Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 30th - Helping a Friend Move!

Not much to write today - spent a good bit of the day helping a friend move.  So, packing, carrying boxes, etc.  Not much else to tell about that!  We did get everything into the new house - she gets to do all the unpacking!

For dinner, because we were so exhausted, we went out to Del Rio.  I had seafood cancun - so good!  After dinner, we went back home.  We are such an exciting couple!  When we got home, I showed Bill, again, how to get Netflix on the TV and he watched a movie.  I headed to bed to read my scriptures and then read my book.  I am currently reading The Paris Wife, and finding that I like it.  It is about Ernest Hemingway's first wife. 

That was pretty much the whole day.  Sometimes, the busiest days are the ones that have the least to tell.

Friday, March 30, 2012

March 29th - Pampered Chef Party

Most of my day was ordinary - 3 loads of laundry, usual straightening around the house, and lots of time at the computer.  I have started working on the book that I am doing on my grandmother's genealogy and it is going to take a lot of time.  That line goes back to the 1600's in Connecticut, so that is a lot of generations!  As a side note, I recently finished a book entitled The Witch of Blackberry Pond, which I really liked.  It is a young adult historical fiction set in the 1600's in Connecticut.  I kept imaging my ancestors being like those people.

This evening I went to a Pampered Chef party at Sherri McRae's home.  Our friend Cynthia Clark did the party.  There was a nice turnout, maybe 8 or 10 people, and Cynthia cooked the best meal.  As usual.  She is the best cook and makes it all look so easy.  She fixed a chicken in their stone roaster in the microwave - nothing added except a small amount of olive oil and some rub - and it took 25 minutes.  It was juicy and very tasty.  She also fixed some cornbread made from a Jiffy mix, adding grated cheese and cream corn.  It was baked in one of their huge skillets.  I am going to have to stock up on Jiffy cornbread and make this recipe!  Finally, she fixed a salad, showing off a ton of utensils, like the spinner, slicers, julienne cutter, garlic press, etc, etc., etc.  She added homemade dressing.  It was all very tasty.  And of course I spent way too much money, but I am excited to get the order in the next couple of weeks!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 28th - Lunch with the kiddos!

We had a coupon for a free kids meal at Chili's, so decided to go out to Discover Mills Mall for lunch and to shop for some things Lisa has been looking for.  Bad news #1 - turns out that Chili's doesn't accept coupons.  Of course, the kid's meal is pretty cheap to start with, so it wasn't that big of a loss.  Bad news #2 - Lisa still can't find just plain little white sandals for Ashby.  She can find other colors, or the wrong size in white, but not what she needs.

Good news #1 - lunch was good.  Brooks loves dipping chips, so we got chips as an appetizer, along with some sour cream for him to dip the chips in.  He was a riot eating half of Ashby's mac and cheese, too.  Good news #2 - we each got a pair of sunglasses.  My old ones had just come apart, so the timing was perfect.  And they are cheaper when you buy two.  Good news #3 - the kids had fun playing on the little cars.  Ashby sat in the ice cream truck and played like she was selling ice cream cones for quite a while.  She also climbed up on the lap of Cat in the Hat in that car, while Brooks sat in the driver's seat.  How funny they are!

They came over to the house afterwards and Brooks took his nap - in fact, we all rested.  When he woke up, we played in the backyard for a while.  What a beautiful day!

In the evening, I talked to the Young Women about indexing.  I figured I was part cheerleader to get them excited and part instructor to get them started.  They have a challenge in effect for the month of April between the young women and the leaders and bishopric - youth vs. adults.  They are always up to a challenge!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 27th - Another Social

Just another ordinary day - almost!

I went visiting teaching in the morning - just one sister.  I stopped at the store on my way home to pick up some refreshments.  The rest of the day was cleaning, getting the food ready, and working in the office.  Besides all my usual stuff, I am working on the lesson that I have to teach in May - still in the research stage.

In the evening, we had another of our visiting teaching socials.  We had expected 3 or 4 sisters, based on their RSVP's, but only one came.  That was a little disappointing, but we had a great visit with her.  One of the best things about these socials is getting to know each sister better and learning things we didn't know before.  She also had some things to discuss about her visiting teaching route, so we were able to talk those things through.  We have two more socials, one evening and one in the day time.  The rest of our interviews will have to be done by phone or by personal visit.  This whole idea of having small socials has been a good one.  At least, for those who have come.  Some new friendships have been made or strengthened.  Many have enjoyed a relaxed evening away from home - it is amazing what an hour away from home can do to rejuvenate you!  We have also had very productive interviews.  It has taken a lot of the presidency's time, but we all agree it has been well worth it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 26th - Monday - Routine Day Turned Fun!

Well, Monday started out as a routine day.  I got the laundry sorted and started the first of 3 loads.  Did my usual computer stuff, including sending some RS emails.  Started the second load.  Had breakfast, read the paper, etc..  Started the third load.  Put the just dried tablecloth back on the dining room table, along with the Easter decorations.  Started general straightening of the house after the Sunday fun. 

Then Lisa called.  David was making cookies all day and she needed to get the kids out of the house.  The cookies were to take around to businesses as he is promoting his new handyman and cleaning service businesses.  Having help from the kids would have made the day less than pleasant!  So, after running an errand or two, she and the kids came over here.

Brooks was ready for his nap when they got here, so he went right to sleep.  Lisa had brought some things that she needed to work on for Family Home Evening.  Ashby was happy to play!  It was such a beautiful day that we sat at the table on the patio, under the shade of the umbrella, and watched Ashby play, while we chatted.  A couple of hours later, after Brooks woke up and was fed, we went out to do more errands.  That involved trips to Target, Costco, and Staples.  By then, they needed to head home to get things going for FHE.  Another family was coming to have dinner and spend the evening.

