Thursday, August 22, 2013

Aug 21st - Day 3 - Iowa Trip - To Paula's

Dad and I spent the morning together.  We had breakfast at Mickie D's and then hung around the airport office.  There was a good bit of activity and I got caught up on my email, etc. 

About 11:00, I packed up and headed over to Davenport to spend a couple of days with my best friend all the way from kindergarten.  I got to her place a little after noon.  We stopped for a quick snack at Kentucky Fried (she had a coupon for BOGO), then we met her friend at the movies.  We watched "The Butler."  It was pretty good - as usual, I have some complaints, but I did enjoy it.

From there, we went for an early dinner with her friend.  After a rather long dinner, we drove around Davenport a little.  Paula was checking something out and, besides, it is fun riding around. 

Back home, we just relaxed.  She did a few things, we watched a little TV, and mostly we talked and talked and talked! 

Another successful day of vacation! 

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