Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 30th - Not Much Exciting

Started the day with water aerobics and then didn't do much else of great interest - just the usual routine. 

I did work on family history for quite a while and enjoyed that.  I am trying to get more proficient at FamilySearch and get a little frustrated.  It is supposed to be "so easy," but I can't do some of the things I would like to do to the Family Tree.  Oh, well, maybe I will get it learned.

I talked to Dad on the phone today to let him know that Lisa and family would be coming up for the concert.  He was excited.  Lisa got the airplane tickets, a hotel room, and a rental car all reserved.  They found a package deal, so the car is only costing about $75 for the whole weekend.  They found a motel near the CR airport, which is pretty good, since the Iowa football game has everything booked solid. 

This evening, they held bishopric meeting at our house, but that didn't bother me much.  They didn't even start until about the time I am curling up in bed with a book.  I started a new book today and I think it is going to be another good one - Mary Coin

I must be getting back to normal finally - kind of boring!  But just the way I like it.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 29th - Fun Day with Ashby

Ashby spent the night, so I was not surprised when I felt that little tap on my arm at 6:30 am.  Actually, the surprise was that it was not at 4:30!  Her nose was a little stuffy and she needed a dose of medicine to get it cleared.  The funny thing was that she thought it was still the middle of the night and that we needed to read a book or two so she could breathe again and then go back to sleep.  Instead, she climbed in bed with us.  It was about the time I always get up anyway, so we enjoyed a little morning snuggle before starting the day.

She announced that we needed french toast for breakfast - always a favorite in this house!  We had breakfast, got dressed and ready for the day, did the morning chores, and then played for a while.  We played together for a while and then she was self-absorbed in something and I had a chance to do the morning computer routine.

Later in the morning, she was getting hungry again, so wanted a bagel while she watched some TV.  She doesn't get Nick Jr at home, so she loves to watch it here.  With the late bagel, she wasn't ready for lunch yet, so we ran out to do pick some things up at Target.  We also spent some time in the toy department, which is always thrilling to a child!  She ended up picking out a Barbie ballerina doll.  She wanted it, because as you twirl the dolls feet, her skirt flips around - blue or pink, take your choice. 

With all the errands done, I took her home.  She was tired, since she was up a little late last night and then up early this morning, so she was ready to have some quiet time. 

When I got back home, I finished up some things that hadn't been done, and then took a very short nap.  I got into family history and spent the next several hours totally immersed in that.  I found a problem on the tree and deleted a ton of names that should not have been there.  That is one of the problems that sometimes come from importing files.  I try to keep my RootsMagic tree as accurate as possible, but I am not always as careful with the online trees.  I really need to be more careful.  Anyway, that problem got fixed!

It was a good day - so much fun with Ashby!  She is getting so grown up and independent.

Monday, July 29, 2013

July 28th - Back to Normal Sunday Routine

Today was finally a "normal" Sunday - the kind I like best. 

Church meetings were really good.  I had to teach the RS lesson today and it went well.  It was from President Uchtdorf's conference talk.

Back home, I got dinner prep done.  We just had goulash, watermelon, cucumbers, acorn squash, and bread.  It was an easy dinner to get ready, so I had some time to spend at the computer.  I also started working on the RS lesson that I have to teach next week.

Then my doorbell rang!  And, good news!  Ashby was standing there, along with her mom.  Brooks was sleeping in the car, so his daddy stayed with him for a while.  Finally, everyone, including Grandpa, got home and we were able to eat dinner.

Then the children played, and everyone else relaxed or napped.  Brooks and I went out side for a while to make big bubbles with the bubble machine.  We had a lot of fun!  When it was time for them to go to home, Ashby stayed to spend the night.

We read some books, had a good snack, watched You Tube on Grandpa's new tablet, brushed teeth, and got ready for bed.  When we were ready to go to sleep, Ashby and I climbed into my bed and snuggled. 

What a fun day!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 27th - Simply Saturday

Not much of great interest today.  It was Saturday and Bill was gone most of the day on a tubing trip with the youth from church.  I did the work at home - 5 loads of laundry, change sheets, straighten house, etc.  I spent a good bit of the day working on RS stuff, especially polishing the lesson that I have to teach tomorrow.

I even managed to get in a short nap.  After the nap, I worked on family history for a couple of hours.

And that was about it!  A day cleaning and working isn't too exciting.  Very necessary, of course, but still rather boring. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 26th - Pool Party!

One of the sister that I visit teach has a pool at her home and when I contacted her about coming to visit, she called back and said come to the pool.  It turns out she and her companion had invited their sisters to come for pizza and a swim and invited me to come too and to bring the grandkids.  So that is just what we did!