So, my normal routine Monday turned out really fun.  In between the fun, I got all the things done that really needed to get done, including all three loads of laundry and straightening the house.  I also managed to index a batch on FamilySearch, plus a bunch of other stuff.  Most important, I got the tickets purchased for our trip to Lake Tahoe with our friends.  We leave one month from today!  Can hardly wait.

Monday, March 26, 2012

March 25th - Another week has rolled around!

The weeks seem to keep going faster and faster.  Didn't I just post about last Sunday??  Like, only a few days ago???  Today was another great Sunday.  They keep coming around and they are almost always the best day of the week!  It was Fast and Testimony Meeting today, so that is a good, spiritual way to worship. 

I attended the Gospel Principles class again, as we had a couple of sisters in there - all members, but new and still needing plenty of support.  The lesson was on the Atonement and that is a great subject to discuss, especially with Easter getting close.

The Relief Society lesson was the talk by Elder Bednar about Elijah and family history.  The teacher lost her elderly father just a couple of weeks ago and brought a wonderful perspective to it.  We had just a short time for testimonies and we had two sisters share.

When I got home, everyone was resting, except Ashby.  When I walked in the door, the first thing I heard was, "Hi, Grandma!"  Oh, how good that feels!  I got things going to finish dinner - put the loaf of bread in the oven, put the fresh veggies on to cook (they were all set to go in a pan in the frig, so I just had to put them on the stove.)  There was a pork roast and potatoes going in the crock pot.  I had also thrown in a few fresh veggies that were left over from the social last week - the ones that had been on the dipping tray.  It was all yummy!

After dinner, it was so nice outside that we sat out on the patio while the children played in the back yard.  I am so glad that summer didn't stay - I love spring and it was a beautiful day.  We stayed out there until it was getting dark.  Ashby even saw the sliver of moon appear and she was so excited.  While we sat outside, a pie was baking in the oven, so when we went in, we had razzleberry pie and ice cream - that's raspberries and blackberries.  I must admit that I did not make it - thank goodness for such a delicious frozen pies!

So, it turned out to be a wonderful Sabbath Day - church, family, and relaxation!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 24th - What a fun day!

So with Ashby spending the night, my day was certainly not normal!  She slept in until almost 8:00 - wanted French toast for breakfast - and then we got all cleaned up and dressed.  I had a RS conference that I had to make an appearance at, so we drove all the way to Lilburn and attended the first half.  She was so good!  After the first class, we took off.  I didn't want to push my luck, you know.

At home, she played with many of the same things she had been playing with the day before, except today she also got the cabbage patch dolls out.  They were Lisa's dolls when she was little, and Ashby had a fun time feeding them with the baby bottle and putting them to sleep.

Our next activity was to pack a picnic lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, and grapes, and to go to the park.  She played for a while and then we sat at a shaded picnic bench to eat our lunch.  Then she played some more.  I didn't have sunscreen, so I had to make sure we didn't overdo, but she was ready when I said it was time to go.

By the time, we got home, she was really tired.  She rested on the couch and watched some videos for a while.  Then she went back to playing.  Lisa was running a little later than she had planned, so around 6:30 or so, after she ate some spaghetti for dinner, I ran her home.  She was excited to see Daddy and Brooks.

We had a very fun day!  And it was fun to see Brooks and have him so excited to see Grandma.  He kept running back to me over and over to give me hugs.

Ah, I love this grandmother business!!!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 23rd - Spend the Night!

Lisa took advantage of a chance to do an overnight visit her friend who lives in Augusta.  Daddy kept Brooks, but to make things easier on everyone, Ashby is spending the night with Grandma and Grandpa.  There were no complaints on our end!

She dropped Ashby off around 11 or so.  She was so excited!  At lunchtime, she wanted mac and cheese, which we fixed together.  She entertained herself all afternoon with all sorts of things.  She had brought her shopping cart, which happened to be in the trunk after their last trip to the grocery store.  The large pantry was the perfect place for doing her shopping and her cart is full of boxes and plastic jars of things.  She also played with the matchbox cars, the tea set, the magic set, books, and I don't know what all.  I was able to do some things while she was entertaining herself.

When Bill got home, he took her with him to go clean up the church.  She played in the nursery the whole time and had so much fun.  Then it was time to start winding down towards bedtime.  She had her bedtime snack - a bowl of cereal, some yogurt and some fruit.  Then she served hot cocoa to grandpa using her tea set, which took quite a long time.  Finally we got jammies on and teeth brushed and she picked out two books to read.  When I finally got her into bed, she wanted me to lie down with her.  I think it took all of two minutes for her to be fast asleep!

There is nothing like spending the day with Ashby to make any day a sunny day!

Friday, March 23, 2012

March 22nd - Finally some rain!

Finally got some rain today - the yellow pollen had so thoroughly covered everything that the whole world was one color!  It rained hard enough to pretty much wash it away.  Of course, by tomorrow I am sure it will all be back!

Had a presidency meeting this morning and we covered a lot of ground.  It still is so hard to discuss all the compassionate service needs in our ward.  There are so many people struggling with so many things.  I was happier when I didn't know all that was happening - but then, I was also unable to offer support and prayers.

