Friday, May 31, 2013

May 30th - What can I say?

Another repeat - this is getting to be a bit too comfortable!  Watch the sunrise, read, check computer stuff, go down to breakfast, sit on the patio, read some more, take a quick snooze, lunch, pool, relax in the lounge chair, read, back to room, finally get dressed, read some more on the patio, etc.

When Bill got home from work, we went out to the Olive Garden for a great dinner, then just drove down through Daytona Beach a ways.  We also talked to Lisa on the phone and got caught up on what is happening in Atlanta.

Back at the hotel, we sat on the patio a while, just enjoying the beauty.  Then off to bed rather early - when the day starts at 5:30, bedtime must come early!

This could really be habit forming!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 29th - Another Day in Paradise!

I kind of switched things up a bit today - I didn't go down to the pool until AFTER lunch.  Other than that, it was pretty much the same routine.  The weather has been incredibly beautiful - not too hot, nice breeze, lots of sun.  I am enjoying every minute of it!

I finished another book today.  I also spent a little time doing some family history, now that I have the software updated.  New records are being added all the time, so it s amazing when I recheck and discover new documents.  What a great time to be a genealogist!

We went out for fried shrimp for dinner at a family place we found last week.  Then, after an errand on the way back to the hotel, we just sat out on the patio for a long time.  Not only was it relaxing, but we really enjoyed watching a para-surfer who was going back and forth right in front of us.  He was really good - doing all sorts of jumps, twists, and turns.

So, it has been another day in paradise!  And Bill's job is coming along nicely - he can finally see an end, although it will not be before Saturday, and may have to go into next week a day or two.  We shall see!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 28th - Back to the beach routine!

We are back at the hotel and beginning another week of the same routine.  Bill was off to work around 6:00 and I sat on the patio and watched the sunrise.  It wasn't that great, to tell the truth, since there was a layer of clouds on the horizon.  The colors were gorgeous, but I couldn't see the sun as it popped over the horizon.

The rest of the day went pretty much the same.  I have a kitchenette in this room, so I could fix a little better lunch.  I still went down for the hotel breakfast.  I read a lot, did some emails and phone calls, and worked on family history some.  Well, actually, I just got the downloaded version of Roots Magic, so I can open the files.  The versions have to match.  I buy the updates, so I can have full access to all the options, but I just download the free version on this little notebook since I don't use it much.  I hadn't done it yet, so now I have the updated files on here.  

I also went down to the pool and swam for a bit and relaxed on the chaise lounge and read for quite a while.  I also managed to get a short nap in.

When Bill got back, showered and rested a bit, we went to Outback for steaks for dinner.  Then we sat on the patio for a long time, just talking and loving the view.

A good start to the rest of the week!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 27th - Memorial Day!

We had one more relaxed day with Martha - just sitting on the screen porch or in the front of the house.  The weather has been perfect and we have enjoyed it.  Martha cooked a small pork loin for our dinner.  I did up our laundry.  Otherwise, we did nothing!

About 4 or so, we headed back to Ormond Beach.  After getting checked back in to the hotel, we found a Walmart and did a little shopping.  Our unit this time has a kitchenette, with a frig, microwave, stovetop, etc., so we are stocking up a little for lunches and snacks.  Bill also left his hanging bag at Martha's.  There wasn't much in it, but it did have his work shirts.  We picked up some cheap tee shirts for him to wear this week.

Back at the hotel, we sat out on our patio and watched the ocean.  We are directly on the ocean this time, so we have an even better view than before.  It should be a good week!

Monday, May 27, 2013

May 26th - A Different Kind of Sunday

We hadn't brought any good clothes, but Martha assured us that jeans and tee-shirts were good for her church, so we went with her.  She really wanted us to go, as she talks about the Good News
Church and Pastor Smiley a lot.

We knew it would be very different than what we are used to (music provided by a rock band), but we enjoyed it anyway.  To be honest, I did not like the rock band.  All the songs they did sounded the same to me - same beat, almost the same melody, etc.  I don't think the loud guitars, etc., invite the spirit, but I have heard Christian rock that was not bad.

The pastor gave a pretty good sermon though about Saul/Paul.  He had a little different way of looking at parts of the story, but it was interesting.  They also had a baby to baptize, a child to baptize, and a few older children who were declaring their faith of Jesus (making a commitment to follow.)