The first part of my morning was just routine stuff.  Then Lisa and the kids got here and played a little before we headed over to Mary's.  They were so excited.  It has been exactly a week since their last day in the pool in Florida and they were ready to do it again.  It turned out to be a nice group and we all enjoyed it.  I had a chance to chat with a couple of the other sisters, too, so that was enjoyable.  After the pizza, we had to leave.  The kids were really tired and Lisa had a dentist appointment.

The kids stayed here while Lisa went on to her appointment.  She put Brooks down as soon as we walked in the door and he ended up sleeping for four hours.  Yes, he was definitely tired!  Ashby and I played Barbie's for a while, then she got the mini-Ipad and laid on the couch to watch a video.  She didn't sleep, but she was certainly worn out.

When Lisa got back, Brooks was still sawing logs, so she ended up napping on the couch, too.  Meanwhile, I was doing some things on the computer, like getting the weekly RS email out.

When they left, I fixed myself some dinner, did a few more odds and ends that hadn't been finished.  Bill was late getting home from work, so I was curled up in bed with a book.

What a fun day!

Friday, July 26, 2013

July 25th - Mostly at Home Today

After water aerobics this morning, I spent most of the day at home.  And most of my time was spent at the desk.  I had some computer stuff that I usually do every day, including working on the RS email.  I also had to work on a RS lesson for Sunday (the teacher will not be able to be there because of a family emergency and I haven't found anyone else to substitute), as I will be the substitute.  I also worked on the lesson for the next week, which is when I was expecting to teach.  There were a number of other little things that just took time.

I did a very few things around the house - I am still having trouble getting back into my routine!  I did cook something for dinner, though, which is a bit of a surprise. I also managed to get in a nap during the afternoon.  I was so tired that I got into one of those really deep sleeps and had a little trouble waking up. 

Bill had to do some home teaching this evening, so I decided to just curl up with a book.  I finished one on the Kindle and started another one I had checked out from the library.  The one I finished was a murder mystery and was pretty good, especially for a freebie.  The one I started is called Painted Girls and is about 3 sisters who are ballet dancers in Paris in the 1880's.  I think it is going to be a good one.

And that was my day - rather boring, but sure didn't seem that way while I was going through it!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 24th - Happy Birthday, Ashby!

Ashby turned five today and had a big party to celebrate.  She wanted a Rapunzel theme, so that is what she got!  They had cute decorations, several fun games, made individual pizzas, a cute cake, etc.  She had seven little girls as guests, plus Caroline, Kate, and Judy.  It was a lot of fun.  She was so excited when I got there that she was literally bouncing all over the place.  She had a wonderful time. 

When I got home, I finished up the four loads of laundry I had been working on and did the other usual things around the house, etc.  I managed to get a chance to rest for a few minutes.  Then, as soon as Bill got home, we took off to babysit with the kids this evening so Lisa, David, Vanett, and Noah could go out to dinner and a movie.  The kids were good and loved playing with Grandpa.

What a fun day this has been!  It is hard to believe that Ashby is already five.  She is getting so grown up!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 23rd - Presidency Meeting

We had our first presidency meeting since early June.  With so much going on, we haven't all been in town at the same time to do one.  The RS president was out of town for three weeks and returned the day we left for two weeks.  The other counselor had her baby during that time and is just now starting to get out a little.  The secretary was out of town a couple of weeks during that time, too.  Maybe we just need to cancel RS in the summer???????  It was good to get together and get caught up and to be able to discuss some things that needed some action. 

I started the day with my water aerobics class.  It felt good to go again after two weeks off.  There are just two more weeks of classes in this set.  After the meeting, I did some things at home, including getting Ashby's birthday presents wrapped for her party tomorrow.\

This evening, the RS president and I were supposed to be at the family history center, but when we got there, the parking lot was closed for resurfacing, so we couldn't get in.  That meant we just turned around and came back home.  I love family history, but we have all hated this assignment, so we were not terribly disappointed!  They are changing the policy, so we will not have to do it anymore.  I never liked the idea of asking the busiest people in the ward to give up another night doing something we were not trained to do.  We are all glad that the new stake president agrees.

That meant that I was able to come home and relax a little.  After some computer time, I curled up with my book.  Good way to end the day!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 22nd - Hit the Road Running!

Well, I couldn't put it off any longer - today was back to real life.  I had to finish the unpacking, run to the library and the grocery store, and do a ton of things at the computer, related to both RS and some personal things.  I was on the go most of the day, but managed to lie down for a short while in the late afternoon.  I didn't sleep, but I read a little and that helped.

