Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 16th - Kids, Kids, Kids!

This was the first Saturday in weeks when we had nothing that we had to attend - no meetings, no funerals, no anything.  Plans were to make it quiet and lazy, with just a short of list of chores to accomplish.  The day started just as planned - straightening the house, dusting, 3 loads of laundry, etc.

Then Lisa called and said she was sick now, David was working to make up for the days he missed being sick, and the kids were not letting her rest.  Well, what would any grandpa and grandma worth their salt do?  Of course, we went and picked them up.  Actually, Bill had to run a couple of chores anyway, so he ran by and picked them up while he was out.

From there on, the day took a whole new direction.  They were both really good.  Brooks wanted Thomas the Train set up; Asbhy wanted to play tic-tac-toe.  By 2:00, Brooks was ready to nap, so he went down and ended up sleeping for three hours.  Ashby went to quiet time and watched a movie.  When her movie finished, we made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  She has been concerned that my cookie jar doesn't have any cookies in it, so we were able to fix that.  While the cookies baked, she went outside to help Grandpa do whatever it was he was doing out there.  I think she really just wanted to play in the van.

When Brooks finally woke up, he played outside a while, too.  Then we fixed a frozen pizza, and then it was time to take them home.  Bill ran them home, while I did a little straightening around the house.  Actually, I left most of the toys where they were, since they will be back tomorrow for dinner.

I was totally exhausted by bedtime!  They were both so good, though, and are so cute.  I do love their cuddling - there is nothing better than hugs and kisses from the world's cutest grandkids!

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