Saturday, November 16, 2013

November 15th - Day with Brooks!

Lisa had called yesterday and said she had a presidency meeting and wondered if she could drop Brooks off while she went to it.  Needless to say, my answer was that I would love to have him.  She dropped Ashby off at school and then dropped Brooks off here, before heading off to her meeting.

He and I had a great time playing.  We played with the Lincoln logs, cars, some puzzles, and especially the alphabet puzzle.  We spent a long time on that one!  After lunch, Lisa called and said she had just finished her meeting and was on her way to get Ashby.  However, she had a music lesson at 1:30, so could Brooks stay a little longer.  No problem on my end!  We played some more and then did quiet time.  He didn't want to get into the crib (he doesn't nap as much anymore), so he cuddled with a blanket and pillow on the couch and watched "Mighty Machines" on Netflix, his favorite show.  That would explain why he knows and can say words like "excavator." 

We were still resting when Lisa and Ashby got here.  They couldn't stay long, because Lisa had two more music lessons after school.  It was a fun day and Brooks was really good.

When they left, I did some of the things that had not yet been done and then just took it easy.  I was tired!  Bill had an out of town job so didn't get back until late.  I had gotten comfortable in the big chair and was watching the Elizabeth I series when he got home.

I didn't get anything done on family history today - that's a first!  I did have a friend connect me with her mother who is also a family history consultant and we have started an email correspondence which should be fun.  I have met her mother before when she was here visiting and she is someone I would love to be friends with.  Maybe we can give each other some ideas and support.  I also got a call from someone from the Grayson Ward (don't they have a family history consultant? - that's the second call I have gotten), but her question was about transferring files from FamilySearch to Roots Magic and I know nothing about that.  I could probably figure it out, but it was late in the evening and I told her that if she didn't get it figured out, we could meet sometime and work on it.

It was been another great day!

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