Monday, April 30, 2012

April 29th - Day 4 - Sunday Activities

This has been another great day.  After breakfast, we headed into South Lake Tahoe to attend church.  The meetings started at 10:00.  It is a very small ward, but friendly and welcoming.  We enjoyed all the meetings and learned a few interesting tidbits.  Like, in the summer when it is really busy, they don't ask visitors to stand - they ask the ward members to stand - it is easier that way!  We also learned that in the winter, they are only able to keep one door open, because the snow is as deep as the roof.  We met some very nice people and enjoyed the wonderful spirit we felt in their meetings.  We were the only visitors today, so we got all the attention.  As is often the case, they were very interested in the story of our group.

After church, we headed back to the condos and had dinner.  Shirley had a chicken, alfredo sauce, noodles dish that she she prepared.  We added a salad, green beans, and french bread.  We spent a long time sitting around the table discussing all sorts of interesting subjects.  The meal ended with some cheesecake.

We basically then moved to the living area, where we watched the DVD, "The Seventeen Miracles," about the Willey and Martin handcart companies.  It was very good.  We talked and laughed away the rest of the evening, getting into tons of the childhood memories stories.  Much laughter!

It was a great sabbath day!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 28th - Day 3 - Relaxed and Lazy

Everyone was so tired that the decision was made to make it a lazy morning.  We would go out late in the morning for brunch.  Of course, with the three hour time change for us, we still woke up pretty early.  That's when I caught up on the blogging, FB, etc.  Bill went out in the cold for a walk.

We also spent some time checking out the facilities, etc., here.  The ski resort is called Heavenly and is in State Line, Nevada.  We had been told it was on the north side of the lake, but it turns out it is on the south end.  When we look out our balcony, we can see across to the ski lift that is used by everyone skiing this mountain.  We can also see a tram track that gives people on the other side of the ridge a way up and down to the ski lift from their condos.  On our side, there is a tram provided by our resort for free that runs all day.  We just have to call and they will come by, pick us up, and drop us wherever we want to go.

Once everyone was up and ready, we took the tram over to the main office to turn in the papers from check-in and to get some more keys for the condos.  While there, we checked out the facilities and have been very impressed with how nice it is.  On Saturday mornings, they have an omelet bar, so we made it in there in time for breakfast.  It was really good and reasonably priced enough that we may eat there more.  They have breakfast and a grill for lunch and dinner.  We also learned that on Saturday evening, they serve a dinner in the lounge.

After hanging around the club for a while, and eating breakfast, we took the shuttle back to our condos.  We then drove down the mountain to check out the town.  We had already learned where the grocery store was, so we headed that direction, parked there, and then walked across to a shopping area also called Heavenly.  There is a gondola lift that starts there.  We had considered riding the gondola, but no one seemed that interested, at least today.  We spent an hour or so walking through the shopping area.  Our favorite spot was an art gallery. 

It had turned into a beautiful day, well into the 60's and sunny.  Our final shopping trip was to the grocery store where we got food for breakfasts, sandwiches, Sunday dinner and snacks.

After getting back to the condos and unloading all the food, it was mid-afternoon.  We all rested a few minutes, then decided to go to a movie.  The resort offers free movies at 5:00 and today's show was "War Horse," which none of us had seen.  We got the shuttle back to the clubhouse, and had some time before the movie, so tried playing a little pool.  That was quite hilarious, I must say! 

We then went in to the movie.  It was actually a very nice little theater, with regular theater seats and a big screen for the showing.  It was a tear jerker of a movie, but I think everyone liked it.
Then we headed back up to the main building to get that dinner in the lounge.  It turned out to be really good.

After dinner, we went back to the condos, sat around talking and laughing, and had some ice cream for dessert.  That pretty much ended our first full day here.  We had a great time and have plenty of plans for the rest of the week!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 27th - Second Day of Travel

We left the house around 7:30 this morning and met up with Joanne and Richard at the Park & Wait lot at the SLC airport to wait for Gary and Carolyn to get in from Denver.  We connected with them without problem, but one of their suitcases was not on the plane.  They made arrangements for the bag to be sent to Reno for us to pick up when we got there.

Then we started the long drive to Lake Tahoe.  We knew it would be around 8 hours, but because of the bag not arriving in Reno until almost 5:00, there was no reason for us to hurry.  So, we stopped several times as we crossed western Utah and the salt flats.

In Wendover, we stopped for a lunch at Subway.  It wasn't the best of lunches, but then again there were not many options!  We finally made it to Reno and went to the airport to retrieve the missing bag.  After a minor incident (they didn't want us to wait at the pickup while Gary went to get the bag and Bill Cochran had to "discuss" it with security, in his usual laid back manner), we were on our way again. 

It is better than an hour from Reno to Tahoe, and by that time, we were all getting tired, but it was fun to see the dramatic change in landscape as we headed over the mountain.  Our first look at the lake was fantastic.  There is still a good bit of snow - not enough for skiing, but still plenty to make large patches of white.