When we got home, Martha fixed some spinach omelets that were wonderful, with sausages, etc.  Very good lunch.  We spent the rest of the afternoon either just talking or napping.  I was reading whenever it was quiet.  We really enjoyed the quiet afternoon and evening.

May 25th - A Change of Scene!

Bill worked this morning while I got everything packed up and ready to go here at the hotel.  I also had plenty of time to read a while.  We had to check out by noon, so he got back in time to shower and then we checked out.  We are set for another room here next week.

We drove up A1A along the coast to St Augustine.  We stopped at a great place for lunch in Flagler Beach.  We ate outside on a shaded deck with a lovely view.  We both had fried shrimp - so good!

We made it to Martha's in the mid-afternoon (it is only an hour's drive) and just relaxed from then on.  She had made a beef stew, beans, and slaw and when we all finally got hungry that was our dinner.

The rest of the time we just visited, mostly while sitting out on the back screened porch.  It was beautiful!  I have been relaxing all week, but a quiet weekend will really be good for Bill.  It is starting out very nice!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 24th - Another Repeat!

There just isn't much to write when each day is just like the last.  At home, that is rather boring.  Here, it is rather fun!  I did my usual routine - reading, going down for breakfast, reading, getting ready to go to the pool, go to the pool, sit in the lounge chair and read, come back to the room, read, have some lunch, read, take a nap, shower, read....  You get the idea.  It has been another really beautiful day and I have enjoyed my rut.

Bill's day went better, too.  He talked with the bishop and he will not be leaving them short of chaperones for the High Adventure trip next week.  That took off a lot of pressure.  He is still disappointed to not go, but at least he is not adding to their stress.

We went out to a place called Steve's Diner for dinner and it was really good - old fashioned cooking.  Then we came back to the room, sat on the patio a while and enjoyed the evening and the view. 

The week has been a bit of a roller coaster - up and down - but it seems to be working out fine.  We will just have another week of it!

Friday, May 24, 2013

May 23rd - Most Beautiful Day Yet!

There were no rain showers today at all - bright sun, beautiful day!  Of course, my day was pretty much the same, except that I had to do laundry.  Yes, I actually had to do some work!  Since we are having to extend our stay, we were going to run out of clean clothes.  Obviously, that chore fell to me since I am the only one not already working full time!

Other than that, I did the usual - reading, relaxing, swimming, sunning, napping, etc.  It was really a gorgeous day.

Bill's day, on the other hand, was not so wonderful.  The job is just taking so much longer than he had expected and is much harder than it should be.  It is not his fault, but he was really discouraged this evening.  He was ready to pack up and head home, but he can't leave them hanging (it is a huge 10 million dollar deal that they are under the gun to get shipped), so he will probably just have to stay all next week, too.  The problem with that is that he had planned to go on the High Adventure trip then and if he stays here, he will have to back out of that.  He will make the final decision today, I think.

We went out to a nice place for barbecue for dinner.  Then headed back to the room, where we relaxed and enjoyed a quiet evening.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 22nd - Just Another Day in Paradise!

Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday.  After all, Bill is working all day and I don't have a car.  That limits my possibilities - the pool, the beach, the patio, the room.  There were a couple of rain showers today, so I had to do my pool/sun time in between.  It all worked out just fine.  I finished one book and started another.  I was on the computer a little bit.  I even managed about a 30 minute nap.  What a tough day!

Bill finally got this problem with the job figured out and it looks like everything will work from now on.  Unfortunately, he is not going to be able to finish when he had hoped.  He will probably still be finishing up on Saturday.  We were able to extend our hotel room for two more nights.

For dinner, we went down to a local place called Charlie Horse and had seafood.  It was very good and we really like the place - a good family, relaxed feel.  We ended with a piece of key lime pie and it was one of the best I have ever had. 

Well, another relaxed day is finished.  I really do have an incredible talent for relaxing!!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 21st - What a Beautiful Day!

Our first full day in Ormond Beach was beautiful.  We got up, Bill got ready to go to work and I just threw some clothes on, and we went down for breakfast together.  Then he had to take off and work all day while I just relaxed.

I checked the computer stuff, read a little, finally got my swimsuit on and went down to the pool.  It was a sunny day, with a pretty good breeze.  After getting set up near a table with an umbrella so I could control the sun, I went to test out the pool.  It was a little cool, but not bad, and I enjoyed myself for a little while.  On the way, I talked to a nice couple who come here twice a year for about 5 days each time. 

