Saturday, August 24, 2013

Aug 23rd - Day 5 - Iowa Trip - Heading to Des Moines

Paula and I slept in this morning (yesterday was a very stressful day, what with all that laughing we did!)  She had a doctor's appointment, so we picked up some breakfast on the way and I just waited in the car, reading, while she ran in.  From there, we went to a sandwich place and picked up some sandwiches for our lunch.

Our big activity of the day was to go swimming at the home of one of her friends, so that was where we headed next.  After swimming, and talking!, for a couple of hours, we sat out on the patio and ate our lunch.  It was all very nice and we enjoyed ourselves.  Around 3:00, we headed back to her place.

I got packed up and took off for Des Moines to spend the weekend with my son.  It is a three hour drive, so I got in around 6:30.  Billy and I unloaded my bags, chatted a bit, and then went out for some Chinese food for dinner.  I was not very hungry, so I just had some crab ragoon and some soup. 

We spent the rest of the evening at his apartment, mostly watching some of his favorite cooking shows that he had recorded. 

Day 5 has been another great day!

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