We finally arrived at the resort and had our final irritation of the day.  They had a very poor check-in system and we had the hardest time getting that done, but we finally made it.  The rooms are very nice and clean and we are happy with that part.  We have two units, each unit with two bedrooms and two baths, plus a nice common area.

After unloading the cars, we headed back down the mountain to find some food.  The condos are at the top of the mountain, so it is a bit of drive up and down to get to someplace to eat, etc., but it is really pretty, at least as much as we can see in the dark!  We ended up eating at Applebee's and then were all ready to hit the hay.

I think we are getting too old for long days!  But it is so fun to all be together again and we are already having a ball!

April 26th - On Our Way!

Started on our vacation today.  Our plane left at 12:05 pm, right on time, and we arrived in Salt Lake City at 2:15, also right on time.  Bill and Shirley were there to meet us, as we expected.  Richard and Joanne were also there, which we had not expected.  We were so excited to see everyone.

We drove from the airport to the new downtown mall, City Creek.  They had not been there yet, either, so we all enjoyed walking around and checking things out.  It is a beautifully designed mall and mixed use area.  It feels like you are outside, because of the glass ceiling which opens.  It was threatening rain, so the roofs were closed, but the sun was shining and it was beautiful.  The creek running through the center was pretty and so relaxing to watch and listen to the running water.

For dinner, we went to the Cheesecake Factory, which is right there at the mall area.  We had a great dinner and lots of fun talking and catching up. 

After dinner, we walked over to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and rode to the observation deck on top to see Temple Square.  We then spent some time looking around the building and chatting with some of the missionary couples assigned there.

We ended the evening by walking over to the Tabernacle, where we watched some of the Tabernacle Choir rehearsal.  It was really a lot of fun seeing them in a more relaxed atmosphere.  They sounded just as good, though.

 Then Richard and Joanne went on home (actually we learned later that they decided at the last minute just to stay in a hotel and not drive back down to Spanish Fork that night), and we went to spend the night with Bill and Shirley in Layton.
First day of travel finished - and reunited with 3/4 of the group!  We are so looking forward to the rest of the reunion.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 25th - Lunch at Mimi's

I had a coupon for a free entre when you buy two, so Lisa and kids met me at Mimi's for lunch today.  We are never sure how Brooks is going to be - he is at "that age" when he might be happy or he may decide he will not be content in the high chair.  Today he was good, so that made lunch really nice.  They came over to the house for a little while after lunch, so we had a nice afternoon.

We are leaving in the morning for our trip to Tahoe, so I am trying to get the last of the loose ends tied up.  I think things are about ready - at least I am ready.  I am sure Bill will put his part off until morning!   I am not sure if I will get a chance to blog while I am away.  I will have my notebook, but that doesn't mean I will write.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 24th - Dinner at Lisa's

Lisa called in the afternoon and invited us to come over for dinner.  David's father had just gotten into town and we are leaving for vacation on Thursday, so would probably only have the one chance to see him.  It is always fun to spend time with the grandkids, plus it was nice to chat with Keith.  It has been over a year since he visited, so it was nice to catch up.

When we arrived, Brooks was sitting in the middle of the Thomas the Train track with a number of trains lined up.  He knows how to put the tracks together and pushes the train around.  He loves some of the special buildings, too, and seems to know how to make everything work.  Pretty good for a 17 month old.  I had gotten all that stuff for Christmas for Ashby a couple of years ago and now Brooks is playing with it - every day, Lisa says.  It is nice to have spent some money on a toy that gets so much use by both children.

After dinner, Ashby put on quite the dancing show for us.  There was also some singing involved, especially the princess songs.  She even showed us how she dances with Daddy and how he helps her do the "dip".  Very cute, I must say.

It is never a dull moment at the Pulsipher house, that is for sure! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 23rd - Empty Nesters Tonight

We enjoyed Empty Nesters Family Home Evening this evening.  We watched some Old Testament videos that were very good and, of course, enjoyed plenty of conversation.  Potluck refreshments were mostly desserts this time - and they were all good! 

Earlier in the day, we had a presidency meeting.  We covered a lot of things since I will be out of town and then the RS president will be having some surgery.  Hope we all make it through the next few weeks!

The rest of the day was a normal Monday!

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 22nd - I do love Sundays!

This was just another normal Sunday - which means it was a great day!  Church meetings were good, lessons were great. 

The kids were at the house when I got home, and the crockpot was making the whole place smell wonderful!  I fixed a new recipe today and it turned out really good.  It was a pork loin, seasoned up with Tony's and garlic, cooked with chicken broth.  When I got home, I added two cans of beans (one black bean and one white navy bean), a can of tomatoes, and some spinach.  It cooked another hour, while we made rice and corn muffins.  Not only did it taste good, but it looked really pretty in the serving dish with all those colors.  Everyone liked it.  Even Brooks gobbled it up.  Bill managed to get home just in time to eat and then the bishop picked him up for a stake priesthood meeting. 

After cleaning up, the kids went into the backyard to play a little.  It was a little chilly, so they couldn't play in the water, but Ashby really wanted Ethan and Eric to come over and play again.  She loved having Ethan chase her around the yard.  They did come over for a bit and she just giggled.  I told Lisa they are in for a big ride with her!  She already knows how to flirt.