I got a call from Billy.  He was happy that Wednesday had been his last day at IBM.  He said a lot of people stopped by his desk to wish him well.  Several even mentioned that they would love to be able to find another job and get out of there themselves.  He had accepted the new job in Des Moines a few days ago, and then yesterday got another offer that was much better.  He was trying to decide what to do.  The new offer is a contract position for the state of North Dakota, so he would be in Bismarck at least through the end of the year and probably for two years.  The pay is 50% more than the present offer and the job would be doing exactly what he wants to do.  The down side was that it is North Dakota, which is further away and kind of out in the middle of nowhere.  Bismarck metro area is a little smaller than Cedar Rapids, but he likes the small town.  It is the state capitol so should have plenty of good things to do.  They have a lot of beautiful parks and bike trails, with a river right through town and several lakes nearby.  Oh, but it gets so COLD in the winter!  Anyway, bottom line is he called back later and said they had offered another dollar an hour on top of the previous offer and he had accepted.  He will start middle of April.  So I guess we will be going to Bismarck, ND, sometime.  I have been in ND before, but only barely over the border - never up into the central part of the state.  I am happy for him, as he is pretty excited about the job.  (We will see if anything changes in the next few days.)

The rest of the day was pretty much all the normal things - no need to run that list again!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 21st - Got to babysit today

Lisa had a doctor's appointment, so I went over to stay with the kids for an hour or so while she went.  Brooks went down for a nap shortly after Lisa left, but Ashby and I had a ball playing in her room.  She played with her dollhouse for a while.  Then she remembered her tea set that CarolineKateandLizzie gave her.  (She always says all three of their names like they were one name - they are her cousins.)  So we had a tea party for quite a while.  She made me several cups of hot cocoa and when I drank it all, she would let me have a cookie.  Then she remembered that she had cookies in her kitchen set, so she had to bake those.  What a hoot she is!

Before and after the fun part of the day, I did four loads of laundry, including stripping the sheets and remaking the bed, usual straightening, planning dinner, etc.  I also did some more on family history.  I have to teach the RS lesson in May, so I also started doing a little research for that.  Plus, add in all the usual computer things I like to do, and my day was pretty full.

Bill had mutual this evening, so I ate my late dinner watching another episode of Law & Order season 1 and then did the usual reading in bed.  All in all, a pretty good day, in spite of some things that I worried about.  Ah, life just is!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 20 - First Day of Spring!

It was a beautiful first day of spring - sunny, warm (in the 80's), and no rain except the yellow pollen!  It is a very pretty time of year with all the "poppin'" trees in full bloom, even dogwoods and others starting to come out, and tons of beautiful flowers.

I went over to the temple to do a session, which is a always a wonderful way to spend part of a day.  I enjoyed seeing Kay Griffin and also Sister Menden.  I have seen Kay several times, but it was the first time I had seen Sister Menden since before the temple closed for remodel.  As usual, I also saw many others who I knew while working at the temple.  I did the endowment for Harriet Adelaide Mahan, my 1st cousin three times removed.  She was born in 1858 in Ohio.

I spent a lot of the rest of the afternoon working on family history.  I finished transferring the names into the temple file - glad that is done so the work will get completed much quicker.  I am also still working on the Wesco line.  I had thought I had done all I could, but that one little piece that fell into place has opened up a huge amount of information.  It is taking me much longer than I had thought it would to get it all done.

Bill had a visit to make this evening, so I had some popcorn, watched another episode of Law & Order from the first season and then went to bed early, where I read my scriptures and then read my book for a while.  I am not so sure about the book I am reading - it involves the drug cartel in Mexico and is a little unbelievable in parts; but we will see as it goes on.

So, a nice productive, but not stressful day - my favorite kind!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 19th - Empty Nesters

Third Monday is always Empty Nesters Family Home Evening and most of the time, it is held at our home.  Such was the case today.  We do it so often, because it is just easy.  Fortunately, my house is almost always neat and it is easy to pull things like this together.

In the morning, I ran a bunch of errands: dropped off the order for honey at Becky's, stopped by the library, ran by the dollar store to pick up a few Easter decorations, deposited a check at the ATM, picked up a few grocery items, etc.

At home, I had to pick up the rest of the toys from the weekend and then I decorated the dining room table - not anything fancy, but enough to look welcoming.  I made sure I had what I wanted to do for my part of the refreshment - all very easy.

I then was able to spend some time at the computer during the afternoon.  I had several things I wanted to do, but most of the time was spent on family history.  I am still transferring the family file names to temple file - a few at a time.

Empty Nesters was fun, although it was a pretty small group this evening.  There were 9 people.  We talked about conference, since General Conference is coming up, and reviewed the talks from last time.  Bridgett had a little matching game where we matched the talk title with the person who gave the talk.  We had two teams so there would be a little competition.  She knew we would never get it without help, so we also had a copy of the Ensign to help with the matching.  Afterwards, we shared ideas of ways to get more from conference.

Of course, most of the evening was just talking.  Everyone enjoys a chance to get together in a casual setting and strengthen our friendships.  A great way to spend an evening!

Monday, March 19, 2012

March 18th - What happened to spring?

Just wondering here - what happened to spring?  I mean, winter was mild, but it was still too cold to be spring.  Daffodils were up in January and have been gone for a couple of weeks now.  All the blooming trees have been in full bloom for a few weeks (Ashby calls them "poppin' trees" whenever she sees a tree in bloom.  Wonder what song she likes to sing??!!!)  Leaves are even coming in on the rest of the trees.  Pollen count is through the roof and we are having the annual yellow "snow" falling everywhere.  So that should all mean it is spring, even though the calendar says we have another few days until it is official.  The problem is that we have had temps in the 80's for a whole week now!  That is not spring.  How did we go from winter to summer without passing through spring? 

Today I even turned on the air conditioner!  It was 78 degrees in the house when I got home from church, and since it was over 80 outside, I figured the a/c was the smartest move.  We grilled steak and veggie kabobs on the grill (turned out very good, by the way.)  After dinner, the children put on their swimsuits and played in the sprinkler thingy we bought yesterday.  We sat out in the lawn chairs, watching the kids, and enjoying being outside, in spite of all the yellow pollen everywhere.  Sounds like summer to me - but it is still winter! 

