Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aug 19th - Day 1 - Iowa Trip

Today started my two week trip to Iowa.  Since I didn't want to deal with Atlanta traffic, I planned to leave after traffic had let up.  I finished my packing, got the car loaded, had breakfast, hung around with Bill for awhile, then finally left.  On my way out, I stopped at the library to return 3 books and then went by the bank to get some cash.  I finally got on the road around 10:00.

My first stop was a bit before Nashville, where I got gas and lunch, which I ate in the car.  The weather had been on and off misting, with occasion heavier rain, but never bad.  By the time I made it to Nashville, the sun came out and I never saw another raindrop!

I usually stop just before St. Louis on the first night, but the sun was still up (nice to travel in the summer
!) and I wasn't tired, so I just kept going, thinking I would get through St. Louis, so I wouldn't have to deal with morning traffic.  As it turned out, I just kept going!  I finally had to stop for gas and got a Subway sandwich at the same place.  Way out in the rural areas of Missouri, there are fewer hotels, but I found one just a little further on in Hannibal.  It was just sunset when I stopped, which was 8:00 here. That means I just have 2 1/2 or so hours to get to my dad's.  I should make it by lunchtime tomorrow.

I settled in my room, played on the computer, had some popcorn, and read until I was ready to sleep.  I listed to books on CD in the car, which really helps make the travel time easier.  I finished one short book and am about halfway or a little more through a longer book.  Sure hope I brought enough!

Good first day!

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