I spent the next hour or so in my lounge chair, reading and just looking out at the ocean.  Absolutely gorgeous!  Then a cloud mass came over and the breeze got a little chilly.  I finally came back in for a little while.  I just sat on the patio and read and looked at the ocean!

Later when the sun was back out, I went out again and spent another hour or two in my lounge chair.  It was so relaxing.  When I finally came in again, I had some lunch (left over ribs from yesterday and some chips and fruit.)  By then, I was getting tired, so I laid in bed and read until I actually fell asleep.  It was one of those naps where I just couldn't wake up! 

I did finally wake up, though, got showered and dressed and Bill was back by then.  We went out to a nice Mexican place for dinner, drove around some (he needed to pick something up at Lowe's) and then came back up to the hotel.  He had to call in for part of bishopric meeting this evening, but I just laid on the bed, reading some more. 

What a beautiful day.  The forecast had been late day showers and thunderstorms, but we sure didn't get any today! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 20th - Travel Day

We got up this morning and finished packing and getting the van loaded.  We finally left the house about 9:30 to head Ormond Beach, Florida.  The trip was.......  just a trip!  We had a CD book, so that helps the time go faster.  We stopped for gas and lunch and then stopped again at the outlet mall in St. Augustine.  Bill had forgotten his work shoes, so we had to stop and get him something.

Other than that, we just drove until we got here.  That must have been around 6:30.  On the way out to the beach, we drove by the place he has to go to do the job, so he would be able to find it easier in the morning.  Then we got checked into our hotel.  We chose to go cheap - at least as cheap as you can be right on the beach - so it is an older Best Western.  Nothing special, but it is clean. 

There is a pool on the ocean side of the building and direct access to the beach. Our room is on the north side of the building, but we do have a balcony and can see the ocean from there.  Not exactly a direct view, but beautiful, nonetheless.

Once we were all settled, we headed out to get a little dinner.  We had had a late lunch and an ice cream even later, so neither of us was very hungry, but we would have been by bed time, so we just went to a TGI Friday's that was nearby.  It was good, and I brought some of my ribs back in a box so I can have it for lunch tomorrow.

It is nice to be in Florida.  Ormond Beach is a very nice little place without all the busyness of Daytona.  Of course, there is one hotel after another right on the beach - many of them highrises. I much prefer St. Augustine Beach where there is a big dune line so buildings are set back a little more and there is a 3 story height limit.  Even so, I will enjoy my couple of days of just lazing around!

Glad we are here!

Monday, May 20, 2013

May 19th - Stake Conference & Big Changes

We had stake conference this weekend, so we had to get up and going to our meeting this morning.  It had been announced that there would be a change in the stake presidency, so we were excited about that.  The meeting was good, with all the talks from the outgoing or incoming presidency, plus a couple of their wives.  The new presidency will be a good one.  We know them all, at least a little, and that makes it even better.  The president was the 2nd counselor in the outgoing presidency.  The 1st counselor is a black man who was president of one of our Spanish branches.  He is really terrific.  The 2nd counselor has been the bishop in one of the wards, but was on the high council before that.  He would often ask me to be his companion speaker on high council Sundays.  Very good choices all!

When we got home, I had to get some dinner cooked.  We had barbecued chicken in the oven, boiled new potatoes, fresh lima beans, peas, applesauce, and biscuits.  It was all very good.  (I just wondered why I always seem to list our Sunday dinner menu and I am thinking it is because I never cook anymore and I want to remind myself that I can do it!)

The rest of our Sunday afternoon was the usual fun with the kids - playing, laughing, napping, etc.  It is what makes Sunday our best day!

Bill had to go to seminary graduation this evening.  He came home excited about the key note speaker.  He is the Atlanta Stake president and a black man.  He was a dynamic speaker and everyone was very impressed.  He had mentioned a mission to Brazil, so Bill took the chance to go and speak with him afterwards.  President Sullivan recognized him immediately.  Bill hadn't realized that he had known him back when he was first baptized in the singles ward, although as they talked, the memories came back.  Bill was on the high council in Roswell Stake and was assigned to the singles ward.  Lisa was in that ward at the same time.  We do not always get to see the results of those baptisms.  He was very excited about it.

I managed to start packing for our trip tonight.  Bill says we need to get going early in the morning - we will see how early! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 18th - No Family History Today!

I decided I needed to actually do something besides family history today.  It wasn't easy, but I managed.