Strange year.  I am hoping that spring decides to show its face for a while after this summer sneak peak.  I need some mild, but warm, weather!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 17th - Happy St Patrick's Day!

My day turned in a "green" whirl!  Lisa called and asked if she could bring Brooks by so he could nap while she took Ashby to ballet.  David is out of town camping with the guys, and ballet is right in the middle of nap time.  Thus started the whirlwind!

They came over, got Brooks to sleep, and then took off for ballet and tap classes.  Brooks had been awake only a few minutes when Lisa called.  We had talked about hitting the Kohls with all our coupons, and they were finished with ballet and going right by the store.  She suggested we just meet up there, which was a great idea.

We had a fun shopping trip - we purchased over $300 in merchandise, but only spent $100.  We got swimsuits for the kids, some summer clothes for Brooks, some tops for me, and a water sprinkler toy for the kids.  They love going to Kohls and playing in the toy section, so everyone had a great time.

When we got home, it was so warm, that we put on their new swimsuits and set up the sprinkler and they played in the backyard for a while.  Such laughter!  The sprinkler will stay at grandma's house, as well as the new swimsuits, so they can play outside when they are here.

Then we got everyone cleaned up and dressed and we all headed out to Del Rio, the Mexican restaurant near us that we really like.  A young man from our ward dances with a group of Irish dancers.  He has placed well in competition, but we had never seen him dance.  So, this was our chance.  Yes, we went to the Mexican Restaurant on St. Patrick's Day to watch Irish dancers.  It was really a lot of fun and we enjoyed the dancers and a lot of our friends who showed up, as well.  Ashby was very interested and by halfway through, she was standing by the table, trying to dance like they were.  I think I need to find a copy of Riverdance just for her!

From there, Lisa headed home.  We got home and Bill had to get ready to go chaperone a youth dance.  I was so tired that I straightened things up, closed down the computer, watched an episode of Law & Order while drinking a soda, and then went to bed early to read for a while.

It really was a whirlwind day!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 16th - Friday - Sometimes the unexpected!

Today started off like usual - straightening, doing some laundry, checking things on the computer, etc.  I was to visit someone with the Relief Society president around 11:00, so I was trying to make sure everything was done before then.  Then I got a call from her husband.  She had been having some rather severe pain in her ovaries and had a doctor's appointment scheduled for next week.  The problem is not new, so she was just going to grin and bear it.  Her husband drew the line that morning and said he was taking her then - no questions asked.

So, he was calling to let me know that she wouldn't be able to keep the appointment and would I contact that sister and go myself if that was OK, or we would reschedule.  She had also planned to take lunch to a friend of ours who is pregnant, has severe scoliosis, and is in terrible pain.  A bunch of her friends are trying to drop lunch off for her a couple of times a week.  So, would I do that for her, too?  Of course, there was no question that I was more than happy to take care of both.

I called the lunch sister and told I would be bringing by lunch.  I stopped at Publix and picked up a nice sub sandwich and a couple of sides to go with it.  Then I drove by her house to drop it off.  I would have planned to stay for lunch with her, except for the other appointment.

When I left there, I was finally able to get in touch with the second sister, only to have her say that it would be fine to reschedule.  Had I been able to contact her earlier (she was at school with her son and wasn't available any earlier), I could have had the lunch.  Oh, well, I don't have a crystal ball.

During the afternoon, I finished the laundry, did some family history, transferred some more names into the temple file, sent out some emails for RS, etc.  Later in the afternoon, Lisa called and said David had gone camping and she and the kids were going to go to the mall for dinner and did I want to join them.  No question what my answer was!  We met up, had a fun time eating and getting caught up on what they had been doing.  I got to hear all about the Disney princess books that they had just gotten from the library!

Lisa then invited Bill and I to come over for a little while in the evening.  The kids were in bed, and she just felt like talking.  We don't get a lot of alone time with just her and she thought it would be fun.  So, we spent a couple of hours just visiting and talking.  It was nice that she was missing us, even though we see her all the time.  There are usually children running around needing attention, or David is there and we are talking about other kinds of things.  This was her one-on-one time with Mom and Dad.

So, although much of my day went differently than I had planned, but it was busy and productive and satisfying.

Friday, March 16, 2012

March 15th - Busy, but fun, day

I had another RS visiting teaching social at my house this evening, so part of my day was spent preparing for that.  I had to do a little more than just straighten the house - I actually had to vacuum the floor!  I don't know if I have mentioned how much I hate our vacuum cleaner.  The thing weighs a ton and gives me a back ache just pushing it around.  Bill bought it, so he is the one who usually gets to run it, but I had to bite the bullet today!

I also had to make a run to the store to pick up some refreshments.  I had already had some St. Patrick's Day decorations out, so I used those for the table and I thought it looked pretty festive.  That was pretty much all I did to prepare for the social.  The rest of my day was filled with doing some laundry and working at the computer.  I didn't get any research done on family history, though.  When I had run the match with New.FamilySearch, I had meant to put most of the names into the temple file rather than my family file.  I got so carried away that I forgot to do that.  I will never complete almost 1700 names on my own, so I spent some time moving a lot of them into the temple file.  I still have several hundred that I have printed out for the youth to do baptisms for when they go to the temple in May.  Most of those will probably then be moved to temple file, too.  I like having plenty of my own family file names to do, but I don't want to be responsible for that kind of a backlog!

The VT social was fun.  We had five sisters come to this one and we had a lot of fun chatting and getting to know each other better.  We were also able to complete the interviews and, as usual, learned some important things for us to consider when we redo our routes in a few weeks.  I am enjoying these get-togethers, even though it does require a good bit of extra time.  It seems to be more than worth it and we will be finishing them up in just a few more weeks. 