Then I made a Johnnycake for Empty Nesters this evening.  I think johnnycakes are usually fried like pancakes, but this recipe was baked in the oven in a large jelly roll type pan.  It actually turned out pretty good.  We all did pioneer recipes for the refreshments and chose our items off a sheet that was handed out last time.  We watched the movie "Legacy" and did a pioneer trivia quiz which was lots of fun.

By the time we got back home, we were both beat.  Getting back to real life is hard!

Monday, July 22, 2013

July 21st - Good to be back

This being Sunday, it was good to be back in my home ward.  I enjoyed seeing my friends after two weeks away, as well as partaking of the wonderful spirit that was there.  The priesthood choir, which consisted of every member of the Melchizadek and Aaronic priesthoods, sang "Come, Come Ye Saints" for the intermediate hymn.  We sisters and children very much enjoyed their impromptu rendition!

We didn't have the kids over for dinner today, because of a family get together to welcome my nephew Taylor home from his year in Germany.  It was fun, even if we had just spent the last two weeks with most of them, and we enjoyed the taco dinner, too.  Taylor looks good and will be starting back at Georgia State next month.

This has been a relaxed Sunday.  We were both still tired from the travel home yesterday, so it was nice not to have too much pressure today.  Tomorrow we will have to take off running!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 20th - Heading Home

Not much of excitement today - actually a little depressing!  We got up, packed, and loaded the van, and were off by 10:00.  The drive home was not too bad, although we ran into a traffic jam coming across I-10 and another one north of Macon. 

Fortunately, it was a cloudy morning, which made it a little easier to pull away.  We had some rain on the way home, mostly between Valdosta and Macon and it was pretty heavy at times.  But, we made it through.  We stopped for lunch and again for gas.  We also had a good Connally mystery that we listened to on the way.  It makes the time go much faster.

With the delays, we didn't get home until around 6:00.  We unloaded what we could and then made a run over to Lisa's when they got home, as we had most of their stuff in the van.  The kids are so excited to be home.  Ashby was up in her room playing with her Barbie dolls and Brooks was out in the sandbox.  Didn't he get enough sand the last two weeks?  Guess not!

We stopped for Mexican on the way home and then unloaded the rest of our stuff that had been buried.  I started to put things away and then decided I wasn't in the mood!  I only unpacked the things I needed.  I will worry about it all later.

I am glad we got home safely.  It has been a wonderful two weeks and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I am not sure I am going to be able to get myself back to facing all the things that are on my agenda this coming week.  I have to admit I am feeling a little depressed!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 19th - Oh, No! Last Day!

Well, it was bound to happen - last day of vacation.  So sad.  But, we made it the best day we could, even with that sad thought in the background.

I went out for the sunrise again.  This was the cloudiest morning in two weeks, but the sunrise is always beautiful.  Of course, I couldn't see the sun itself until it was finally able to get above the clouds on the horizon, but the colors were beautiful!

Later, I headed out to the pool and took up residence in my usual spot.  It was alternately cloudy and sunny all day, but didn't rain until late afternoon, when the normal shower came through.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly!  Martha made it out even later.  Everyone else went to the beach.

Around lunchtime, David and Ashby came back up from the beach and stayed at the pool quite a while.  David went in and fixed a sandwich for Ashby - and she ate every bite.  She was mighty hungry from all that hard work at the beach, I guess.  She then swam for a long time, having such fun.

I eventually came in, got showered, and relaxed on the lounge chair on the porch - and kept on reading!  I finished my 7th book for the two weeks we have been here.  I used to read more, but with the grandkids, I get distracted a lot! 

The rain that moved through was really heavy and lasted a little longer than normal, but it was actually fun watching the rain from the porch.  Greg and Judy decided to take off for home this evening rather than waiting until morning, so they left late afternoon.  Lisa and family just ate whatever leftover food they could find, and we planned to do the same, but Bill decided a pizza would be better.  David, Ashby, Vanett, and Noah all came over to swim and they shared our pizza with us.  I guess they didn't think their leftover dinner was that great either.  Ha!

I got the laundry all done this evening, so tomorrow morning we will just have to pack up, which won't take long.  We enjoyed chatting and relaxing all evening.  There is always such a sad undercurrent on the last night.  It has been a wonderful vacation and we are already looking forward to next year!

Friday, July 19, 2013

July 18th - St. Augustine- Day 13

Time is running out!  Fortunately, today was pretty much a rerun of the rest of the week.  Once I was up and out the door, I headed to the pool, where I settled in after my morning swim.  I always stake out my favorite spot and don't move much after that!  Well, when I get too hot, I take another swim.  Otherwise, I just relax and read or eat a snack.

