by Wyndam.  They are nice units, although a little smaller than most we have stayed in.  The view out our balcony is of the beach and ocean, across the street.  Very pretty.

We relaxed for a while, talking and laughing.  Eventually, we got a shopping list prepared and everyone, but me, headed out to do the grocery shopping.  I was so totally exhausted.  I actually dozed a bit while they were working.  I don't do well with time change, and three hours is a lot to really mess me up.  It may have said it was only 8:00, but my body thought it was 11 and didn't want to stay awake anymore!

When they got back, I did do most of the unloading of the groceries in our kitchen.  Most of the food is for breakfasts or snacks.  We will eat in tomorrow, Sunday, and we will also grill out one evening.  Other than that, it will be each day as it comes.

By the time all that was done, everyone was tired, so we ended our day.  The first day is always about getting settled.  We also started getting caught up on everyone.  We are looking forward to the rest of the week.  We had plenty of laughs the first day - but plenty more will come.  Plus, lots of new memories that we will have to laugh about next time!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 11th - A Little Time with Lisa!

I got laundry going first thing this morning, so I could finish packing later.  I also spent the morning doing a few other things around here.  Bill had three of the young men from church come to get started on weeding the hill in the back.  They worked hard and were rewarded with a pizza lunch in addition to their pay.

About then, though, I took off to have lunch with Lisa at O'Charley's.  From there, we went over to get pedicures and manicures.  I had a gift certificate from Christmas that I needed to use and I wanted my toes to look pretty for San Diego! What a great afternoon! 

I spent the rest of my day either resting (doing nothing of importance) or getting packed.  All is done, except for those items that have to be used in the morning. 

San Diego - here we come!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

April 10th - Odds & Ends

I spent the day trying to get a few things done around the house in prep for our trip.  Things like a load of laundry, cleaning out the frig, etc.  I even thought I would start packing, but dropped that pretty quick.  I mean, how can anyone pack way ahead.  I need to finish the last load of laundry, because there is almost certainly something in that load that I want.  So, I will just pack tomorrow.

I was a bit tired all day, so I didn't move all that fast.  I have bigger plans for tomorrow, so it was good to get some of this little stuff done and out of the way.  By evening, I was not just tired, but lazy, too.  I ended up watching a couple of episodes of Law & Order until Bill finally got home from work.  Then it was off to bed to read!

How boring!  But excitement is just around the corner!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 9th - Family History Day Again - Man, the Weeks Roll By Fast!

Today, I picked up my friend and we went to man the family history center.  We were the only two there today, which is sad, but we both got a lot done.  It is fun!  Of course, it is even more fun when I get to help someone, but.....

Just as we were walking down the hall after locking up, her husband, daughter and granddaughter popped around the corner.  The daughter lives in Illinois, so it was a complete surprise to Jan.  She was so excited.  They will be here the rest of the week, after driving all night to surprise her this morning.  Very cool.

They went off to lunch and I went off to run some errands.  I had some last minute things I needed to get for our trip.  The biggest thing was that I wanted a small carry-on on wheels.  It is getting so hanging a bag from my shoulders causing a little too much pain.  I have to take my CPAP machine on the plane with me, so I needed something that I could just pull.  I am glad to say that I was successful.  It cost more than I would have liked, but not outrageous. 

At home, I had a few things to do that hadn't gotten done yet.  Then I started to work on family history, but realized I was just too tired to keep sitting there.  Instead, I got into the big recliner and watched some TV.  Yes --- TV!  Well, actually, I watched Granite Flats on BYU TV - new episode last Sunday.  And then I watched some Law & Order on Netflix.  Two shows!  Wow, I really was tired.

Bill went this evening to give some blessings.  One of the sisters I visit teach is also one of his home teaching families.  Her father is with them now and was in the hospital last week.  He is back home now, with hospice care, and they wanted blessings.  The father is expected to last a few more weeks at most.  So, it is a hard time for them.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 8th - Finally!

Today was another mostly stay-at-home kind of day.  Bill was here, too, as the job scheduled for today had to be postponed, because of plumbing problems that have to be fixed first.  Guess where I spent my day!  YES!