So, bedtime was later than usual, but I still managed to get my scriptures read and also to read a chapter in my book.  I still don't like it and I find myself considering what I am going to write in the review.  I think there is something evil in my core that makes me look forward to writing a bad review!

So, another great day over.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 14th - Pi Day

So I learned today that March 14th is Pi day - didn't know Pi even had its own day!  But, 3.14.....  Makes sense.

This was a good day.  After doing a few things around home early, I went to the temple.  It is always a good day when the temple is involved.  I went to the 11:00 session, so it took the middle out of my day.  I did the work for Mary Pauline Ash, my 2nd cousin 3 times removed.  She was born in 1893 in Iowa.

When I got home, I had a few more things to finish and then was able to work on family history a little.  During my dinner break, I watched the first episode of Law & Order, season 1, on Netflix.  It is still one of my favorite series ever, and even a 20+ year old episode seems current.  The best thing about watching on Netflix is that there aren't any commercials, so an hour long program takes 40 minutes or so.

Bill had to go to Mutual tonight.  The young men and young women had a combined activity doing a "Where's Waldo" at the mall.  They had a great time.  All the bishopric, the stake YM and YW presidents (who both happen to live in our ward) and one of the seminary teachers were the ones who dressed up and tried to "hide."  Bill said the other counselor in the bishopric was only found once, so I guess he had the best disguise.  He dyed his hair black, and then just pushed a stroller around with bags hanging from it like he had been shopping.  He was in the food court, so I am sure that helped him blend in!  Like they say - hide in plain sight!

I went to bed early, and after my scripture reading, I was able to spend a couple of hours reading.  I finished the book I had been working on and started another.  The book I finished was the second in a series set in a West Virginia mountain town.  They are romance novels, but actually very well done without all the graphic stuff that usually makes romance novels so unbearable.  They are more about characters facing their own struggles and coming out on top.  The book I started is one from Book Rooster and I can tell already that I am not going to like it much.  I will finish it, though, so I can write an appropriate review on Amazon!

So, a good and busy day!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 13th - Downton Abbey Marathon!

Well, I must admit that I got so hooked on the Downton Abbey episodes that I watched yesterday that I had to finish them today.  That meant I spent almost 3 hours watching TV!  That is more than I have watched in the last three months put together, but it was so worth it.  What a great series - I had been hearing about it for ages, but just didn't watch.  Now I will have to wait for the next season to come out on Netflix - since I just don't watch TV as a rule.

Other than my totally selfish afternoon, the rest of the day was much the same as ever - housework, computer things, family history.   I also spent some time on the phone talking to my son.  He has given notice at his job with IBM and his contract with the cable company is winding down, so he has been pushing the job hunt.  He had an interview the end of last week and he got a good offer today.  He has a couple of other leads to finish out, but I think he will probably take this.  It is in Des Moines, so he will have to move from Cedar Rapids, but the job seems to be a good fit and he liked the people.  It is an insurance company and he will be on the IT side, not sure exactly what he will be doing, but he sounded excited.

We also had our home teachers come by this evening.  We always enjoy visiting with them.  So, all in all, it was a good day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 12th - Slow Start Monday

This was another of those very busy days, but nothing to tell!  Besides the obvious - straightening the house after the kids were here, cleaning up the kitchen, stripping the bed and washing the sheets - I spent a good bit of the day at the computer.  I had quite a list of things to take care of, which included some family history, too.  I finished a big generation on that Wesco line and got started on the next one down.  It should be quicker from here on, but we will see!

I was feeling so tired, probably still the time change.  Spring change is always so hard to adjust to, it often takes a couple of weeks.  Anyway, I decided to take a rest in the afternoon, but instead of reading, I just lay on the couch and watched Netflix.  I have never watched Downton Abbey - I never watch anything, actually - but I had wanted to see it.  It is my kind of program.  So I watched a couple of episodes - and I loved it every bit as much as I thought I would!  Bill was late getting home, so I managed to squeeze one more episode in during the evening.  I may decide that I need another rest day so I can watch some more.

So, I checked a lot of things off my "to do" list, but it sure doesn't sound like much.  Ah, but that is just the way Mondays seem to be.

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 11th - Sunday - Great day!

I feel like I am in a rut when I write about Sundays.  They never vary much, but are always great.  That isn't a complaint, except that I am rewriting much the same thing every week.  I am actually grateful that my Sundays are great!

We had some really good talks in church today.  The first, a youth speaker, was totally awesome!  (I don't use that word much, but I can't think of a better one.)  He is 17, handsome, athletic, and deaf.  He signed his talk about preparing for a mission.  We have a family with two little boys who are also deaf and their father was voice for the talk.  The talk was awesome - what else can I say?  He shared a little about some of his struggles; he had some humor, some good doctrine, and some tear-jerking moments.  Bill was conducting the meeting and after Ty's talk, he said that every young man should hear that talk - it would inspire all of them to prepare for a mission.  I have to agree!

The other two speakers were also good.  One was on covenants and the blessings we receive when we make and keep covenants.  I liked it because it was personal and real life - not just doctrine.  The closing speaker was the other counselor in the bishopric and he spoke on the Abrahamic covenant.  His time was short, so he didn't speak long.  He did share a personal story about how he used an object lesson to teach his girls in Family Home Evening about how a loving Heavenly Father has given us all the instructions we need to follow in order to return to Him.  He had built a tower out of legos and then took a picture and had his computer software convert it to a diagram with all the instructions.  Then he took the tower apart.  He gave the girls a challenge - build the tower exactly the way he envisioned it, so high, certain color combo, etc., and they would go to Brewsters for ice cream.  If they couldn't do it, they could sleep in the garage.  Then he said they had three minutes.  There was no way they would ever have been able to build the tower and one of the girls was in tears, because they weren't going to get to go to Brewsters.  Then he told them that if they would go to his office, and look under a certain object, they would find the instructions on how to build the tower.  They ran to find the instructions and had the tower built in a couple of minutes.  He then taught how Heavenly Father has given us all the instructions we need.  It was a good object lesson and tied in perfectly with a discussion of our covenants with God.

