Sunday, August 25, 2013

Aug 24th - Day 6 - Iowa Trip - Incredibly Lazy (and Wonderful) Day!

I needed a day of rest and I really got it today!  I slept in, but for me that really means an extra 15 minutes.  So, I just laid in bed and read for a long time.  Then I finally got up, showered, etc., and moved myself to the table to check email, FB, etc., then to the couch to keep right on reading.  Somewhere in all that, Billy got up and moved to his recliner and turned on the TV.  We spent the next while half-way watching and mostly talking.

When we finally got hungry, he fixed some French toast - mighty good!  Then we went back to the couch, etc., which is where we pretty much spent the day!  There was some napping in there, some TV, some talking, some reading - all totally relaxing. 

By dinner time we were getting hungry again, so Billy fixed a fantastic dinner with chicken and a mushroom sauce, served with rice and steamed broccoli.  Very good!  He is quite a good cook, I must say!

We ended our day pretty much the same.  We did have fun making fun of the people on HGTV who can only seem to complain about whatever.  (We know that between scripted conversations and choosing only the negative scenes that we are not getting a true picture, but that's the whole point, right?)

So this was a totally lazy day and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

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