Monday, November 18, 2013

November 17th - Quiet, Relaxing Sunday

I had to teach my family history class today and it went well, except for not having the TV.  I had asked the library to save it for me every week, but another teacher swept in and just took it, leaving me without.  I know it is not my personal property, but it did dampen my class not having it.  So, there are 4 stands with TV's in the library and I am told that there is only one that works with computers? The others just do DVDs?  Next week we will attack earlier!!  Actually, the class was still good; I just couldn't show the video or demonstrate where everyone could watch.

Back home, I put together dinner since David and the kids planned to come over for dinner, so Lisa could sleep all afternoon.  About the time it was ready, David called to say Brooks now has a fever, so they wouldn't be here at all.  Poor guy, he was the first to get sick a couple of weeks ago.  Sure hope this is quick, since it is his birthday party this coming Saturday!

Billy called about that same time, too, and we both had a nice long chat with him.  He seems happy with his new job - still in the learning curve, but progressing quickly.  He is planning to move back to CR in the next few weeks and commute there on weekends.  He has found a small studio apartment in DM to live in during the week.  He is excited to be back in his condo, which he has always really liked.  He is planning to get back in classes to finish up his MBA, which I think is great.

Since no one came over, we were able to spend the rest of our Sunday relaxing.  It was a very nice day, in spite of the rain.

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