Of course, being Saturday, there were plenty of things that needed to be done instead.  Like 5 loads of laundry, including changing sheets.  Etc.

When that was all done, I ran some errands.  I got my haircut again.  The problem with short hair is it has to be cut so often.  I may rethink it again at the end of the summer.  I also ran by the library to return a book.  Then I made a run to Kohl's and picked up a few things on sale. Back a home, I had some computer things to work on.

It is stake conference weekend, so Bill had afternoon meetings.  I picked up a friend and we drove down together for the evening meeting.  Elder Ellis and Elder Thompson from the Seventy are here to reorganize the stake presidency and it was a good meeting.

So, I managed to keep very busy all day and didn't touch the family history at all. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 17th - Stuck in a Rut?!!

So, what can one say when one has spent almost the whole day on the computer doing family history??  Well, not much!!

But, that is what I did again.  I worked for a long time on that Cantrell mess - didn't get it cleaned up, but made some progress.  It will never be done right, though, as hundreds of people have been working on it for years and no one really knows what is correct.  I am just trying to make my best judgment.  The quick answer is that if he hadn't had three different wives (at least they were not at the same time!), 22 or more children, and hadn't lived on the frontier where there were very few records kept, then maybe we could figure out who belonged to whom and when they were all born. 

When I got totally frustrated, I just quit (like I have done before) and worked on some other things.  I did get my problem lists all checked, so things are looking a little better there. 

Other than that, I did a few odds and ends around the house, got my RS email finished and sent out, worked on the next RS lesson I have to teach, and a few other things.

Sure sounds boring! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

May 16th - A Little Babysitting Today

I was without a car today, since Bill's van is in the shop, so I was definitely a "stay at home" wife today!  I have gotten  myself so into this family history addiction that I spent most of my time working on that.  I did do a few of the "have to" things around the house and two loads of laundry, but that was about it.

At least until around 1:00 when Lisa dropped the kids off.  She had an appointment and I got to have the kids.  Of course, it was a lot of fun!  Before she left, Lisa put Brooks down for a nap, but if he slept, it was very little.  By 2:30, he was obviously wide awake.  When he got up, they decided it was time to go outside to play.  We were out there digging in the dirt and playing in the playhouse when Lisa got back.  It was a lot of fun, except for the mosquito bites that Ashby got.  We got the Skin So Soft out and took care of that problem very quickly! 

They stayed until about 4:30.  Bill got home early enough to get to see everyone, but not enough to get to play.  They had to go pick up David from work, so they had to take off.  It was a bright, noisy break in the middle of my otherwise very quiet day!

Bill had home teaching this evening, and I was back at the family history.  I was working the problem list on Bill's line and ran across a problem area that is taking some time to fix.  Actually, my personal file is fine, but the one on Ancestry is totally messed up.  I will probably work on getting that straightened out tomorrow.

A good day - quiet, with a bright flash of brilliance in the middle!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

May 15th - Mid-month Already!

Some months really fly by - this seems to be one of them! 

We had presidency meeting this morning, so that pretty much took the first half of my day.  When I got home, I went straight back to the family history that I had been working on yesterday.  It is kind of like an addiction - once you start, you just can't stop!!!

During the afternoon, the sister missionaries stopped by to get some water and for one of them to practice something on the piano for their zone conference this Friday.  We had a nice visit.  It is nice having both Elders and Sisters serving in the ward again.

This evening once Bill got home, we had to run his van over to the garage to get a window repaired tomorrow.  He is going to use the car for a small local job, so I will be without wheels.  Oh, well.  I will probably just bury myself in family history again!

It has been a very productive day. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 14th - Buried in Family History Today

I got into family history today and that seemed to be the main thing I did.  It is amazing how one can get so immersed in something that a whole day passes almost unnoticed!  I did do a couple of things around the house and I ran out to the library, but that was about it!

This evening the new RS music director came by to learn how to direct music.  That's right, we called her even though she doesn't know anything about it.  She seems excited, though, and I think she will do well.  We will give her a couple of weeks to get comfortable.  She is going to come again later in the week for another lesson. 

And that was my day!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 13th - Girls Day Out!

For her Mother's Day present, David took a day off work, so he could be home and Lisa could go off and pamper herself without having the children hanging on her.  What she decided to do was have a Girls Day Out.  So Lisa, Ashby, and I had a fun day.