Lisa shared a funny story, too.  At preschool this week, they had a pirate's day on Tuesday and Princess day on Thursday.  There are 3 girls and 1 boy in the class, but Hiram has sisters at home, so gets along just fine with the girly themes.  Anyway, the teacher gave each of them a little booklet and said that every princess (and prince) writes her (or his) own story, so they were to take their book home and write their story.  Hiram couldn't wait to write his story, so while the car filled with gas, he dictated his story to his mother.  It went something like this:  "There was a prince named Hiram who was looking for his princess.  He finally found her and her name was Princess Ashby.  There were two other princesses, too, and they were all friends."  How funny!  At 3 years old, Ashby has a boyfriend.  The two of them sit together in primary (they are both in Lisa's class) and one or the other puts an arm around the other one and they are so sweet to each other.  It is too cute now - but it sure won't be when she is 16!!

After everyone left, and Bill was not back home yet, I watched the last episode of season 1 of The Grand.  I had to interrupt watching to take a phone call and was excited it was from Bill and Shirley Cochran.  We discussed the upcoming trip and they are as excited as we are for our reunion week.  Bill got home before we hung up, so he got to talk to them, as well.  It will be a busy week getting things done and packed, but we can hardly wait until Thursday!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 21st - Cleaning Day

Well, another Saturday.  I tried to do a little more cleaning than normal today - I always straighten so the house looks good, but I don't always get around to the dusting and that kind of stuff.  It was about time!  I also did some laundry, including the sheets, planning Sunday dinner, etc. 

Bill had to do an estimate and then spend the rest of the day and evening at youth conference, so I was home alone most of the day.  Between the cleaning and laundry, I spent some time on the computer - big surprise!  I got into the indexing and must have done 10 batches.  Lately, I have been doing Iowa instead of what is getting close to being finished, because I want the Iowa census to get finished and posted, so I can link it to my family.  Getting selfish in my old age!

I didn't do much else on family history, just a little matching.  I also worked on some other things that needed some attention.  I am trying to get my RS lesson finished up.  I have to do it on the 6th of May, but we don't get back from Tahoe until the 5th, so I need to have it pretty much ready.

I also had a lazy streak and watched three episodes of The Grand - not all at once, but spread throughout the afternoon and evening.  It was a good excuse to take a break when I got tired of whatever I was doing at the moment!

So it was a productive and a lazy day - can't think of anything better - unless I had the grandkids around!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 20th - Last VT Social

We had our last Visiting Teaching social this morning - had to switch it to my house, because of illness at the original location.  We had several sisters come, along with their children (that was the reason for a daytime meeting.)  We were able to do some more VT interviews, the sisters had a great time chatting and getting to know each other, and the children played really well and seemed to have fun.  It was like a play date for them.  Unfortunately, it had rained during the night and the backyard was too wet to let them play out, but all went well anyway.  Now we just have the rest of the list to call and do interviews individually.

That ended up taking up a good part of my day, since we set it up as kind of an openhouse arrangement from 10:30 - 1:00.  The last person didn't leave until closer to 1:30.  By the time I straightened up and did some of the other things that needed done, my day was pretty much finished!

It feels good to finish something and we were glad to have the socials finished.  They have turned out well, overall, although we would like to have even more attend.  We may try doing it the same way next year, with a few tweaks.

Friday, April 20, 2012

April 19th - Nothing new!

This was another of those "nothing new" kind of days.  You know, some laundry, some straightening, some family history, some indexing, some RS stuff, etc.  I ran out to pick up the honey order and emailed everyone about that.  I found out the last VT social has to be switched to my house (sick baby problem), so I picked up refreshments for that for in the morning.  I watched a little Netflix in the afternoon - a couple of more episodes of The Grand.  I read some in my book, one of the Miss Dimple books. 

Sounds pretty boring!  I wasn't bored, but it does to show I don't seem to have a lot of variety in my life!  I was just sitting here thinking about that and realized that I won't be changing much any time soon!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 18th - Rainy Day in Georgia!

Another rainy day in Georgia - we really needed it actually, but it is fun to say it that way! 

After the usual morning routine, I headed out to do a little shopping.  I needed to get some new printer cartridges so I can start printing my genealogy book.  Then I stopped by the mall to look at some clothes.  I need a few things before we go to Lake Tahoe next week.  I hate to shop, so one store a day is a big challenge for me.  Today's store was Macy's.  They have a pretty nice plus size department and I found a couple of tops and a sweater that I liked.  I think I will make do with the jeans and pants I already have, but I really need some tops.  It will still be cool there, so I need things with sleeves, which is good, I guess, since those are the things on sale right now. 

Bill was home when I got back - just a small job today for him.  While I was gone a friend had called, so I called her back.  Her granddaughter is getting married in the temple in July and she had a ton of questions about what to expect and how to best plan things.  They have never done a temple wedding before.  Both of her daughters were married and then went to the temple to be sealed later.  Anyway, we talked an hour or so and I hope she got her questions answered.