Eventually, Martha came out and then both of us read and relaxed.  After a long walk on the beach, Bill showed up for a bit.  Later, David and Ashby appeared.  Pretty soon Vanett showed up.  And all I do is sit there and enjoy every minute of it!

We had every one over to our condo for dinner.  We just picked up chicken and salads from Publix.  Martha wanted to cook, so she made some mashed potatoes and some mac and cheese.  Most everyone (other than me) played charades.  The kids love playing it and there was a lot of laughing.  We have several who are rather inept at trying to act out anything and it does get pretty funny.  I especially got a kick out of Brooks, who loved the laughing and would lie down and kick his legs and belly laugh.  So funny!

Only one more day left.  There was a pretty good rain shower this evening, so I hope it will be nice tomorrow.  We may have a few more clouds than we have had.  Just so everyone gets their pool/beach time tomorrow!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 17th - St. Augustine - Day 12

Boy, time is passing so quickly - just two more days after today and we will be heading back home.  I wonder if we could stay for three weeks?

Today turned into a big pool day, although it was all unplanned.  Judy was bringing Lizzie over to the pool and Ashby and Lisa were going to come over as well, so the girls could play in the play.  Everyone else was expected to head to the beach.  Well, as sometimes happens, everyone came by the pool and then everyone just stayed!  We were almost the only ones in the pool and everyone had a ball.

Early afternoon came and no one had had lunch, so Bill went in and made lunch for everyone.  It was hodge-podge, as the food supply is getting low, but he made up tuna salad, and there were enough hot dogs and other stuff to get everyone fed.  A few of us were still around the pool all through the afternoon, while others headed off for naps or to finally make it to the beach.  I was out there until 4:00.

Dinner was an "everyone on their own" kind of night.  We were tired, so just fixed some omelets and relaxed in the condo.

What a fun day!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 16th - St. Augustine - Day 11

Well, today was ditto!! 

Actually, I was a little slow getting out to the pool this morning - didn't make it until almost 10:00.  Bill got chatty when he came out on the porch where I was reading and it made me late to the pool.  It was a beautiful day again and I enjoyed my "hot tub, pool, reading in the lounge chair" life.

I got a call from Carolyn and everything is set for going to Branson, MO, in September.  She got the tickets purchased for the Covenant America rally.  I am looking forward to spending time with them, listening to all the performing acts - just hoping I can tolerate (and keep my mouth shut!) the speakers.

Martha came out around noon or so.  She is going to stay a couple of nights in our second room, which is now empty with Lisa in her own condo. 

For dinner, the whole group went to Seafood Kitchen.  It was good, but the shrimp was not great.  It is usually very good there, so not sure what the problem was.  We still had a good time.  When we got back to the condo, I was not interested in watching the All-Star game, so I read on the porch for a while and then did some time in the hot tub. 

Another great day - I am in a rut again, but this is a great rut to be in!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15th - St. Augustine - Day 10

Day 10!!!  Boy, time is flying.

Monday starts another routine week at the beach.  Totally nothing new!  I was out at the pool shortly after 9:00, where I remained until 1:30 or so.  I took up residence in my normal spot, spent time in the hot tub and in the pool, read my book, snacked on goodies I brought, and enjoyed a beautiful day.  Late in the morning, Ashby and David came by.  They had been at the club pool, while everyone else was at the beach.  Ashby stayed with me for a while so David could get in a little beach time of his own.  She wants to only go to the pool - says she doesn't like the ocean water or the sand.  We had a lot of fun playing together in the pool. Eventually, David came back and took her home for lunch.  I just stayed and relaxed some more by myself.

I finally came in and fixed some real lunch.  While relaxing and reading in my porch lounger, we had a little rain shower - no thunder or lightening - which came down pretty hard, but only lasted a few minutes.  It did bring Bill back from the beach.  A little later, I laid down in the bed to read some more and managed to get a nap for just a few minutes.

I was back out on the porch reading, when Ashby and Brooks came walking up to the door.  She was holding his hand and telling him to come to Grandma's.  They were all by themselves and it was so cute.  Well, actually David was with them, but she wanted to be the big sister taking care of Brooks, so he hid around the corner while they walked up to the porch.  They hung around a little while.  We went out to feed the fish and turtles before they headed back to their condo.

Dinner was at Lisa and David's condo.  Ashby wanted to have the "party" at her place.  I got to talking with Greg and enjoyed our chat.  After dinner, most of the group went for a walk on the beach.  I came back to our condo and did some hot tub and pool time before getting cleaned up and ready for bed. 