Once the Dish Network guy had finished repairing our dish, so Bill could get HD on every channel that was supposed to get it, I gave Lisa a call.  We met up at Mimi's for lunch.  Ashby was so excited and she was really good, being one of the "girls." 

From lunch, we went to get pedicures.  That is always a very relaxing way to spend some time.  Ashby only wanted her nails painted, but she sat patiently while Lisa and I had the full treatment.  They had a big screen on the wall showing a Yanni concert, which is always entertaining.  Then it switched to the animated film Rio.  I don't think Ashby had ever seen it, but she was absolutely captivated.  She had her toe nails painted bright pink and her fingernails painted purple.  She was so excited!

From there, we went over to the mall, because that is what Ashby chose.  She wanted to go to the Disney Store.  (She knows Grandma is a softy about buying stuff.)  We had fun walking around the store and looking at everything.  She finally decided on a Prince Charming doll - one of those large fabric dolls.  She already has three princesses, but now she has a prince to dance with them. 

We made one last stop to get a fancy cookie and something to drink before we headed for home.  Lisa had a wonderful time.  Ashby kept saying this was just for girls - no boys!  She was exhausted, but Lisa said later she was still excited and kept looking at her nails.  I had a great day, too.  A girls day out with my two best girls is the best!

I managed to slip in a short nap when I got home.  Then I spent the rest of the day working on some family history.  I have been running the problem reports and fixing some things.

What a great day!

Monday, May 13, 2013

May 12th - Happy Mother's Day!

Church this morning focused on mothers, of course.  I am getting better - I used to hate Mother's Day and even chose not to attend on a few occasions.  I am still not thrilled about the focus, but I didn't have a problem at least.  I only teared up once - and it had nothing to do with the talks.  I was just remembering Jason and had to just push through it. 

I had put dinner in the crock pots before I left for church, so there wasn't too much to finish when I got home.  I fixed a pork loin, seasoned with soy sauce, maple syrup, garlic salt.  It was so tender and really tasty.  Quite a bit different than the way I usually season it.  Along with it, we had fresh green beans and potatoes, both from the produce box I get every week.  I added some frozen dinner rolls and applesauce.  It was very good.

When the kids got here, Ashby couldn't wait for me to open my present.  It was a 31 bag that had a sketch of a little girl and a little boy and the names Ashby and Brooks under the pictures.  So cute!  Inside the bag, was a stamped nickel necklace.  There were two coins - the top when stamped with "Ashby & Brooks" and the bottom one a little larger and stamped with "Billy, Lisa & Jason."  On top was a charm that says Love.  It is very cute and I wore it the rest of the day and will probably be wearing it a lot!

After dinner, everyone took a nap.  I had a houseful of sleeping bodies!  That was good, though, because when they woke up the kids were happy and energetic.  We had a great time with them, ending with quite the ballet show.  Brooks is so funny trying to copy Ashby.  Of course, he is definitely not as graceful as she is.  Very funny. 

They finally left around 9:00 - much later than usual.  It was a very nice Mother's Day. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 11th - Busy Saturday!

Bill had to attend a baptism this morning, so I stayed home and got some of my Saturday work done - laundry going, sheets changed, dusting, etc.  I also had to send out the RS email which I forgot to send yesterday. 

When he got home, we got to talking about the visitors we had coming in June and how we had planned on some fixing up in the house this year.  We decided that it would be nice to get some of it done before we had company.  That meant we had to go out to do some shopping, so we could decide what we wanted to do.  I hate shopping - and I seem to hate it more the older I get.  But, I went anyway!  We were looking at flooring, primarily, and went to a place in Lawrenceville that had been recommended.  As it turned out, we found some potential carpet and engineered wood flooring that we liked and was reasonably priced.  We brought some samples home to decide.

We also went by Home Depot, but Bill had to really push to get me to go there.  I had looked at all the flooring I wanted to see.  We ran into some friends and chatted with them a bit and then looked at counter tops.  We have done this before and I was totally bored by it.  But, we did get some information.  The major remodel of the year is the kitchen.  We will have to see if there is any money left after the flooring gets done.

We also stopped while we were out and had a late lunch at Asian Fusion.  Very good, as usual.  We talked about going to a movie, but by the time we got home, we knew we wouldn't do it!  Bill talked to Corey on the phone (one of our guests coming in late June) and then ran out for a couple of hours on a favor for him.  I stayed home this time and worked on family history.

