Thursday, August 15, 2013

Aug 14th - Just Another Day

This was just another one of those ordinary days - usual routine, including some laundry, etc.  I kept really busy, just not very interesting to tell about!  First thing, we went by and picked up the car.  They didn't even charge us, since all they did was check fluids, belts and hoses.  I think they may replace the brake pads on Friday, so I will have a safe car for my trip.

Lisa did come by for a bit with the kids to return something she had borrowed.  They only stayed a half an hour or less, but it was fun seeing them.  Two new children's books had come and Ashby spent her time reading both of them.  Brooks got the Thomas the Train out and played with that. 

Bill got home early, too, but went right to work on the seminary lesson for tomorrow.  I eventually was able to sneak off for a quick nap and some reading.

I did also get in some family history time, so it wasn't a totally wasted day! 

I talked to my dad for just a minute this evening when he called to get a picture of Lisa for the concert brochures.  They were at their aeroclub board meeting.

So - like I always say - just another day!  Nothing exciting, but a good day, all the same.

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