Saturday, March 6, 2010

Making Cookies with Ashby

Lisa called this morning and wanted to know if she could drop Ashby by for an hour or so while she went to the gym. David and Bill were working on the house, so they would be too busy to watch her. I, of course, said, "Bring her right on over!" After all, what else would a grandma say?

While she was here, we made some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies - my favorite. She stood on the stool beside me and watched what I was doing. With these cookies, the chocolate chips and oatmeal are added last by hand, since the electric mixer would break up the chocolate pieces. So Ashby helped me clean the beaters when we were finished with them.

"Good job, Grandma. It really tastes good."

When I finished the hand mixing, she helped again by licking the big spoon. It was almost as big as she is, but that didn't seem to slow her down.

"Don't worry, Grandma. It is a big spoon, but I can handle it."

When they finished baking, she was the taste tester.

"These turned out really good, Grandma."

"Just look how perfect our cookies are. Let's do this again!"
A perfect morning - the cutest granddaughter ever and homemade cookies!