I got things prepared for dinner tomorrow before I finally gave in and climbed in bed with my book.  I finished it.  It was The Crown and was so-so.  Some elements were quite good, other things not so much. 

So, another week ends!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 10th - Visiting Teaching

I went visiting teaching this morning and had a great visit with one of my sisters.  That was the most productive part of my day!

I had planned to run some errands on my way home - which I decided not to do.  I will get them tomorrow.  I did do the usual at home things and spent quite a bit of time on the computer.  I got my RS email done and then forgot to send it.  I worked on family history a little, cleaned a little off my desk, etc.

This evening, some friends were getting together for a Girls Night Out and I had planned on going, but changed my mind.  Bill got home a little late and I decided to stay home with him.  We didn't do anything - just talked a little. 

It was a good day, but not much in the retelling! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

May 9th - RS Service Project

My day ended with the RS meeting where we put together some freezer meals to be used for compassionate service.  Great turnout and lots of fun - plus we ended up with 42 meals all ready for those who have need of dinners.

The rest of my day was more routine.  The water aerobics class is the last one for three weeks, when we start the summer session.  Other than the rest of my normal stuff, I did make a shopping trip to Kroger.  I had the coupons they send in the mail and I used most of them.  They are some of the best since they are coupons on items I normally buy and they are often $1 off.  Anyway, I bought a cart full of food and had to get that all put away when I got home.

The RS meeting was just a very nice ending to a busy day.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 8th - A Fun Day with Kiddos!

A beautiful day today - sunny and warm!  And what made it even better was that I met the kids for lunch at Chili's, then they all came over here.  Brooks was ready for a nap, so he went right down.  Lisa took off to run a few errands that she needed to get done.  Ashby and I invited Ethan to come over to play, so when he and his mother got back home from an errand they had to do, he came over and they played in the back yard.  They had a good time.

There is a big card cardboard box in the backyard, which is a perfect boat.  So, they spent their time mostly between the playhouse and the boat.  Love their imaginations!  Isn't it fun how a cardboard box can be one of the greatest toys ever!

Lisa had to give a voice lesson at 4:30, so I told her to just come back after that.  That way, Brooks got to play a while once he woke up.  He and Ashby got the nerf swords out and had quite a battle going on.  Then he wanted the art table, so he could color.  He ended up with the Barbie corvette - he kept saying it was a "big" car!

I got a few other things done - not everything I had planned, but things were straightened, 3 loads of laundry done, and most of the rest of the "have to's."  I spent a little time on family history during the evening.

Busy day - it is always busy keeping up with energetic little ones!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 7th - Finally, Some Sun!

The day started like they have for a long time now - cloudy, misty, ugly.  But by late morning, the sun had won!  Hurrah!  And the forecast seems to be at least partly sunny the rest of the week - until maybe Saturday.  I will take all I can get.

Lisa had a show to do for her 31 Bags this morning, so I went over to stay with Brooks.  Ashby had preschool, so Lisa dropped her off.  Brooks and I had a great time playing.  At lunch, he ate a little and then started to get rather fussy.  He rarely gets fussy, so I knew he was ready for an early nap.  By 11:45, I asked if he wanted to take a nap, and he said he did.  We got his pacifier (only allowed at bedtime now), picked up his "mighty machine" (bull dozer) as he walked by it, and climbed up to his room, stood by the crib, and never made another sound when I put him in.  He was still sleeping when Lisa got back a couple of hours later.  He wasn't supposed to sleep half the time I was there, but stuff happens sometimes!

When I got back home, I had the usual house stuff to do, plus I had not really eaten a lunch so I fixed me something.  I was in the middle of eating when the missionaries stopped by.  They often stop when they need a rest and a bathroom break.  They stayed and we visited a while, mostly talking about the Focus families that the RS is working with.  The missionaries are supposed to be involved with that, as well, and they were wanting to figure out ways they could help.

When they left, I finished lunch and then finally got a chance to work at the computer a little.  I spent most of that time on family history.

Bill had activity night at church and then a bishopric meeting after, so he was out all evening.  I had run by the library on my home earlier and had picked up two more books.  I have one left from my last trip, so I need to finish that one before I start in on the newest two.  I finished reading the Pearl of Great Price, too.  My next reading was going to be the Book of Mormon anyway, so I will start and try to finish by August 2nd, along with the youth of the ward.

