Friday, November 1, 2013

Oct 28th - Wow, What a Lazy Day!

It shouldn't take long to write today - we didn't do much! 
I woke up early and got up and read, while Bill added a few more hours of sleep to his night.  When he finally got up and going, we finally had french toast for breakfast, at around 10:00!  Then we just lazed around, relaxing and enjoying doing nothing of importance.  It had rained during the night and there was still cloud cover most of the day, with occasional patches of blue peaking through.  
In the early afternoon, I went in to read in bed and take a short nap, while Bill talked to the Dish people and got the satellite working properly.  It turned out that it had just developed some glitch and they finally got it all reset so he would be able to watch all the channels.
Mid-afternoon, we decided we needed to get out, so we drove into Waynesville, about 7 or 8 miles up the road.  It was just a leisurely drive, with no particular purpose.  We did end up stopping at a Burger King to get some ice cream and use their wi-fi for a while.  My little computer was doing some strange things, though, so I really wasn't able to get much.  Later, I ran some clean up stuff to try to get it working better.  I hope that took care of whatever the problem was.  We also made a quick stop to pick up some charcoal and lighter.  I had not packed that on purpose.
Back at the cabin, we relaxed some more and when we decided it was time to think about dinner, Bill got the charcoal going while I got stuff ready.  We had steaks on the grill, along with zucchini, squash, and onions.  I do love grilled veggies.  We added a baked potato and ended up with a fantastic meal.
The rest of the evening was spent being just as lazy as we had been all day.  It is just what we needed - especially Bill.  Maybe tomorrow, we will get out a little more - maybe!

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