Sunday, August 4, 2013

Aug 3rd - Working on the Playset - Finally!

David and Ashby came over this afternoon to start reconstructing the playset that was given to us - back in March, I think!  It had been planed and sanded and stained, but had been taking up room in the garage since then.  Today, they got most of the fort part done.  Just figuring out exactly what they wanted to do and where the thing was going to be set took up a good bit of time.  Once they started actually putting it together, it went well.  It is not ready to attach the ladders and the slide.  Of course, the old ladders were pretty much shot, so we need to buy some new ones.  I wonder how long that is going to take!  At least, the job has been started and it looks really good.

The rest of my day was pretty much ordinary - laundry, straightening, etc.  About the same time David arrived, the Dish Network guy came to see why we had lost our signal (the dish had moved slightly - the last guy didn't quite tighten it properly.)  Shortly after that, our niece and her fiance arrived to talk about their wedding with Bill.  They have asked him to marry them.  He got certified online, so he can do so legally, but they had a lot of details to work out.

Ashby and I played while the guys worked.  She was in the little pool for a long time, then Barbies took front stage.  She eventually ran out of steam and spent a little quiet time on the couch watching some Nick Jr.  Later, Lisa and Brooks made it over.  We fixed a quick chicken and rice dinner for everyone and had a fun evening.

So, I guess my ordinary Saturday wasn't really so ordinary after all.  At any rate, it was a good one!

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