This has been a good day - and I especially enjoyed the sunshine!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6th - Will this rain ever stop?

We need and expect a good bit of rain in Georgia - it is why everything is so green and lush.  But, come on, haven't we had enough without a sunny break in between?  I mean, we will be flooding soon and then, what, drought all summer?  Just venting........

I started my day with the deep water aerobics class.  It is the last one until fall.  I have only come the last two times, but it is fun.  At home, I had the usual Monday morning extra cleaning up to do.  I also had some computer projects to work on.  I even got in a little bit of family history time.

Mid-afternoon, I was tired and had a headache (rainy weather, right?), so laid down to read and sleep a little.  I finished the book, The Aviator's Wife.  It was a really good book, a fictionalized story of the life of Anne Morrow Lindbergh. 

Bill was late at work, so I had a light dinner by myself and then did some more computer stuff.  It was almost another lazy day! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

May 5th - Cinco de Mayo Sunday

Big events at church today - the bishopric was reorganized.  Bill was very excited, thinking that he would be released and have a little break with nothing to do.  Didn't happen, though, as he was called back as the new 1st counselor.  They didn't issue the call until this morning, so he was surprised!  He really likes Kevin Maggert, the new bishop, and has worked with him a lot over the years.  The other counselor is Johnny Murphy.  The only "problem" we foresee is that they are both younger and more technology minded.  Poor Bill will be pulling the "but I am an old man" card a lot, I am afraid!  Even so, he is excited about the chance to work with the new bishopric.

The rest of the church meetings were good.  Well, I didn't make it to Sunday School as that was when they did all the setting aparts for the new bishopric.  RS was really good, though.  Sarah gave the lesson and did a great job.

At home, I fixed tacos for dinner since it was Cinco de Mayo.  Homemade tacos are one of the family favorites, so I was greatly appreciated today.  I also fixed a small pan of enchiladas.  The sister missionaries came by later and I fed them - kind of a second shift dinner.  When Bill finally got home, he had the third shift.  By then, David ate again, so at least he wasn't alone!

May 5th, 1959, was my baptism date.  So I have been a member 54 years!  Almost a lifetime - Ha!  I am very grateful for those missionaries who tracted the whole town where I lived, before finding us on the last street.  We were their only success, but what a blessing it has been.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 4th - Another Day with Kids - Whoo Hoo!

Today is Star War Days - May the forth be with you!

I had thought about going to a family history conference today, but changed my mind.  It is raining again - will it ever stop?  Bill was still at the camp out, so I had the place all to myself.  I took care of the usual stuff, then decided to totally break the rules.  I watched the final episode of House of Cards - and Bill got home just as it was finishing.  Glad I did it - I never would have gotten another chance all day!

Shortly before lunch, Lisa and David dropped the kids off so they could continue car shopping without having to fight kids, too.  We had a great time!  With both of us home, it makes it a lot easier to keep up with two of them.  We had spaghetti for lunch, then played some more.  By 2:00, Brooks was ready for a nap, which lasted for better than 2 1/2 hours.  By about 4:00, Ashby was getting tired, too, so she and I snuggled in the bed for a while, laughing and tickling and having a great time.  All of a sudden, she was asleep, too!  She rarely naps, so I only let her sleep about an hour, but she must have needed it. 

When everyone was up, I started fixing some chicken and rice for their dinner, when Lisa and David got back.  They hung around a while, eating some of the dinner, too.  When everyone finally left, the place was really quiet again!

Another fun day!  But, it sure does wear me out.......... Getting old, Grandma??

Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 3rd - Fun Day with Kiddos!

Lisa messaged me early saying that she and the kids were going to the mall to play later and inviting me to come, too.  I said I would love it - just to give me a call when they were ready to go.  Then I hurried to get all my morning chores done.  I had several loads of laundry to do, plus some house work things, as well as the RS email to finish.

When she called, I was able to head out for the mall.  We arrived in the parking lot at about the same time and managed to park close to each.  That doesn't happen often!  The kids had a ball at the play area and then we had some lunch.  Brooks was getting very tired and being a big difficult, so Lisa headed for home to get him his nap.  Ashby decided to come home with me for the afternoon.

We had a great time.  I had just a little laundry to finish, but that was about it.  She played by herself a lot, but we did some things together, too.  We made cupcakes and frosted them and decorated them with sprinkles.  She did it all, with just a little guidance from me.