Actually, I did manage to get a couple of loads of laundry done and the usual "have to's," but I worked on family history the rest of the day.  I finally finished my grandfather's oldest sister.  Well, that is, I got everything recorded in the right places and all, but I will need to go back through at some point to make sure everything is just right.  I think that will wait a while.  I even got started on another of his siblings.  Most of the rest should go a little faster, as there is not quite as much stuff about them.  At any rate, it felt good to close her file!

My car has still been overheating - well, actually it has just been bubbling into the overflow, not actually overheating.  Anyway, we dropped it off at the mechanic again to have it checked.  Turned out it was just the radiator cap, so they were able to get it fixed and we picked it up later.  That is one of the joys of driving an older car!  Then again, in spite of the repair costs, we get our money's worth out of a car, for sure!

It has been another relaxing day.  Bill can't stay at home all day, so he managed to find some things he had to go out to do.  I just kept working on family history.  I certainly am boring!  But, I love it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 7th - Rainy Days and Mondays!

We woke up to plenty of rain this morning - and it continued most of the day.  We even had a good spell of lightening and thunder.  Our side yard looked like a river.  So, on a rainy Monday, what is one to do?  Well, nothing, of course!

And that is pretty much what I did - nothing.  Well, there are always a few things that have to be done - empty the dishwasher, straighten a little, make the bed, etc.  Other than those few things, I pretty much was at the computer working on family history a good part of the day.  I was checking the documents I have found for my grandfather's siblings, hoping to get everything posted in all the right places.  I was making pretty good progress, too.  I had finished the oldest sister, her husband, and their first child.  Then, when I started on the second child, I found a new document.  I had already checked and downloaded everything I could find for the whole family over the last couple of weeks, so this was supposed to be just a quick finishing up of details.  Well, the new document provided some missing information, which opened up a ton of information.  I spent the rest of my time working through all of that.  It was all good information and finding a document image is always the preferred way - and I really am happy that I have been able to fill in so much missing information about her.  However, it sure put a stop to my quick finishing up.  Instead of finishing several of the siblings, I am still on the first!  I am not sure whether to be irritated or excited - well, actually, I am excited.  But I really like to finish things off, so who knows when I will get it done now.

With all the rain and thunder storms, and it being Monday and all, I finally decided that I needed to spend some time reading and in bed.  I ended up reading for an hour or more and then fell asleep for half an hour.  It was the perfect thing to do on a day like today.

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 6th - General Conference Sunday

I always love Sundays - best day of the week.  And the best ones of the year are General Conference Sundays.  Today was no exception.  It was a great day.

I fixed some french toast for breakfast, which was more like brunch.  Then, I got dinner ready - the ribs in the oven and the baked potatoes and butternut squash ready to go at the right times.  I also got the frozen bread rising.  Everything else had been done yesterday.  Then I was able to spend some time working on family history.  I am back to working on my grandfather's siblings.  I have all of her documents done and just need to make sure everything about her family is recorded everywhere.  (One of the negatives about having information in more than one place is that you have to make sure everything gets recorded.  But, I like having my Roots Magic, Ancestry, Family Search trees and a paper and a computer file.  Very redundant, but also useful.)

Then it was time for the first session of conference, which we very much enjoyed.  When it finished, I stuck the last of dinner into the oven, planning to eat in about an hour.  Lisa had called and they weren't sure when they would make it over because of Brooks' nap.  When everything was done, we went ahead and ate.  It was so good!  Later, we all had strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Yummy!

Just as the second session was starting, Lisa texted to say they were on their way.  Of course, once they arrived, there was no longer any sitting quietly to watch conference!  They got their dinner and the kids were full of energy, having both napped.  The session was on the TV, and we watched bits and pieces, but it was being recorded, so I will watch the complete session tomorrow.  We had a great time with them.  David and Bill worked a long time on getting his new Ipod running and loaded with music.  It was his Christmas present, but he couldn't figure out how to do it.  He is now very happy!

