Thursday, August 8, 2013

Aug 7th - Family History Day

OK, so I was going to spend the week working on all those projects that I haven't gotten to lately........  Well, it just wasn't fun!  So, with a rainy, dark morning, I chose to work on family history instead.  I was just going to do it a little and then get busy with something else.  Is it my fault that the whole day passed? 

During breaks, I managed to get a little done (emphasis on "little") - 3 loads of laundry, house straightening, etc.,  Plus, in the afternoon, I did run to the library, the gas station, and the pharmacy.  Yeah, that was about it!  The rest of the time I was busy working on my messed up family.  That is, the family in my history that has some data problems.  I am making headway and actually got quite a lot accomplished today. 

By evening, I was pretty much done with the computer - at it just a bit too much today.  Bill was out with the missionaries, so I finished watching season 1 of Granite Flats.  It was pretty good.  It is nice to watch something clean and fun, with a bit of mystery - even if it is pretty predictable.  We got the Roku working last week, (just needed to be plugged in right) so it is easy to use.  I hardly watch TV, but I like it more this way.

Another good day!

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