I talked to my dad on the phone today.  As usual, it was a very short conversation.  I did find out that they will be having the airport concert on September 1st, so now I need to work out my trip to Iowa.

It has been a grand day!  I still have four more to go.

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 14th - St. Augustine - Day 9

Today was Sunday and we actually got up and made it to church.  It was a nice meeting, although we didn't stay for the extra meetings.  When we got home, we had a snack and relaxed.  I went out on the porch and read while relaxing in the lounge chair.  Well, that is, until I got sleepy.  Then I moved to the bed to read.  I actually even dozed off for a few minutes.

Martha invited everyone over for dinner at 3:00.  It was very good, of course, and we enjoyed our visit there.  When we got back to the condo, we just relaxed some more!  It rained a good bit in the middle of the day - no thunder or lightening, just a light rain - but by evening, it was beautiful again. 

We talked to Gary and Carolyn in the evening to make final plans for getting together in Branson, MO, in September.  We are really looking forward to it and should have a great time.

This was a rather quiet Sabbath and very enjoyable. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 13th - St. Augustine - Day 8

Saturday at the condos is one of the best days of the week.  For one thing, since we are staying two weeks, we don't have to pack up and leave and that is wonderful!  For another, since people have to check out by 10 and new arrivals don't check in until 4, the pool is not as busy.  I was out there all morning and a good bit of the afternoon, too.

I always get set up on my lounge chair next to a table with an umbrella.  I can be in the shade a good bit of the day!  I enjoyed chatting with the lady who lives in the condo next to the one we are in.  I see her each year we are here.  A little later, Judy, Lizzie, and Kate came by to swim.  Ashby came out, so she could play with Lizzie.  They had a ball.  The pool was completely ours until after noon.  A little later, Lisa and Brooks came back from the beach and Brooks went wild in the pool, too.  A little after noon, David arrived.  Ashby was very excited to see her daddy.  Brooks just wanted to show off how he could jump in the pool.

When the sun finally reached my chair, I finally came in to have a little lunch.  By then, Vanett and Noah had also arrived.  David went down to see if they could get checked in early, and they were able to do so.  Brooks was asleep, so Lisa got everything else packed up and over to their place, plus unloading everything David brought down.

After a while, Ashby came back into my condo and looked so sad.  She came over to cuddle and I asked if she wanted to go take a nap with Grandma, which is exactly what she wanted.  She cuddled up and immediately fell asleep.  I read while she slept.  She ended up taking a long nap.  Brooks woke up first and the rest of Lisa's stuff was packed and moved.  When Ashby finally woke up, we called her mommy and she came over and picked us up in the car, as it was raining by then.

We ordered pizza for dinner and then everyone (but me) went out to the club pool to swim.  (The rain was over by then.)  I was tired, so came back to the condo, showered, and read my book.

I got a call from Gary Shaw today, inviting us to come out to Branson, MO, in September to stay with them while they use up the time share week that they are going to lose.  They had banked it hoping for a family get together that hasn't happened, so they are going to go to some Tea Party event in Branson and use their time share then.  Bill called them back later and said we would come.  It will be the week starting Friday September 13th.  I am not much interested in the Covenant America thing, but it will be a lot of fun to spend some time with the Shaws.

Whew!  Another busy day, mostly at the pool!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 12th - St. Augustine - Day 7

The week is flying by!  I guess that means we are having a great time.  Today was pretty much a repeat of most of the week.  I was in the pool this morning.  Lisa took Ashby to a movie and Bill took Brooks to the beach, so I had time to swim and then sit and read.

Brooks was a little (well, a lot) cranky when he got back from the beach, but we got his bath, and got him into bed for a nap.  He wouldn't eat any lunch and we were afraid he wouldn't sleep too long, but he took a full nap.  While he was sleeping, a big thunderstorm moved through - the first rain we have had during the day all week.

David's mother and nephew arrived in the afternoon.  They are spending the night in a hotel so they can do a little sight-seeing in the morning, but they came by to see everyone.  We had time to go for one more swim before we went over to Judy and Greg's for dinner. 

After dinner, Bill and Ashby went to the club pool to swim with everyone else.  We took Brooks out to feed the fish and turtles and then he was ready for bed.

We have had another great day. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

July 11th - St. Augustine - Day 6

The week is passing quickly - sure glad this was another wonderful day.  Ashby and I were in the pool in the morning, while Grandpa and Brooks went to beach and Lisa went to the store.  When she got back, Ashby came in for lunch and a nap.  I stayed at the pool for a little longer, to relax and read.