The kids played all their usual things and had more fun.  We even had a little percussion band, with harmonica played by Brooks and Ashby at the piano.  Very interesting, I must say.  Ashby found the game "Bed Bugs" in the closet and brought that out to play.  Brooks loved it, so we listened to that noisy thing for a long time.  He was so funny - cheering every time he caught a bedbug.

Eventually, they had to go home and it turned way too quiet again.  Well, only six months until we get to repeat Conference Sunday!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 5th - First Day of General Conference

I had such a long list of to-do items today that I totally wore myself out!  And then I didn't come close to finishing them all. 

I did get a couple of loads of laundry done, serious cleaning in the kitchen, including mopping the floor, cleaned out the refrigerator which was in bad shape, dusted and vacuumed the main rooms in the house, cleaned the hall bath - and then I ran out of cleaning energy.  Sorry, the office and bedrooms only got a quick straightening!

I did some grocery shopping, which also means carrying it all in and putting it away.  I made an angel food cake for dinner tomorrow.  I got Sunday dinner planned and everything pre-prepped that I could.  I even answered an email about family history.

I watched all three sessions of conference, which was a wonderful way to rest and recoup between my marathon working sessions.  They were all good and full of wonderfully uplifting thoughts and reminders, as well as some very serious warnings about keeping on the strait and narrow.  How easily we can drift. 

Bill had to work today, so he left before I got up and didn't get back home until the priesthood session was almost over.  He got the nasty job finished, though, so that was the good part.  I had recorded the sessions, so I think he watched a little bit before he came on to bed.

I love having a clean house and knowing I got a lot done - I hate being so sore, especially my back.  I can't quite do what I used to do without some aftereffects.  I must admit that in spite of the good feeling of accomplishment, I prefer the days when I get lost all day in family history.  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

April 4th - Fun Day with Brooks

So, I had an unscheduled day today and had figured I would work on family history all day.  Oops!  Change of plans!  And good changes, too.

Lisa called as they were dropping Ashby off for school to see if I wanted to go to Kohl's with them - it was 20% off coupon day.  I don't have a car today, as Bill had to use it for work while the van is getting checked out at the garage, but she said she could pick me up.  We spent a while at Kohl's.  I bought a new top and a purse.  I then just went around with Brooks so Lisa had some good shopping time without him bugging her.  We finally ended up in the toy department (big surprise!) and he wanted everything he could see.  He had a lot of fun and we were there quite a while.  He picked out a couple of his mighty machines, but I said we needed to pick out something for Ashby, too.  He had some great ideas - "she wants this Thomas the Train," "she would like this truck," etc.  When Lisa finally joined us in toys, she found a fashion design thing that she remembered having when she was little and thought it would be perfect.

By then, it was getting close enough to lunch that we stopped at Del Rio.  From there, it was back to the house.  Brooks wanted to stay and play, so Lisa left him so she could go get Ashby.  He had a ball - first he had to play in the dirt with his new machines.  Then he needed the Thomas the train set up.  He kind of bounced back and forth and was totally entertained.  In the middle of it all, he wanted to watch some Mighty Machines shows on Netflix.  He didn't nap, but he clearly needed a little quiet time. 

After Lisa had finished her early afternoon piano lesson, she and Ashby came back over to get Brooks.  Ashby brought me a picture she had made with her fashion set - brought it along, too, so she could me how neat it was.  They couldn't stay long, as Lisa had more lessons coming after school.  It was fun having them here for a bit, though.

When everything was quiet again, I did some of the things that had been put off all day, including helping someone from the ward with a FamilySearch problem.  When Bill got home, we had to go get his van.  We just had leftovers for dinner, so I didn't do much else of great importance.  I was tired.  I love having the kids over, but it does tire me out!

Friday, April 4, 2014

April 3rd - Had Bill Around Today

Bill couldn't finish the job until some product came in - and it was delayed - so he was home most of the day.  Of course, he has so overworked himself this week that he slept in most of the morning (that was a slight exaggeration!), so I didn't see him until later in the morning. 

