Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Aug 6th - Doctor Appointment Day

I had such a headache this morning that I was rather slow moving, but I finally got it in gear.  I didn't knock anything else off the to-do list, but I did keep busy.  I called the doctor to set an appointment for prescription renewal, since they will run out in a few days and there are no refills left.  They actually had an appointment open for this afternoon.  Talk about luck.  There is only one doctor in the practice that I will see and he is usually booked up.  Anyway, I later got a call from his office saying that the pharmacy had contacted them about renewing meds and I needed an exam first.  I told them I would be there in half an hour, as I already had the appointment.  Talk about being on the same wave length!

So, this afternoon, I made the appointment.  Nothing much, really, since it is just for meds.  It must have just been a slow day in the office, since I got right in, and the doctor had time to chat.  Then while they were drawing blood, he came out to the lab station and chatted some more.  Everything looks fine - of course, blood work will take a day or two.  I guess I am now set for another six months!

I spent most of the rest of my time working on family history.  I am still working on the same line and finding a lot.  Of course, one of the things that happens with family history is that every time you find something new, you also find a question.  Then again, searching for all those answers is part of what makes family history so fun - like a mystery!

It has been a good day - not too exciting, but I actually ended up getting quite a bit done and the headache eventually went away.

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