Monday, August 26, 2013

Aug 25th - Day 7 - Iowa Trip - Another Lazy Day!

There isn't really much to say about today - it was pretty much a repeat of yesterday.  That is good, by the way.  We just hung around all day, except for dinner.  We went out to a Mexican place to eat, but that was it.

I got a call from the bishop letting me know that the RS presidency will be reorganized next Sunday, so I will be released.  It has been exactly two years in this calling.  I have really enjoyed it, especially working with Melanie, Sarah, and Becky.  He asked me what calling I would like to have next, so I told him!  Of course, I did say that I would serve where called, but my first choice would be family history consultant.  We will see what happens!

I talked to Bill, too.  He has been really busy and it sounds like this week will be the same.  Friday is when he and the rest of the family will fly up to Iowa.  Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Tomorrow I will head on up to visit family in Emmetsburg and Algona.  Time for the next phase of my adventure! 

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