Thursday, August 29, 2013

Aug 28th - Day 10 - Iowa Trip - Fun with Cousins!

Shirley and I had a quiet beginning to our morning, mostly sitting and talking some more! 

Then, about 10:30, a cousin that I had never known came over.  Shirley met her a while back in the beauty shop when she noticed the woman in the next chair and commented that her hair reminded Shirley of her grandfather.  One thing led to another and they discovered that our grandfather and her mother were brother and sister!  They had a falling out back in the 30's and my grandfather never talked to her the rest of his life.  Mary didn't know anything about the "feud," but she did bring everything she had about the family history.  We had a wonderful couple of hours talking.  She left her papers, so we could make copies of anything we wanted.

Once Mary left, we ran out and made the copies right away.  Shirley will return her papers sometime soon.  Back home (it is too hot to do much else!), we relaxed and spent more time talking, watching a little TV, reading a bit, and even getting in a quick nap.

For dinner, we met a couple of Shirley's brothers at a pizza place.  It was a lot of fun.  I missed seeing the other two brothers who live here, but there were other things going on for them.  After a fun evening, we headed back to the house, watched a little TV, and then went on to bed.

My Algona stay is almost finished.  One of these times, I will stay a little longer in order to spend some good time at the courthouse.  There are documents there that I really would like to have.  This has been another great day!


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