It was our turn to cook dinner, so late in the afternoon, we got to work on fixing taco salad and enchiladas, with some watermelon.  For dessert we had ice cream with strawberries, hot fudge, whip cream, sprinkles.  We had a fun evening.  Joyce, Leroy, and Martha were the first to leave, as they are taking off tomorrow.  Greg and family stayed a lot later, as the kids were having a ball. 

We had our first rain of the week during the evening, which is perfect, since we were just in and talking and laughing anyway.  We stayed up a little late for the kids, but they sure did have a great time.  Bedtime was a little tricky, as they were both overtired.  Eventually, Ashby climbed in bed with us so she could snuggle and fell asleep immediately.

Another great day!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 10th - St. Augustine - Day 5

Another repeat day!  I do love this life!!!

I started off by going down to the beach to watch the sunrise again.  Beautiful!  What a wonderful way to spend the first hour of my day.

I spent the rest of the morning at the pool with Ashby.  When she finally had to go in for lunch, I stayed out and read in my lounge chair.  Eventually, Lizzie and Judy came over and Ashby came back out to play with Lizzie.  They had the best time playing, while Judy and I enjoyed our time chatting.  It was after 5:00 by the time we all went in.

Bill and a few others had gone to play golf in the afternoon, so the rest of us just did our own thing for dinner.  I watched the kids so Lisa could go out to eat with Nancy.  When Bill got back, he took Brooks for a long walk on the beach, while Ashby and I watched a video and ate popcorn.  It was a fun evening.  Lisa got back just as they were getting ready for bed.

So, another great day - what else can I say?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 9th - St. Augustine - Day 4

What can I say - more of the same!  All good!

Ashby and I went out to the pool together, while Bill and Brooks headed to the beach, and Lisa ran out to do some errands.  Everyone had a great time. 

After lunch, everyone rested.  Lisa took the chance to spend some alone time at the beach, at least without the kids.  When everyone was awake, we took them both out to the pool again and had more fun.  They are both getting around in the water so well and love every minute of it.

For dinner, we had tacos at Joyce and Leroy's condo.  After dinner, some went for a beach walk, others sat around talking.  Some of us took the kids out to feed the fish and turtles in the pond by the condo.  It was all fun!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 8th - St. Augustine - Day 3

Another great day - pretty much a repeat, which is how it is down here, and just the reason we come!

Ashby climbed into bed with us around 4:00, so we had a little sleep disturbance.  She stayed for a while and did sleep some, but when she left and I went all the way back to sleep, I ended up not waking again until after 6:30.  That meant I missed the sunrise.

However, once all the morning fuss was done, I did make it to the pool.  Everyone else headed to the beach.  I was the only person at the pool for quite a while.  Well, I did have a big white heron as a companion.  He was working on his breakfast in the shrubs near the pool and was very fun to watch.

I did my usual pool routine - got my special spot all set up, got in the hot tub for 10 minutes, swam in the pool for a while, then settled in to read my book.  It was very peaceful for a long time - until a ton of kids and mothers all arrived and the place became pandemonium!  It was another extended family here for the week, so I will probably see them again.

When they got back from the beach, Ashby came out to the pool to swim.  By then the crowd had thinned as everyone went in for lunch and we pretty much had the pool to ourselves.  She just wants to swim - no toys or playing anything else, just swimming.  She is getting better everyday.

Eventually Lisa made her come in for lunch, so I followed since it was probably 1 or 1:30 by then.  After lunch and a few chores, we went in for a nap.  Ashby took a long shower, then cuddled up and was asleep in 10 seconds flat!  I took a short snooze, then moved out onto the porch with my book.

For dinner, we went over to Joyce and Leroy's condo for chicken nuggets, sandwiches, fresh fruit, salad, etc.  It was very simple, but fun to all be together.  After dinner, Lisa took Brooks for a walk on the beach, as he was getting restless.  Everyone else went to play mini-golf.  Well, Martha and I didn't go, so we walked over to the club pool and had a great evening chatting.  Most of the time, we were the only ones there, which is very unusual at that pool in the evenings.  We enjoyed our chance to talk and by the time more people started arriving, we were ready to go anyway.  Worked out great!

So, day 3 has been a complete success - again!

Monday, July 8, 2013

July 7th - St. Augustine Day 2

I woke up early, so slipped out of the condo to walk down to the beach and watch the sunrise.  There was a misty, light fog which gave everything an ethereal look.  The sun came up behind the mist, but it was so think that I could see the whole sunrise.  It was really beautiful. 

