Monday, August 5, 2013

Aug 4th - Love My Sundays!

Today was another Sunday as good as usual.  The testimonies at church were good, the lessons were great.  I had to teach RS again and the sisters always have such good comments that add so much. 

Back home, I didn't have much to do to finish dinner prep, as I had a pot roast going in the crockpot.  So, I had a chance to check things on the computer for a bit and then I was able to sneak in a short nap.  I was back up and doing some family history when Bill got home.  It was a bit after that when the kids got here.

Dinner was very tasty - everything tastes better on Fast Sunday, you know!  The rest of the afternoon and evening were spent doing various fun things with the kids.  The weather was nice, so they were outside a good while.  They played in the new fort.  It doesn't have ladders yet, so David put out the regular ladder so they could climb up.  They also played in the playhouse, made bubbles with the bubble machine, and drew all sorts of pictures on the driveway and sidewalk with chalk.  Ashby played hopscotch.  Lots of fun!

I do love my Sundays!  (As I have said before........)

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