Then I took off to pick up another friend, Becky, whose car was in the shop.  Her planned ride had fallen through, so I was happy to take her.  It was a ways to the shop, but we always have fun chatting.  She was then going to pick up our honey order and I headed back home.  I will pick up my part of the honey tomorrow.

Bill had activity night tonight, so I actually watched a couple of episodes of The Grand while I ate some popcorn.  Then off to bed to read. 

And that was my rainy day in Georgia!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 16th - Another Manic Monday

My Mondays are not much for retelling - but they are busy! 

I had to straighten the house, which is always a little messier after the weekend.  Lisa and family always clean up before they go, but it is amazing the number of odds and ends that turn up in strange places.  Like the time I found a sippy cup of milk in the microwave popcorn box in the pantry!  The kitchen always needs a little extra TLC, too, since on Sunday we basically fill the dishwasher and put the food away, but don't worry too much beyond that.  This week I didn't have any laundry to do, but there was a load of towels in the dryer to put away.  It seems Ashby took a bath/shower and totally loved the handheld shower head.  However, she had a little trouble controlling it, so she basically drowned the bathroom.  David had used a pile of towels to dry it down and had thrown them in the washing machine.

Beyond that, I was at the computer quite a bit.  I did a ton of indexing.  It is easy to do and it is fun to see the number of states that are complete or getting close.  I always pick one of the batches in red, because that means they are getting close to completing that state.  I spent way too much time doing that today.

I also did the New.Familysearch matching from my Roots Magic.  I am determined to keep up with that now.  I didn't do any other family history, though.  I did do some work on RS, especially on preparedness.  Basically, I was planning what to cover in my email this week.  I really like the blog PreparedLDSFamily and am using a lot of her stuff.  I also read the next conference talk and just need to get that posted.  I had a bunch of other little things that I did at the computer, as well.  I also straightened the desk a little bit.  It is amazing that I keep the house so neat, but my desk can look like a tornado blew by!  Actually, there are just a bunch of piles and I know what each pile is about, but to someone else, it looks like a mess. I think I need to redo the hutch on the desk so I can put the piles on the shelves instead of just stacking them around.  At least it looks better now.

Another amazing thing about today is that I actually cooked dinner!  We had taco salad and it was mighty good!  I don't cook often, especially when Bill is late.  He just fixes something when he gets home.  We keep plenty of quickie meals around just for that purpose.  I watched another episode of The Grand while I ate dinner, which was the sum total of my TV watching for the day. 

I ended my day by reading my scriptures - I am into Alma now.  Then I read my book until I was ready to sleep.  I am not too impressed with the book I am reading at the moment.  It is one from BookRooster to be reviewed.  They probably won't be too happy with my review, but it won't be the worst one I have given!

So another Manic Monday is over!

Monday, April 16, 2012

April 15th - Aren't Sundays Grand?

This was another great Sunday.  We had ward conference, so there were some great speakers.  A counselor in the mission presidency spoke first, President Dale Monson, and gave a talk about missionary work - what else?  I thought it was cute when he quoted President Monson and said, "The real President Monson."  Then they called the elder's quorum president to talk and he shared about his going inactive after his mission and how he was rescued by a good home teacher after he was married and had a son.  They are a great family - 5 children now and his wife was just released from YW presidency a couple of weeks ago.  The stake president was the final speaker and always gives such good talks.  He is very gentle and loving in his manner, but always has a powerful message.  He is one who really does persuade us to do right, rather than using guilt or some other negative tactic.  The rest of the meeting was a combined RS/Priesthood and several speakers from the stake presented that, ending with the Bishop.  It was all good.

When I got home, the kids were here, as usual.  Brooks was taking his nap and Ashby was playing with a little Thomas the Train that I had ordered and ti had come this week.  It is the story about Thomas and his tall friend (the giraffe.)  It turns out they have been watching that video story a lot in the last couple of weeks, so she was so excited. 

We just had spaghetti for dinner, so we all pitched in and threw the rest of it together and then had dinner.  We sat around a long time, just chatting and enjoying ourselves.  Bill didn't make it home until after we had finished.  By then, we had moved outside so Ashby and Brooks could play.  Other than mosquitoes, it was a beautiful evening to be sitting out.  Thank goodness for Skin So Soft.

Chad, our neighbor, came out to start some charcoal and his two boys came with him.  They ended up coming over to play with Lisa and Brooks.  It was the first time they had played together and they had so much fun.  Ethan is 3 and Eric is 8.  Ethan has not had much playtime with other children and he was totally enamored with Ashby.  They had so much fun!  We laughed about how Ashby is all girl and she would run on her tiptoes and squeal.  Ethan is all boy and he would chase her with the little toy lawn mower.  Great evening!

So - another grand Sunday!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 14th - Gotta babysit!!!

After a normal Saturday - straightening house, some laundry, running errands, etc. - we had to go babysit the grandchildren.  Notice I said "had to"?  Yeah, sure, we were forced to do it!

