Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Aug 12th - Dismal Monday

This has not been my most productive day!  I woke up not feeling the best, it rained on and off during the day, I developed a headache, complain, complain, complain!  The end result was that I did very little around the house.  And what I did do, wasn't done very quickly!

I worked on some things at the computer, including my weekly RS email.  I took a nap in the early afternoon.  I did feel better after that - except for the headache, which is probably caused by the weather.  I finally got myself out to the grocery store to the shopping that I planned to do last week.  I guess that makes it my big accomplishment of the day!  I was just finishing putting the last items away when Bill called to meet him at the shop, so we can leave the car for servicing and checking.   And then I actually cooked something for dinner!

Boy, talk about boring days!  I seem to have won a prize today.  Even so, it was a total loss, as I did get a few important things out of the way.  When Monday is bad, the rest of the week will definitely be better!

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