Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 22nd - Remembering Jason

Jason died 15 years ago today.  We remember him every day, but it has been on my mind a little more than usual.  Love you, Jason!

My day was actually very busy and not at all depressing.  I was doing the usual routine in the morning and was working on the computer when Lisa called.  She and Brooks were at the mall to get him a haircut and were going to play a little first.  When they pulled in to the parking lot, Brooks wanted to know if Grandma was going to be there.  How sweet is that!  I often meet them at the mall, so I left right away and met up with them.  He got his haircut and then we had lunch.  Then it was time for them to go pick up Ashby, while  I stopped at Bath & Body Works to pick up some Christmas gifts for my visiting teaching sisters.  What a fun time and Brooks looks really cute with his short hair.

On the way home, I ran all the errands on my list:  stop at the library to return three things and pick up two more; stop at CVS to pick up some sale items; stop at the Kroger pharmacy to pick up a prescription.  Then I headed back home.  That all took a pretty good hunk out of the middle of my day!

At home, I had the laundry to finish and I made a batch of butter cookies so there would be something in the cookie jar.  Now, if we can make them last until Sunday!  That is more of a challenge than I had expected.  I was then able to head back to the computer.  I have my Sunday lesson pretty much together, but I did spend some time going over the 5th Sunday lesson for December.  I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed and also to make sure the bishopric knew what was expected.  The lesson is designed for the adults and youth, so hopefully the bishopric will include the youth.  There is also a new booklet that is to be given out.  However, the ward would have to buy them and I am not sure they will do that.  It will probably depend on the state of the ward budget right here at the end of the year.  It should be a fairly easy presentation since the outline has been prepared by the church and includes four videos.

I had a very busy day today and it was a good one.  I have missed Jason a little more than usual since I have thought about him some extra today.  I am so grateful for my testimony of the plan of salvation.  Life can be difficult, but the promised blessings give us strength.

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