David and Lisa needed a date night, so we were happy to oblige by helping with the babysitting chores.  We went over to their place around 5.  Bill and Ashby ran out and picked up a pizza and some cheesy bread.  Brooks went to bed by 7.  Ashby played.  We were surprised when Brooks woke up an hour or so later - very unusual for him.  He fell back asleep for just a short time and then was awake again.  He has a runny nose and I think he was just having trouble breathing.  Anyway, I let him just get up and play some more, so he and Ashby played for quite a while in her room.  By 9:30, we were well past bedtime, so they both went to bed and fell asleep right away.  They are very easy to babysit!

Lisa and David had gone to see the arena football game at the Gwinnett Center and had a fun time.  I think it was the first time either one had gone to arena football.  Mostly, it was just good for them to have a night out without the children, so they could relax.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 13th - Friday the 13th!

Some days seem so ordinary that I can't really think of anything original to write about.  Rereading my blogs tells me that happens a lot and then I just write the same stuff.  Well, today is another one of those days!

It was Friday the 13th, but I don't really have any bad luck to report.  That's good!  It was a stay-at-home day, but there are still plenty of things that could go wrong.  My washer or dryer could break down - but they didn't and I got some laundry done.  My computer could break down - but it didn't, although it sometimes went way too slow, so I was able to do some RS things, family history, indexing, and tons of other things.  My microwave could break down - but it didn't, so I was able to have some popcorn.  My TV and Blue Ray could break down - but they didn't, so I was able to watch a couple of episodes of The Grand while I went through the 72 hour kits.  My telephone could break down - but it didn't, and I had a nice long conversation with a friend with MS who has had some serious health problems lately;  I also had a nice conversation with my son, who was on his way back to Cedar Rapids after his first full week at his new job in Des Moines.

So, all sorts of boring stuff, but all good for me!  Like I always say, my life isn't much in the retelling, but it is very good in the living!


Friday, April 13, 2012

April 12th - Meetings & Grandkids!

I had a presidency meeting this morning and that always takes most of the morning - between preparing for it, being at it, and then doing the follow-up.

After lunch, Lisa called and we all met up at the mall play area for a little while.  After riding in some of the little cars, the children played in the playground.  They both had such a good time.  Brooks just takes off at full speed and climbs in, under, around and through anything he can find.  He is not bashful and just walks right up to other children to check them out.  He is laughing the whole time.

Ashby is much more shy.  She stands quietly near other children to see if anyone will reach out to her.  If not, she goes someplace else.  She avoids the ones who are wild or aggressive.  There is one little place in the playground that is sort of like a stage.  It is a raised platform, maybe 3 inches high, surrounded on three sides by a wall.  She got onto the "stage" and started dancing and put on quite a show.  She really has the moves down, including the very dramatic endings.  She is just like Lisa was - shy until she gets on stage!

The rest of the day I was busy with normal things - some laundry, straightening up, dishwasher, family history, indexing, blogging, and numerous other little tasks.  I ended the day by finishing the book for book group next week - An Invisible Thread.  I wasn't so sure about it at the beginning, but the middle part was quite good.  I actually enjoyed the parts when she talked about her own dysfunctional family, especially her mother's death, the most.  I thought it fizzled a little at the end, too.  It will be a good discussion book, though, as there are many threads to follow in a group.  It was worth reading.

It was a good day all around!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 11th - Day of Rest

I still had such a clean house from yesterday that I didn't have to do much today.  It sure is nice to do the walk through and not find anything that needs straightening!  Even the kitchen was clean.

I therefore decided that was a sign that I was to be lazy all day!  I ended up spending much of the day at the computer.  Besides my usual list of activities, blogs, etc., I worked on family history for a while.  I think I have pretty much completed the portion on my grandmother.  There is a little page editing that will have to be done when I am ready to print it, but there isn't much point doing in now, since every time you update the information, it erases your edits.  I need to get new color ink cartridges and then I will print out that section. 

Even with that, I just couldn't get into the project that much, so I ended up doing a ton of indexing on the 1940 census.  They have already completed a couple of states and have posted them, I think.  Several more are getting close.  The goal was to have it all done in six months, and at this rate they just might make it.

This really was a great day of rest for me - no stress, no pressure, no running around, just doing things I enjoy.  It is amazing that I still kept busy the entire day.  I wish I had more days like this!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 10th - Another VT Social

We had the last visiting teaching social at the house this evening.  We only had one sister come, just like last time, so I guess that means that we have reached every sister who is interested.  Even so, we had a great evening chatting with her and she really enjoyed it, too.  As usual, 8:30 came and she decided to hang around a little longer.  We will have one more during the daytime for those who have children and have found it difficult to come in the evenings.  Several have mentioned that they will be attending that one.  After that, we will have to take the rest of the visiting teachers who have not been interviewed and connect with them individually.

I actually cleaned my house today - not just straightening - dusting, vacuuming, wiping down the bathroom and kitchen, etc.  Keeping the house neat and uncluttered means I can get by without doing the hard stuff so much, but occasionally, I still need to do a little more.  It just seemed like a good excuse to do it today. 

I also ran out for a list of errands - Target for some things I needed, including checking out the new food section for refreshments; book store to buy the book for book group next week, since I am still on the waiting list at the library; library to pick up two book requests that had come in; Kroger to get gas, most expensive thing I bought all day; Kroger Store to make a bank deposit, pick up a pharmacy refill, and to pick up something from the bakery to complete the refreshments, plus a few other items.  I had another stop on the list, but I figured I had done enough and would save that stop for another day!

