Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 29th - Recovery Day!

The only thing on my agenda today was to rest and recover.  I accomplished all goals for the day!!

I also managed to get the place straightened up again, wash four loads of laundry, work on my lesson, plus a few other odds and ends.  I also had left overs for lunch.

Bill spent most of the day with two of his sisters, having lunch and just talking.  He also made a stop on his way home to get some new printer cartridges.  I have some things to print for my lesson and the darn thing went dry.  I usually try to keep extras, but the supply is gone.  I guess I need to add ink cartridges to my storage inventory list.  Ha!

Not much to write about - but it was a good day.  When he got home, Bill asked how my lonely day went and I replied that I was never lonely, just alone.  Pretty much sums it up!

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