Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov 3rd - Sunday - but No Church

With Ashby's fever, we knew I wouldn't be going to church.  I had let the leaders know that the Family History class would be delayed one week.  I am excited to start the class, but it was more important to stay at home. 

It was a relatively quiet day, with Ashby wanting to cuddle most of the time.  Brooks kind of ran wild, but was actually very good.  We ended up watching a lot of NickJr, Disney cartoons, and Mighty Machines.  When I turned the TV off for Ashby to rest, Brooks took the Ipad into the kitchen and spent more time being numbed.  I really hate having them watch that much stuff, but it really was the easy way out today.

In the late morning, Ashby was feeling a little better, so we went up to the art room and she made a little poster for her mommy and daddy.  It was cute - she drew a picture of them, did some rubber stamping, added a heart-shaped brad, and glued on a picture of a bride and groom.  Brooks just explored the bonus room while Ashby worked.

That was about her only burst of energy all day.  Her fever spiked to 103 in the afternoon.  When Bill got home from church, he took Brooks out to take a walk in the neighborhood.  He needed to do something to get some of that stored up energy out!

Lisa and David got back around 5:15 or so and we enjoyed hearing all about their trip.  I had a meeting that I was supposed to attend at 6:30, which is just when Billy called.  He and I chatted a bit - he is starting his new job tomorrow and is excited.  He has decided to move back to CR to his condo and has rented an efficiency apartment near his new job to stay in during the week. 

After talking a few minutes, I let him talk to Bill and then I had to head out to my meeting.  I got there a little after 7:00 and actually didn't miss the more important stuff.  It was about Family History and some of the changes that are coming. 

Of course, all was quiet when I returned home.  It seems particularly quiet after having the kids here for three days.  We sure did enjoy them.  It was just too bad that Ashby got sick and we didn't get to do some of the other things we had planned.  Love them both!

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