I posted another entry on the Conference Talks blog and did some other odds and ends at the computer.  I only spent 10 minutes or so on family history, but I did get another 1940 census record indexed. 

It was another busy day, but the social was a great way to finish off the day. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday - On the Go, but What Did I Get Done?

This seemed like such a busy day - I was on the go the whole time.  Now when I am ready to record what I did, there isn't much that I can think to write!  I am not sure if that means I was just busy wasting time or if I am just getting senile and forgetting what I was doing!

I do know that I did four loads of laundry and straightened the house after the Sunday visitors.  I know I ran out to Target to pick up some smaller plastic storage containers for some genealogy papers.  I know I spent a lot of time on family history - mostly checking against New.FamilySearch.  (Now that I have gotten that all up to date, I am trying to take a day or so a week to keep it current.)  I know that I indexed a couple of batches of the 1940 census.  I know I spent some time on Relief Society, particularly doing some things on preparedness for my weekly email.  Let's see, I also watched an episode of Law & Order - now on season 2 - while I ate dinner.  I know I read my scriptures.  I know I read several chapters in my book.

I also talked to Billy twice on the phone today.  The first time was early this morning.  He had just left Cedar Rapids and was on his way to Des Moines to start his new job.  He was a little sad leaving CR, knowing that he might not be living there again.  He was also nervous about the first day on a new job - not scared about the job itself, but just having to go through that first day stuff.  We talked quite a while, since it is a two hour drive.  Of course, we didn't talk anywhere near that long!  He called again when he got settled in after work.  He is staying at an extended stay hotel for the first couple of weeks or until he can get an apartment.  The first day went well.  He spent most of the morning with HR getting all the paper work, etc., done.  Then his new boss took him and the rest of the team out for lunch.  Most of the afternoon was spent getting his computer set up and all the things like email, etc., up and running.  He likes the boss - liked him when interviewing, too.  The person who will train him has until the end of May when she will then move to a new team.  After work, he had gotten checked into the hotel and said it was very nice - simple, but clean and new.  He has a refrigerator, two burner stove top and a microwave so he will be able to eat in when he wants.  He forgot to bring any pans, so will pick up the minimum from Walmart to get him through.  He was really tired, so planned to rest a little and then go out and pick up a few groceries, get something to eat, etc.  I am glad his first day went well.

OK, so maybe I didn't just run around wasting time!  At least I accomplished quite a few things that I needed or wanted to do. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

April 8th - Happy Easter!

We had a nice Easter Sunday.  The program at church was based on the talk that Bruce R McConkey gave just a couple of weeks before he died - the one where he said that when he sees the prints in the Savior's hands, he will not know with anymore assurity than he does now that Jesus is the Christ.  They read his talk and then had music throughout - some congregational hymns and some choir numbers.  The choir used a cello to help accompany one number and a flue to accompany a double quartet.  All in all, it was all nicely done and very spiritual.  A good Easter program!

Lisa and family were already at the house when I got home.  We got dinner on the table and Bill actually got home just as we were ready to start eating!  Food was good and we had a great time.  After dinner, Ashby put her swim suit on and went out to play in the little pool.  She got some wimm goggles in her Easter basket and wanted to try them out.  She was quite funny, bending over trying to get just her eyes in the pool, since the water was cold.  Brooks didn't put on his suit, but he should have.  He was just as wet as she was, even if he never got into the pool.  He loved carrying bowls full of water from one place to another and then dumping them out - sometimes right down the front of his shirt!

They then took a nice warm bath to get warmed up and cleaned up!  They are so funny in the tub together.  Ashby gets to acting silly and Brooks starts laughing.  He has the best belly laugh ever - imagine a minature Santa Claus with the belly just shaking!  I think Lisa and I were laughing just as hard - at him!

So, it was a very nice Easter with the focus just where it should be - on the Savior and on family!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 7th - Saturday is the day we.......

Get ready for Easter Sunday?  That is certainly part of how I spent my day.  Got the details finalized on dinner - got the potato salad made - got the Easter baskets for the grandkids put together.......

Dinner menu is easy - ham, potato salad, sweet potatoes, fresh salad, broccoli, corn muffins, apple pie.

Easter baskets were easy, too.  I only got them each a small basket with a toy and one plastic egg with candy.  It is up to Mommy and Daddy to do the big Easter basket - partly because it is easier that way and partly because Grandma doesn't want to try to outdo the parents.

Other than that, I did a few things around the house - actually as few things as I could get by with!  Bill finished up the taxes in the morning while I was doing other things.  I can't believe that they are done, checks written, and actually mailed off over a week early!  I don't think that has ever happened before!

When I did get to the computer, I did my usual things, including some Relief Society things and a little family history - still working on the book.  I did find my grandparents in the 1940 census.  They are the only ones I have even looked for, but I wanted to try to get that added to my book.  I found my other grandparents, too, since their farms were only located a mile apart.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 6th - Seemed Like a Whirlwind Day

At the end of the day, I realized that I had been so on the go all day that I hadn't even touched my family history.  Are you as stunned as I was?  I did manage to sneak a few minutes in after that - couldn't let the whole day go by!