When I got home from church and walked in the door, I found David sleeping in the recliner, Lisa and Ashby sleeping on the couch, and Brooks asleep in the crib!  A houseful of sleeping bodies!  I let everyone sleep while I finished up dinner.  I had a chicken roasting in the oven - and it turned out so good!  I bought one of the ironstone roasters from Pantry Chef a few years ago and I love it.  It can be used in the oven or in the microwave and it really keeps the food moist.  I had set the oven for only 250 degrees, so it would not overcook while I was at church, and cooking it so slow also made it tender and juicy.  I added sweet potatoes (with butter and brown sugar, of course) some fresh strawberries and blackberries, green beans with mushrooms, and a loaf of whole grain bread that I just had to finish browning in the oven (thanks, Kroger, for making such good breads!)  It was all really good.  Even Ashby ate a ton, which is not usually the case with her.  She ate a huge pile of strawberries and a whole portion of sweet potato.  Of course, she kept the dish of brown sugar right by her plate and after each bite of sweet potato, she added more brown sugar!

Lisa and family were able to hang out a while, since Brooks had taken such a good late nap and because of the time change.  It was a lot of fun.  As usual, Ashby and Brooks had us laughing all night.

So, another successful Sunday!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 10th - Saturday - a much more productive day than yesterday!

Bill had a job scheduled today, so I had the day at home alone.  Even so, I felt a lot better, so I got a lot more done.  There are always the usual Saturday chores - laundry, dusting, cleaning, etc.  There is also planning the meal for Sunday, since that is the only day I really cook.  Got all of that done, plus ran out to do some chores, as well.  I ran by the library, returned a CD book, and picked up two more that had come in.  I went to the grocery store and picked up a few things for dinner and some other things we needed.

I spent most of the rest of the afternoon working on family history.  What else?  Got a lot done, but the more I do, the more I find!  I had hoped to be preparing my book by now, but it will probably take another month to get to that point.  But, I don't want to leave anything out, so.......

I changed the clocks and then went to bed early, although it didn't look early by the clock anymore!  I read my scriptures and then read a book for a couple of hours.  That is the way I usually end my day, which was a good one!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 9th - An Almost Wasted Day!

I didn't feel all that well today - nothing specific, but so tired all day.  I think I am still trying to fight off that cold.  So, I actually laid down a couple of times trying to get energy back.  The problem is that I read when I lie down and then I get sucked into a book and I lie there much longer than I need to!  I have to admit, though, that I enjoyed it.

I got some work done on the family history, too.  Getting the Wesco line caught up is going to take a while.  I thought I had almost everything done there, but one little opening and suddenly I am flooded with new information.  What fun!

I will have to be a little more productive tomorrow - but I will worry about that tomorrow!

Friday, March 9, 2012

March 8th - RootsMagic Fixed!

I must be in a pretty good spot in life right now if the biggest catastrophe I face is whether RootsMagic, my family history program, is working or not!  Well, I got it working again today, so now things are really good!  I even managed to find the time to do some research.  I am working on that Wesco line and found some new information and that took a lot of time to get entered and checked.

The rest of the day was pretty much the normal stuff.  I had a friend call during the evening and we must have spent an hour and a half or more on the phone.  Her 19 year old daughter, who has not been living at home, just announced that she is getting married in July.  They have never met the young man, nor did they even know she was dating anyone seriously.  He is a returned missionary and they are planning to marry in the temple.  Other than those two positives, my friend is just sick.  She really needed to vent and this is the kind of thing that you need a third party, not family, to be the one you vent to.  Hope she is able to get her feelings under control before she sees her daughter and the new fiance this weekend.

I guess that is just another reminder that my life is not too bad right now.  That makes me a little nervous to realize - I suppose a hammer is about to drop.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 7th - Breakfast with a friend!

My friend Lisa and I have talked about doing lunch one of these days, but you know how that always goes......  So when I mentioned it again the other day, she said, "Let's go for breakfast at Mimi's."  It seems she had a coupon for a free breakfast, so we set it up for the next day, which was today.  Mimi's is such a great place for lunch, but their breakfasts are every bit as wonderful!  I had fruity crepes, which were to die for!  We had a great talk and lots of fun.  She had some personal things she wanted to talk about and I think our talking was really good for her.

I went straight from breakfast to RS presidency meeting.  We always have good meetings and that was true again today.  The biggest thing we are facing at the moment is the number of people needing compassionate service.  And to make it worse, the bishop told the president on Sunday that he was taking our compassionate service leader.  She is the best we have ever had and she has only had the calling for a few months.  We are devastated.  He said she is really needed somewhere else and the president agreed.  So, rather begrudgingly, we prepared a list of 4 or 5 names that we felt would be good replacements.  Hopefully, they will do it immediately.  I don't know how we can keep up with all the needs without her help!

