Monday, November 11, 2013

November 10th - Started the Family History Class

I was excited this morning to have our first family history class during Sunday School.  It has taken some time to get all the hurdles out of the way, but I think we are going to succeed.  The only space in the building is the large overflow, but that is fine with me.  The young men set up three long tables for me and rearranged the chairs as soon as Sacrament meeting ended.  One of the class members took care of getting the TV and hookups done.  I ended up with 10 people in attendance and three more that will also be attending, but weren't there today.  That is more than I had planned on, but not really a problem.  The class today was mostly about the doctrine and the change of focus on FamilySearch.  I thought it went really well.  Everyone is excited to get onto their computers next week.  So am I!

Bill stayed home today to try to get rid of the last of his cold.  Lisa and the kids came over for dinner, but David was at home - sick, too!  I just did a pork loin in the crockpot, with potatoes, green beans, onions, mushrooms, and cabbage that I added at the very end.  It was really good!  I also did some acorn squash and frozen rolls.

Even being home, Bill missed eating with us, because they did a bishopric meeting with Bill on the phone.  Oh, well.  Everyone enjoyed a lazy rest of the afternoon, Lisa and Ashby on the couch and Brooks watching Mighty Machines on the Iphone.  Both of the kids still are getting over being sick and didn't have nearly the amount of energy that they usually do.

After they all left, I did some things on the computer, mostly related to my next week's class.  It has been a very good day.  I do love Sundays and this one didn't disappoint!

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