I was busy around the house in the morning, had some RS things to do, including my weekly email, as well as some other stuff.  I also had to take some time to get some shopping lists together.

Then I stopped at Subway and bought a couple of sandwiches so I could take lunch to a friend who is having a difficult pregnancy.  I stayed and visited a short while.  Then I had the shopping to take do - and that took a good bit of the rest of the afternoon. 

When I got home, Bill was also home and had not had any lunch and it was almost dinner time!  So, after unloading all the groceries and other stuff, we went up to Del Rio for an early dinner, although it wasn't actually all that early. 

When we got back home, it was the first time all day that I really relaxed.  I did a few more computer things, spent a little time on family history - just checking updates from New Family Search.  And then I was ready for bed and my reading time!  Some days go by so quickly that I feel like I get nothing done - although it turns out I really did a lot!

Friday, April 6, 2012

April 5th - Stay at home and immersed in Family History

When Bill left this morning, he asked what I was going to do all day.  I said I didn't know.  That was kind of a lie, since I am always busy with all my usual things.  As it turned out, I spent a lot of time working on family history.  I am still trying to get this new book figured out and I think I am finally getting a handle on it.  I am figuring out more about how to use the Ancestry publishing and I am figuring out how I want it organized. 

I find it a very slow program and not particularly user friendly as far as trying to customize it.  It downloaded everything into book form very easily, but it doesn't arrange it the way I want it, nor does it automatically include all the extra photos and stories that I have saved to each person's page.  I am doing all that manually.  I am also not happy with their timeline for each person.  I will have to work on that some more to see if I can make it more like I want it.  I am almost pleased with the family group sheets.  They are attractive, but there are a few things that are not included that I want on there, like multiple spouses.  I suppose it would help if I wasn't so picky! 

I already know that I will print it out myself, rather than purchasing it.  It is currently priced at $166.00 and while it is nice to have a bound book with a cover, it is not really a practical thing in genealogy.  There are constantly new updates and new information that I would like to be able to add.  A loose leaf binder is just more practical.  And, I figure for that kind of money, I can buy a few extra ink cartridges and then take the book to have extra copies made. 

The book I did on the Smith-Cleary line is in a loose leaf binder, and every couple of years, I can go through and see what pages need to be updated.  It is important to me that everything be current and correct.

Bottom line, it is obvious that I was immersed in family history today!  Sorry to have bored you with all my ramblings!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 4th - Babysitting

Lisa had a doctor's appointment this morning, so she dropped the kids off around 10:00 for me to watch them.  Brooks was ready for his nap, so he slept the next two hours.  Ashby played - first with the matchbox cars.  She loves to line them up and then drives one at a time to a new place and then gets them all lined up again.  I don't know what is going on in her mind, but she is talking to herself the whole time.  Oh, for such an imagination!  I could probably actually be a writer if I could create stories like she does. 

Then she played with the cabbage patch style dolls.  She had the largest one, whom she named Ashby, and said she was the big big sister.  (That is the one my Aunt Patty made for Lisa when she was a little girl.)  Then she had Phoebe Ann, a smaller doll that she said was the little big sister.  (This is also a home-made one - made by a friend when Lisa was about 8 years old.)  Finally, she had a little stuffed bear, whom she named Brooks, and he was the baby.  She was carrying him around in the little basket that I use to keep all the remote controls in.  It has a handle across the top and she loves carrying it around. 

Brooks woke up at noon, so we had everyone's favorite lunch, mac and cheese.  Brooks ate all of his bowl full and then ate some of what Ashby had left behind.  Between them, they also ate a banana.  They both wanted to go outside then, so we changed into swim suits and got the little pool out and the sprinkler.  They were still playing out there when Lisa got back.  Ashby went into the house and got the little plastic stool and was sitting by the pool with her feet in the water.  She said she was sun sitting (sun bathing?).  Actually, I think she was playing that she was Ariel, since she was singing the song.  She also was flipping her feet together like they were just one fin.  And then, she acted out her fin turning into regular feet.  It was so cute!

Those two are so entertaining.  Just made my day! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 3rd - No car, stuck at home

We took the car into the shop on Monday (dropped it off on the way to the courthouse for my jury duty), because every once in a while, nothing happens when you turn the key.  They checked what they could, but until they could get it to mess up, they really didn't know what the problem was.  After two days, and hundreds of tries, the car started perfectly every time.  Never fails - I told them they would never get it to act up, especially since it happens so seldom.

Anyway, all that meant that I didn't have a car, so I had a truly stay-at-home day - at least until Bill got home and we went to pick up the car.  I managed to get a little work done around the house and then spent most of the rest of the day at the computer.  I am still plugging away at the family history book.  It is the first time I have tried using publishing on Ancestry, and I am not really that pleased with it.  I think I can make it work, but I also think I am going to have to do some of it differently.  We will see!

