Saturday, August 17, 2013

Aug 16th - Another Rainy Day!

This has been the worst summer ever for rain - and it is at it again.  It makes it hard to want to do much, not to mention the sinus headaches that come very time.  But, the day must go on!

First thing, we dropped the car off at the shop again to get new brake pads on the front brakes.  They have squeaked ever since they were replaced last time and it was enough!  I did a few of the routine things before the RS president picked me up to go visit one of the sisters who has just moved into the ward.  We had a fun visit with her.  We have had several great families move in this summer and this is one more.  We are looking forward to the "breath of fresh air" effect that should move the ward forward.

When I got back home, I had the rest of the chores at home.  I was without a car, so I obviously didn't go anywhere else.  I did finally curl up in bed - what else was I supposed to do with the rainy day?  I also managed to get my RS email out.  I almost forgot it was Friday and time to send it!  I even fixed some homemade cream cheese potato soup and biscuits for dinner.  It was just that kind of a day!  I think it is supposed to rain and be cool for the weekend and then who knows. 

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