Sunday, August 11, 2013

Aug 10th - Busy Saturday!

Lisa and David planned on going to the temple this morning, so we were going to keep the kids.  As it turned out, everyone slept so late and moved so slow that it was more like afternoon!  But, they did come!

That meant I got a few chores done first thing, including sheets and laundry.  When they got here, they were ready to play.  It was such a nice day that it didn't take long before they were outside and having a ball.  They were excited about the new kitchen set in the playhouse and that took a lot of attention.  I sat at the patio table and pretty soon, Ashby was bringing me all sorts of things to "eat."  There was an old bottle of water sitting on the table, and that became part of the fun soon enough.  I finally turned on the hose, over the back of a chair, so they would have a steady stream.  They had more fun playing with the water and dumping it from container to container.

By the time they finished this activity, they were both soaked.  So, of course, they changed into their swimming suits, since they were still dry.  After a short break for a quick rainstorm, they headed back out to the little pool.  Meanwhile, the clothes were in the dryer.  They had more fun jumping in and splashing.  It might be a tiny little plastic pool, but it did not slow down the fun!

Ashby even played in the fort a little.  It is still not finished, so a regular ladder is the only way up there.  She thought it was fun to carry glasses of water up and dump the water through the floor.  Hopefully, we will get the fort and the accompanying swingset finished one of these days!

What a great Saturday with the kids!  We played, we laughed a lot, and there were plenty of hugs, too.  Perfect day.

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