She was trying to tie a bow in the doll's shoe string, so she spent a long time working on that.  I helped her and she managed to accomplish it a couple of times.  She gets very frustrated, though, as she wants to be able to do everything by herself and correctly.  She will get it figured out soon.

We also read some books - one of her favorite things!  Then David and Lisa came by and dropped Brooks off, too, so they could go out to do a little car shopping.  Their car needs some major repair work, and they need something bigger anyway, so are looking to see if it would be better to just trade the car in at this point.  So, the next couple of hours things turned pretty wild around here!  Brooks is much more active in his play and likes to have someone playing with him more of the time.

We all had a ball.  Towards the end, Brooks found the camera and wanted to take pictures.  Ashby was more than happy to be the model and was posing all sorts of ways.  With a little help, Brooks was the photographer.  Digital cameras are such a blessing!  It is so easy to just play with taking pictures and then to get to see them right away.  And then just delete all the crazy ones - like the ones of fingers and carpet and ceilings.  We were all laughing so hard!

Bill had to go to Father-Son campout this evening, so he was around enough to get packed up and off.  Once Lisa and David picked up the kids, it was particularly quiet around here!  I watched another episode of House of Cards, did a few computer things, then read before bed.

Wild day - ending with such quiet!

Friday, May 3, 2013

May 2nd - Just another day - Again?

The day started with water aerobics - fun and a good workout, as always.  I had planned to try to go to the temple when I got home, but I realized that I just couldn't make it by the time I showered and ate something.  So instead, I did my usual list of things - straightening house, computer stuff, etc.  By then it was lunch time and I sat and watched another episode of House of Cards while eating.

I spent a good bit of time on family history, since it was rainy and I had such an awful headache.  I didn't feel like putting out any more energy!  In fact, by early afternoon, I finally gave up entirely and took a rather long nap.

When I finally woke up, I went back to the family history.  I am kind of spinning my wheels on that right now.  There are so many things I could be working on and I need to sit down and make a more detailed plan on what comes first.  As it is, I tend to flit from one thing to another.  The problem is that everything is fun and interesting, but I am not quite accomplishing as much as I should.  Well, that will be another day!

Bill had to work late - the job just didn't go as well as he had hoped.  So, I fixed myself some dinner and watched some more episodes during the evening. 

What a lazy day!  I did some things, but not nearly as much as I had planned.  Oh, well.  There is always another day.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 1st - Happy May Day!

When I was a kid, we would make homemade baskets and fill them with candy and drop them off at the homes of a few friends.  It was all very secretive - you know, ring the door bell and run.  I was usually allowed to do 4 or 5, so I had to pick my secret friends very carefully.  I remember being so excited to receive a May basket myself - that meant someone liked me!

No May baskets today, but it was still a good day.  We had a RS presidency meeting which always takes several hours, but much was accomplished.  I have a few things I need to follow up on.  I also made a run to the library on my way home to return one book and pick up another. 

The rest of my day was pretty much the expected - a load of laundry, house stuff, computer stuff, etc.  I spent a good bit of time on family history, which is always what I enjoy the most.  I also took time at lunch to watch another episode of House of Cards.  It is very interesting to see all the political back-door maneuvering. 

Bill had to go over to the hospital in Cumming to give someone a blessing, so he was gone for a good while.  I ended up watching another couple of episodes.  I also started the new book I picked up today - The Aviator's Wife.  I can tell I am going to like it already.  It is about Anne Morrow Lindbergh - written in the first person and somewhat fictionalized.  I will have to follow up to find out how accurate the story is - but that will wait until I finish.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 30th - Another Regular (Boring?) Tuesday

This was such a routine day that there really isn't much to write.  At the same time, it was not boring!  I started with water aerobics, came home, showered, etc., and did the usual chores around the house.  I also did the usual things at the computer - email, FB, blog, etc. 

During my lunch, I found the Netflix series, House of Cards, so I could start watching it.  Billy had said it was currently one of his favorites and he thought I would like it, in spite of a few risque moments.  He was right - I did enjoy all the political intrigue.  In fact, by the time I went to bed, I had watched two more episodes!

I worked on family history during the rest of the afternoon and then took just a short nap.  When Bill got home, he had to write one more letter.  I fixed some dinner and then watched the second episode of House of Cards.  When he went to activity night, I worked on family history a little more and then watched the 3rd episode. 

It certainly does sound like a boring day, but I was busy all day and enjoyed it.