Friday, November 15, 2013

November 14th - Good Family History Day

So, big surprise - I am talking about family history again!

Actually, I did do a few other things - like water aerobics, several loads of laundry, etc.  I also was so exhausted that I took one of those two hour naps where you feel like you have gone comatose! 

This evening, I worked at the Family History Center - and lo and behold! - a patron.  This was a sister from Lilburn who is going to be going to a family reunion and wanted to have some of her family history printed out to take with her.  Unfortunately, she was having trouble understanding how to get things to work in FamilySearch.  We had a great two hours getting her trained on how to do what she needed to do and I think she will be fine working from home now.  The neatest thing was the last thing I showed her was how to search for documents.  I used her father as the example and when we got the list of documents, there was the 1940 census.  When we opened the image and she found the actual family, she was so excited! 

It is so fun to see someone else get so excited.  I love my calling!

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