Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nov. 4th - Overwhelming Silence!

After having the grandchildren here for three days, the place seems overwhelmingly quiet today!  I think I have taken advantage of not having the responsibility of taking care of them, too.  I managed to do a few things today, but I didn't do half of what I had on my list.  Maybe tomorrow! I also took a lot of time catching up on the computer stuff I follow.  I had certainly gotten behind. 

Bill showed up early afternoon.  He had said he had a huge day today, but the big job had to be postponed because of some problem on their end with the plumbing.  So, he ended up relaxing, too.  After I fixed some lunch, he plopped in the big chair and caught some zzzz's.  He eventually ran out to do a few errands, which was when I decided to do a little resting of my own.  I didn't sleep, though, but did watch a couple of episodes of Monarch of the Glen. 

So went the entire day!  With the time change over the weekend, I am ready for bed even earlier than before, so I made myself stay up until about 9:30, but then I was too tired to read for very long!  I hate these time changes - they always mess me up for days, even weeks!

Anyway, I sure missed the kids being here, but I did enjoy the relaxing!

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