Meanwhile, I was busy working on family history.  I had gotten an email from someone who was stuck on something in the Cantrell line and I spent the whole day trying to clarify the people in that line.  It was actually a lot of fun.  It is always exciting to be searching for something specific.  I did what I could and then sent an email back to her for a little more info to be able to answer her question.

Bill did go out and run a few errands in the afternoon - to the bank, library, etc.  He called from the library and said that his van wouldn't start.  He had replaced the battery and week or so ago and apparently there is something more wrong.  I was almost to the library when he called back to say he had gotten it started.  I went on, picked up some books I was going to get tomorrow, and followed him to the garage.  We left it there, but they won't be able to get to it until tomorrow.  That means he will be using the car for work tomorrow.  Oh, darn, that means I will be stuck at home again.  I wonder what I should do?

In between all the excitement, I did get a couple of loads of laundry done and a really yummy crockpot dinner cooked.  So, I guess I didn't spend the entire day on family history - just most of it.  It is addictive!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 2nd - Good Family History Day!

Today was my day for the family history center, so it was completely a family history day - again.  I have really been at it this week.  (And am planning some more for tomorrow!)  I picked up my friend, but there were no other patrons today.  The new center is now all set up and looks good.  It will be even better when they get the lock box and door buzzer moved to the closest door.  As it is now, we have to enter at the back door and walk the full length of the building to the center at the front. 

I helped my friend with her first question, but then spent the rest of the time working on my own things.  I was working on some of the sites that I can't access at home, trying to find out more about my Reuben Wesco problem.  I think I got enough information to be able to send for the correct set of civil war military records.  There were three Reuben Wescos, all in the war, and that makes everything so much more complicated!

After we stopped for some lunch, I dropped her off at home and then came home myself.  I had a few things to do at home - just routine stuff - and then I worked a little more on the family history.  Although it sounds like I have been doing a lot on my own lately, all I have actually done is create more work.  I have a lot of information to get recorded in the right places, etc., and that can take a lot of extra time.  But, I am really trying to keep everything very organized, so it must be done.

Bill had another late night tonight, so I just had a quickie dinner and watched some Law & Order for an hour. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 1st - Happy April Fools Day!

Fortunately, I stayed home all day today.  I really don't like April Fool's Day.  Sometimes the jokes are funny, but it just seems so cruel - trying to deceive people and embarrass them.  I try to avoid the day as much as possible.

I had another good family history day - finished up what I was doing on my grandfather's siblings.  Now on to the next part of the project.  (I thought I had finished it yesterday, but then I found some more that I had missed.)  Of course, the next part of the project will take a while.  But, it is all fun!

I did manage to accomplish a little more around the house today - changed sheets, did 3 loads of laundry, etc.  Bill was late again, and today I did not have any dinner cooked.  He managed to eat some leftovers when he finally got in. 

Lisa called while she was fixing lunch for the kids.  They had wanted mac and cheese (what they always ask for), but they wanted Grandma's kind.  She thought that was cute, so called to tell me.  So now I am famous - Grandma's mac and cheese is the best!  We had a nice chat and got caught up with their weekend, since they didn't come over Sunday.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31st - Day at Home

I didn't have anything on my schedule today - which means I was very happy!  And, since the kids didn't come over yesterday, there wasn't much to do around the house either.  So, I got to play all day!

Of course, when I play, it is at the computer, usually doing family history.  Did I have a boring day?  Nope.  I worked on family history, mostly, plus a few other odds and ends.  I am still working on my grandfather's siblings, so that had most of my attention for the day.  I finished going through what I could find on and am about to start making sure everything is correct on FamilySearch.  That will take a while, as there are ten children.  I will also search the records there, in case they have something I haven't found yet.  I also have a few things I want to follow up on on other sites.  It will probably all take a few more weeks!  Especially since some weeks I don't get very little time to work on it.

I did manage to sneak in a short nap in the afternoon.  Since I wasn't doing anything else, I also cooked some dinner - pork chops, yams, and corn.  Very good.  Bill got home pretty late - wouldn't you know when I had dinner ready.