I was going to watch the Sunday afternoon session of conference while I had some lunch, only to discover that the Sunday sessions did not record.  I am not sure what happened - probably the kids messing with the TV buttons while they were here on Sunday.  So, I watched the next Law & Order Season 1 episode on Netflix, only to discover that it was a two-parter, so naturally I watched the second episode, too.  Bill walked in while I was in the middle of the second part and almost fainted when he saw me sitting in the big chair watching TV!  I literally never sit and watch TV, so he thought I was sick or something.  Just lazy!!

I don't mind being stuck at home - it is my favorite way to spend the day!  I don't have to feel guilty about not going out to do errands since I don't have a way to get there. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 2nd - Jury duty

I have jury duty this week.  The policy in Gwinnett County now is one day/one trial.  That means that once you serve a day or on one trial during your week, you are released for the rest of the week.  Of course, you don't know until the night before which day you will have to report, so you have to keep the week pretty open, just in case. 

I was fortunate to be called for Monday.  I had to be there at 8 am and was finally released about 3 pm.  It turned out that I did nothing but sit and read for the whole day.  They initially divided the group into three panels.  The first was the largest, with close to 40 people.  The second was about 25 people.  The third panel had only 14, which is the one I was assigned to.  I think that was state court, since many of those juries are only 6 people.

Anyway, the first panel was called for voir dire, came back and then were taken in smaller groups for interviews.  Finally they were all taken back to select the jurors for the trial.  That all took pretty much the whole day, so those chosen for the jury may have had to come back Tuesday to finish the trial.  Who knows?  Once the jury was chosen, the rest of the panel was released.  That was about 3 pm.

The second panel was called for their voir dire, came back, and were all released, except those chosen for jury.  That group was the first released and that was still before lunch.

My group just sat and waited.  Finally, the bailiff came in with a big stack of papers and announced that all the cases had settled and we would not be needed for court.  However, because the other two panels had not yet finished, we were not released, in case more people were needed to complete their juries.  When panel 1 was finally released, we were also released. 

So on Monday, panel 2 was the lucky one, unless you got chosen for the jury!  Of course, when Lisa had jury duty, she was chosen for the jury and she thought it was a lot of fun.  She still complains that half way through the trial, they settled, meaning she didn't get to be involved in a final verdict.  She didn't even mind having to go back the second day.

In my case, I took the Kindle, started a new book, and had read 80% of it by the time I was released.  I do love the Kindle!  

Monday, April 2, 2012

April 1st - April Fools Day

I had several friends post on FB that they were pregnant, or had a new relationship, etc.  I am sure everyone did.  Of course, they were all April Fools jokes, which is what I suspected when I saw them.  A little honesty here - I hate April Fools jokes.  I hate practical jokes of any kind.  I know they are supposed to be fun and funny, but they just seem cruel and dishonest and I can't get past that.  Of course, I am also the one who can't stand to tell my children that Santa Claus is real!  I didn't tell them he wasn't real, but I just couldn't out and out lie.  I think it must be my problem - LOL!

Today was the second day of General Conference.  We listened to the morning session, but will have to listen to the afternoon session later.  It is recorded, so I have that to look forward to yet.

The kids came over after the first session and we had a good chicken and rice dinner.  We also put water in the little pool and Ashby and Brooks had a ball playing in it.  We didn't turn the sprinkler on this time, but we did leave the hose hanging over the edge of the table with just a little stream of water coming out.  They loved it! 

It always seems a little strange not to have regular church meetings, but it was a great day and we enjoyed every minute of it!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 31st - General Conference and Grandkids! Makes a Nice Day!

Saturday started off like any other - some laundry, straightening, cleaning toilets, you know - the usual.  I also had a little time to work on the family history and all the rest of the stuff I like to do on the computer.  Unfortunately, the car is acting up and I am not using it until Bill can get it into the shop on Monday.  I had a $10 Kohls' bonus bucks that would expire on Saturday, so I told Lisa if she would come by, she could have it.

After ballet, she and the kids came over.  They played a little and then we all went to Kohls.  I got a plastic pool for the kids (they didn't have any a few weeks ago when I bought the sprinkler thingy), some little pool toys and an outfit for Brooks.  Turned out Lisa didn't use the $10 coupon, so I did and it ended up only being $15.00.  I always like saving money!

We came back to the house, Brooks took a nap, and Ashby played outside in the pool, with the sprinkler going part of the time, too.  She had a ball.  It was another gorgeous day and sitting in the backyard was very enjoyable.  On the other hand, Bill had stopped at Home Depot on his way home from an estimate and had bought a ton of petunias.  He spent the afternoon planting them.  I checked on him a couple of times, but didn't help.  Well, what do you expect?  I was busy with grandchildren!!! 

In between everything else was the first day of conference.  We watched the first session from 12 - 2 before Lisa and kids came over.  We missed the afternoon session with all that was going on, but I watched it in the evening while Bill was at Priesthood meeting.  I have the DVR set to automatically record all conference sessions.  Isn't technology grand?  Sure is better than the old days when we had to get up to watch one session from Saturday at 6:00 on Sunday morning!

All in all, a nice and busy day.