I spent the rest of the day at home, doing the usual busy things.  However, when I tried to open RootsMagic to do some family history, I only got an error message.  I nearly panicked.  I have not yet figured out what is wrong and I am moving past panic to anger very quickly.  I sent a message to Roots Magic, but they have not responded.  They will hear from me first thing in the morning!  I always have plenty to keep me busy, so it isn't like I sat around doing nothing - I just sat around doing things that were not my first choice!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 6 - Voting Day

Today was a bit busier than yesterday - that's good, I guess, although I did enjoy a quiet day on Monday.  After the usual morning routine, I headed out to vote.  It was mid-morning and the place was almost deserted!  I think there were two other voters there.  In Georgia, you can choose to vote in either party's primary, and I voted in the Republican, of course.  There weren't many choices in the Democratic one!  My heart was definitely anti-Newt, even though he ended up winning Georgia early on.  He was my congressman at one time, and I just don't like the guy.  I don't have any particularly strong feelings for any of the others, so I voted for Romney - kind of the best of the choices left sort of thing.

After voting, I went out and did a little shopping - went by the Dollar Store to pick up some St. Patrick's Day decorations.  I needed a little something to put on the table.  I also went by the bank and then picked up some groceries.

Tonight we had another of our visiting teaching socials, so that took the whole evening.  This one was at Melanie's house, so all I had to do was show up.  We had a nice turnout and the sisters really enjoyed just sitting and chatting.  We schedule them to be an hour long, but they hung around for more like two hours.  That is good, of course, because they didn't have to stay, but they were enjoying the night out.  We also were able to complete some more VT interviews.  So, it was a good night.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 5 - Monday - need I say more?

Mondays - I usually get quite a few things done on Mondays, but not so much today.  I did wash sheets and put them back on the bed, plus another load of laundry washed, folded and put away.  Let's see, a little straightening around the house after the grandchildren show from last night - Lisa does a good job of making sure things are cleaned up before they leave, but there are always a few things that get missed.  Kitchen was not bad, so just a few things to do there - although how can a floor get so dirty in one day??

Most of the rest of my day was at the computer.  I had 4 book reviews to enter and then discovered at bed time that I still had one more that I didn't do.  Maybe tomorrow on that one.  I worked on family history a lot - finished checking another line and am ready to start on the Wesco line next.  As usual, there were a couple of RS things to handle.  You know, all the usual stuff.

I spent most of the day sneezing and blowing my nose!  That had to take up half of my time - I certainly hope I am not getting a cold.  I rarely have allergies that manifest that way, so I don't know, but no other cold symptoms either.

So with this terribly overwhelming day, I was tired early this evening.  Headed to bed early to start on another book and really got into it.  I rarely read romance novels, but this is an historic romance, set in the 12th century.  So far, it is actually good.  It doesn't have all the graphic scenes that make romance novels so disgusting.  I am hoping it doesn't change!  This is another of my freebie books on Kindle.  I only have about 300 on there now.  Wonder if I will ever read them all??????

So it wasn't a Manic Monday, just a Mellow Monday!

Monday, March 5, 2012

March 4th - Soothing Sunday

Sundays tend to be days where there isn't a lot to write about, but they are days that make the rest of the week so much better!  Today was such a day - quiet, restful, good dinner, fun family, and spiritual renewal.

I spent the morning doing odds and ends, including some church things, my regular computer routine, working on a little family history (not much this time!) and getting things ready for dinner so it wouldn't take long to get it cooked and on the table later.

This was Fast Sunday, so church was testimony meeting.  Those are almost always good meetings.  I noticed that the majority of those who bore testimonies today were children - probably at least 8 or 10 of them, all about the same age, around 8 or 10.  I think there is a Primary teacher who challenges them to bear their testimonies and then they almost feel like it is a competition to each do so.  However, they each say their own thing and some of their comments are very sweet and sincere.  It adds a nice element to the meeting.

The problem today, if you can call it that, was the lack of adults who seemed to want to speak.  Those who bore their testimonies were powerful and very spiritual, but we also had a couple of lulls, which doesn't always happen.  I was one of those who did not get up.  I do it so often and I have felt lately that I need to give others the opportunity.  Even so, when I get that heavy feeling in the chest, I get up.  It didn't happen today.

During Sunday School, I went into the Gospel Principles class.  We are trying to get one of the presidency to attend that class, particularly if we have investigators or new sisters or semi-active sisters attending.  It is important to help add support to those sisters.  In fact, we had one investigator who I got to meet before RS, because I was in the class, as well as a sister whose husband is not a member, but was there today.

Relief Society was the presidency message and the president taught the lesson.  It was on ministering.  We are trying to focus on visiting teaching this year, but if we say that, no one will listen, because of the "auto turn-off" that happens.  So we are trying to teach principles and are hoping that we will see some changes in VT because of it.  It is interesting that the sisters themselves were the ones who brought visiting teaching into the discussion.  I hope that is a good sign!

For dinner, we had Island Pork - a pork loin fixed island style.  That just means, I cut a pork loin into thick slices and seasoned it with paprika, chili powder, and cumin before browning and then putting into the oven to finish cooking.  I then used the pan drippings, added some pineapple juice and salsa and let it glaze, then added a bunch of vegetables and pineapple chunks to stir fry.  I added some steamed white rice and some refrigerator biscuits and that was dinner.  It didn't take long and it really turned out good.  Lisa fixed some brownies after dinner and we had hot brownies and ice cream for dessert later.

Because Brooks took a really late nap, they were able to hang around all evening, which was a ton of fun.  Vanett, David's mom leaves tomorrow, so we had a last chance to visit - of course we managed to get some family history discussion in there.  Ashby is such a performer!  She got the computer microphone which we don't use anyway, and brought it out into the living room, set it on the table, and became the primary president.  She talked, sang, prayed, you name it.  We all got the biggest kick out of it!  Vanett recorded some of it on her IPhone, so hopefully it turned out and she will post a bit of it.