Forty-five minutes later, I was back at the condo and out on the porch with my computer.  It wasn't too long before everyone else was up.  Brooks had been awake since 4:45, so he was getting antsy.  They decided to head out to the beach early and I headed to the pool.  I took up my usual spot - on a lounge chair by a table with an umbrella.  It was a perfect Florida day - hot, sunny, not a cloud!

When they got back from the beach, Ashby came out to the pool to join me.  She and I had a great time swimming.   She is turning into a little fish and is so proud of how well she is doing.  Eventually, it was time for some lunch, so we went in around 1:00.  After lunch, everyone was so tired that it was nap time.  Ashby hopped on my bed with me and promptly fell asleep.  I rested a little and then came out on the porch to the lounge chair to read.

Later, Lisa, Brooks and I made a Target run.  We had a couple of items that we needed, including some sand toys.  We got back in time to head over to Judy and Greg's condo for dinner.  It was fun having everyone together for the first time.  It is a smaller group this year, but still very lively! 

We ended the evening by swimming at the club pool.  Ashby and Brooks are beside themselves with excitement over being here. 

We failed to make it to church this morning, but we have had a good day anyway.  It is always hard the first morning and we just couldn't get it together.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 6th - We Made It!

After preparing all week, we finally made it to St. Augustine.  We were up early and pulled away from the house at 7:30 to go pick up Lisa.  We had the rest of her stuff to pack into the car, plus getting the golf bags on top of the car.  All  that went well, but it took a good bit of time to get the two car seats adjusted.  Car seats are always frustrating.   From her place, we had to make a stop at the ATM and then McDonald's for some breakfast in the car.  We finally got on the road about 9:00.

The kids were incredibly good.  They kept themselves entertained.  Ashby was in the far back seat and she colored with her new markers the whole morning.  Brooks chattered and eventually watched a video.  We stopped at the Valdosta Mall about 1:00 for lunch and exercise break.  We stayed there for and hour and a half and then were on our way again.

Brooks slept a while in the afternoon and Ashby just played on her own in the back.  When we got to Jacksonville and crossed the huge bridge and causeway, the kids started getting excited.  Brooks was especially wild - pointing out every bit of water, boat, truck, and everything else he could find.

We got to the condo about 5:00.  We ordered a pizza on our way in, then unloaded the car and Bill went to pick it up.  After eating, he headed over to get the crib that some family had picked up for us.  I had all that unpacking to do!  Lisa took the kids out to the pool while I finished the unpacking.  Then I headed out to the pool.  By then Bill had gotten the crib up, eaten, and rested a little.  Then he headed out to the grocery store.  We brought the bulk of our food with us, but there is still quit a list to get - all the fresh produce, refrigerated things, and frozen things, plus a few things Lisa needed for the kids that I had not brought.

By the time he got back, we were back in and ready for bed.  As soon as I got the rest of the groceries put away, I was in the bed!

Great beginning - now the fun begins!  So glad we are here and made it without any major incidents.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 5th - Big Work Day!

I had a lot to get done today since it is the last day before we leave for our Florida vacation!  I had gathered everything on my lists yesterday, but today I had to get everything packed and organized and ready to go.  Add in laundry and cleaning the house and it was the kind of day that isn't very exciting to talk about - but boy, did I wear myself out!  I need this vacation to recover from preparing for my vacation!!

Lisa and kids came by during the morning to bring her things, since they will be going with us.  The kids are over-the-moon excited about going to the beach.  Brooks kept saying he wanted to build a sand castle - now! 

I got everything done - so proud of myself - so Bill could start packing the car when he got home.  Our luck?  Rain - a downpour - just when he was ready to start.  Of course, there were other things he needed to do, so those things got done instead.  (Things like arranging the talks for next Sunday - sort of important.)  Lisa made another trip over to bring her lawnchairs and umbrella which she had forgotten on the first trip.

Eventually, the rain let up and we worked until dark.  We really didn't think we would get everything in, but we did.  Bill took the sixth seat out, so that made quite a lot more storage room.  Now we are all set to go.  In the morning, we will get dressed, pack our overnight items into a little bag and be ready to go.

Very tired, but very excited, too!

Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4th! Happy Birthday, America!

Great day for celebrating Independence Day, although we didn't do a thing of interest!  It was rainy off and on all day and we spent the day relaxing or getting ready for vacation.

I had all my lists from yesterday and started gathering everything together.  Once I had all the food items together, I was able to go to the grocery store and get the rest of what was on the list.  Not a very exciting day, but got a lot done. 

Bill did a few odds and ends and then I think he got bored later in the afternoon and decided to clean the bathrooms.  Now they are both spotless and my work tomorrow will be that much easier!

