Monday, August 19, 2013

Aug 18th - Back to Sunday Again!

Sunday remains my favorite day of the week - and that was true again today.  This is one rut that I am in that I do not want to change!

Instead of attending RS today, I was in with the young women.  They had asked me to come in and say a few words, as they had nominated me as the woman who exemplified their value Individual Worth.  I was really quite honored that they even knew who I was!  I stayed and attended the Laurel class, as we try to visit them once a month as part of transitioning from YW to RS. 

At home, I finished up dinner prep.  I had put a pork loin wrapped in bacon in the oven first thing this morning to slow cook.  The rest of dinner was from the produce drawer of the kitchen.  I was afraid everything would rot during the two weeks I am gone.  So, we had sweet potatoes, fried apples, green beans, sauteed red peppers and onions, as well as frozen rolls.  It was a big hit, which was good for a "clearance" meal.

The rest of the afternoon was just relaxing with the kids and having fun as usual on a Sunday.

Bill had such a big day at church and visiting members afterwards that the kids were already gone by the time he got home.  Hopefully, this doesn't happen often!

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