Thursday, August 1, 2013

July 31st - End of Another Month!

So where has the summer gone?  It is the end of July, which used to be the middle of summer and is now almost the end with schools starting during the next week or so.  "When I was a kid" we go again!  Our school did start in August, but it was usually around the 25th or 26th, never earlier, and we finished around the third week of May.  Of course, we didn't have so many days off during the year - never heard of spring break, etc.  I suppose that is the trade-off.  At any rate, summer is speeding by and I am not finished playing!

Today we had planned on going swimming, but the weather was threatening and we just decided not to chance it.  Instead, I took a friend to Costco so we could price the bulk rice products.  She is working on a group food order and doesn't have a Costco membership.  We also went down to Duluth to a Korean grocery to check out prices.  We had a good time and got plenty of visiting done, too.  And, of course, since it was lunch time, we had the cheap Costco hot dog!

This afternoon, I didn't feel much like doing anything important, so I spent most of my time doing some family history.  I worked for a while on one of my tangles - where I know there are some people that don't belong - but I gave up on that again and just worked on some of the hints on Ancestry.

I finished another book today, Mary Coin, and really enjoyed it.

And another day - and another month - bites the dust!

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