Brooks' favorite game of the moment is duck, duck, goose.  He walks around and actually says the words, and then will hit someone on top of the head when he says, "goose!"  Of course, he expects to be chased and will continue pounding on the head, a little harder each time, until he gets the desired response.  His favorite way to play is to tap Ashby with the goose and then have his daddy pick him up and they both chase her around the house.  He just belly laughs all the time.  So funny!

So, that was my Sunday.  Like I said, restful, fun, and spiritual.  I think that is exactly the way it should be!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 3rd - Surprise Party!

We went to a surprise party tonight.  Well, we didn't get there for the beginning, but we did show up a half an hour later.  It was a combined 70th birthdays party and 50th anniversary party for a great couple that we have known for many years.

Norma and Hubert Humphrey are old time southerners, raised in Columbus, married when they were very young.  Hubert's 70th was last week and Norma's is this week.  They had their 50th wedding anniversary a few months ago.  Their four children got together to throw a huge surprise party in honor of all those events.  The turnout was huge and it was a very fun evening.  They thought they were coming to their daughter's house for a special Young Women activity involving their granddaughter - Nope!  Big Surprise!  And they were surprised!

Norma was Relief Society president when we moved into the Roswell Ward back in 1985.  She was one of the best and I think she still shepherds those sisters.  We had met them previously, so it was exciting to be in the same ward - for a whole year before they split the ward!  Even so, we have remained friends all these years.  When we moved to Duluth in 1996 and started attending the Johns Creek Ward, the Humphreys were also members of that ward, so we had come full circle.

I have many memories over the years, but there will always be one event that stands above everything else.  When Jason was sick, and options had run out, we were able to get an appointment at Sloan Kettering in NYC to look at some clinical trial options.  Getting in there is very difficult, but when our doctor called, he was shocked to be able to get Jason in a few days later because of a cancellation.  That meant we were hustling trying to work out a flight and everything.

In the midst of all of this, we got a phone call from the bishop, saying that a flight had been arranged.  It seems the Humphreys' older son Jody had made arrangements with his folks for us to use their corporate jet to fly us up to NYC.  Yes, they had a corporate jet - in fact, they had two - and apologized because the larger one was in getting maintenance and we would have to fly in the small jet.  It made the flight so much easier for Jason, as we were able to fly from a small airport and could wheel him straight to the door of the plane.  In addition, the big leather seats made the flight much more comfortable!

The pilots flew us up, we were met by my niece Gail, who drove us to her sister Elaine's house, where we spent the night.  All of the NY/NJ family came for dinner and it gave Jason a chance to see everyone for what turned out to be the last time.  The next day, Elaine drove us into Sloan-Kettering and then back to Teterboro Airport to fly home.  Because the weather was bad in Atlanta, the pilots made arrangements for us to stay at a very nice hotel for the night, the bill paid for by the Humphreys.  The next morning, we flew back.

As things turned out, a week later, Jason went into the hospital because of pain and he died a week later.  There is no way to express the love I feel for these two people who were willing to give so much to help us in such a time.  True, they are millionaires and the money may have been insignificant to them, but it certainly wasn't to us!  Not to mention, the incredible blessing for Jason and the family to have that last evening together.

Thanks, Norma and Hubert!!!  Happy birthdays and happy anniversary - you deserve all the special attention!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 2nd - Totally boring day - except for the weather

I had a very quiet day today - just like yesterday, actually.  I got a ton done on my family history preparations, so I was happy.  It just doesn't provide much for writing about!

We did have some severe storms come through during the evening, but it didn't really affect us at all.  There was lightening and thunder, and plenty of rain, but no damage.  Some areas not far from us got it worse, though.  I was already in bed, reading, and the emergency broadcast about tornado warning came on the radio.  I just went on to sleep.  Glad it didn't arrive in our area!

Friday, March 2, 2012

March 1st - A new month, but an ordinary day!

Guess what I spent most of the day doing????  Duh, family history, of course.  I have finished rechecking everything on the Edmund Bacon family (Ruhanah is still hiding, though!) and I started on the family of his son Jedediah.  He is my 3rd great grandfather.  I am working down the line, then will go back and start on another line.  I will get that book ready one of these days, err months!

I did make a run to the cannery late in the afternoon to pick up the flour order.  Becky was planning to do it, but took a fall while holding her son and did a nasty sprain to her ankle.  Bill got home in time to go with me, so I had him to do the lifting, which was nice.  Becky is fine, but can hardly walk, and will probably be limping for a while.  Fortunately, Jeb wasn't hurt.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

February 29th - Kicked out of the house again!

Well, not me - Lisa and the kids were kicked out so David could paint again.  They have one accent wall that he was doing a texture finish to and he wanted everyone out.  He let his mother, who is visiting for the week, stay as a helper, but everyone else had to leave.

I was the beneficiary of that edict, as they came over and spent the day with me.  We didn't do anything of great consequence, just played and talked.  While Brooks took his bottle, Lisa always plays a Baby Einstein video.  This one was classical music, so we had quite the ballet performance as Ashby danced through the entire thing.  She is getting quite good, especially with "pretty" arms and hands.  She is very deliberate in her movements and it was really fun to watch her.

While Brooks napped, Ashby played with the matchbox cars.  She lines them up and then drives them one at a time to a new spot and gets them all lined up again.  She spent quite a while playing that.  She also rested for a while, watching her own videos.

Later, when everyone was awake and ready to do something else, Grandpa came home from work.  He needed to return a CD book to the library and Lisa had wanted to go, too, so they all went together.  I think Grandpa was worn out just from following Brooks as he walked every inch of the child's section!

We fixed a quick dinner and then everyone had to head back home.  It was a quiet, but fun day.  It is always a fun day when the grandkids show up!