The missionaries stopped by in the evening and we had a chance to get better acquainted with them.  They have been in the ward for about a month.  We enjoyed our visit.

So, even though we didn't celebrate, I am very grateful for all the blessings in my life because of the great sacrifice of our founding fathers and all those who have served to preserve those freedoms since.  I have a couple of ancestors who fought in the Revolution and proud of that heritage.  Happy Birthday, America!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 3rd - Lunch with the Munchkins!

Started my day pretty much as usual, then Lisa called and said they were going to Chili's for lunch and invited me to come, too.  We met up at 11:00 and had a fun time.  Brooks is getting to be really silly and just loves it when people laugh at him.  Good thing the restaurant was not too busy!!

After lunch, they headed on home and I went over to the Macy's to do a little shopping.  I had a coupon for $20 off of $50 purchase and I have been needing some things for a while, so this seemed like a good chance to look.  I ended up getting some tops, a sun dress for Florida, and some PJ's.  Since I hate to shop, it was pretty successful.

Back home, I worked on the computer doing some things and listening to my CD on book.  I have to turn it in on Friday and I am not going to get it finished in the car, so I listened while I worked.

I think I have all my lists pretty much prepared - tomorrow I start to gather all the stuff and do some food shopping!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 2nd - Day at the Temple!

It has been months since I have been to the temple.  I usually go at least a couple of times a month, but I don't think I have made it since April.  Some of that was because I was out of town - Iowa, Florida - and have had company, but the truth is that on some weeks when I could have worked it in, I just haven't.  No good excuse - other than lazy, I guess.

This morning, I picked up a friend at 8:30 and we went down together.  We were able to do one session.  It felt good!

When I got home, I fixed some lunch, then took a short nap.  By 3:30, it was time to leave again.  This time Bill and I both went.  We picked up Corey, who stayed with us over the weekend, at his hotel, along with a couple that is also here for the convention.  We were able to make the 6:00 session.  I feel like I have redeemed myself a little by going twice in one day!

We stopped at the Varsity on our way to take them back to their hotels.  Bill always wants everyone visiting to experience the Varsity!  They all loved it - or at least they pretended that they did!  Then we dropped them off, headed back home to drop me off, and then Bill headed out to the church to catch the end of the bishopric meeting.

What a wonderful day!  When all the summer craziness is over, I plan to make a better effort to get back into my regular temple routine.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1st - Manic Monday!

Well, all the company is gone and it is time to get things back in proper order.  Or at least, that is what I told myself.  And it turned out that I was pretty busy all day.

I started with the usual straightening of the house, cleaning the kitchen (why is it always such a mess on Monday mornings?), several loads of laundry, changing the sheets on the guest bed, some RS stuff, and on and on and on...... 

Someone will be staying in the house while we are in Florida and she came by to pick up a key and get the grand tour.  Someone else came by to pick up a couple of the frozen dinners for compassionate service.  Once I knew no one else was coming by, I finally gave in and took a rather long nap.  I was exhausted!

After the nap, I finished up what hadn't been done and also got the sheets on the bed up in the bonus room and did some straightening up there.  One of the four kids staying here will probably want to sleep up there.

The rest of my time was spent on family history.  I am out on a collateral line, but finding tons of good information.  Lots of fun!

It seems like I have been on the go all day - except that I did get a nap and family history time.  I am beginning to think that I am somewhat lazy - I don't want to work at all!

Monday, July 1, 2013

June 30th - End of Another Month!

June has gone by so quickly - it is hard to believe that we are already to start July!  It ended nicely, too, being a Sunday and having Corey visiting with us.

We went to church this morning.  Corey sang in Sacrament Meeting.  He had asked to do so a while back and the bishop had given permission.  He sang "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" and did an excellent job.  The rest of our meetings were good as they usually are.

When we got home, I got the dinner prep done and then we had a chance to rest a little.  When Lisa and crew arrived, we got everything going.  We grilled chicken thighs, veggies and pineapple, with mashed potatoes, watermelon, corn on the cob, and crescent rolls on the side.  It all turned out really good.

We had some of the usual entertainment by the kids, including some time spent in the backyard with the bubble machine.  Then Bill had to take Corey to his hotel.  The kids were able to stay a little longer, so Lisa made some brownies and we relaxed in the house, until they needed to head for home.

Bill stopped at the hospital on the way home to visit with a friend who had emergency surgery this morning.  He is doing well and should be going home by the end of the week.

It has been another wonderful Sunday.  Now I need to try to plan a very busy week coming up, so I can get everything done before we head to the beach!