Friday, August 9, 2013

Aug 8th - Got to Babysit Today!

Lisa called this morning and said she had a long list of errands to run and it is hard to do with kids - getting them in and out of the carseats with them complaining.  Instead, she dropped them off here and we had a fun time playing.  We split our time between inside and outside.  They both ate a good lunch and then we were watching some vintage Disney cartoons (Donald, Plute, Chip & Dale) and laughing together when Lisa got back.  Fun morning!

The rest of the day was just routine.  I spent the bulk of the time working on more family history - the same problem line, but from a different angle. 

This evening was RS Meeting, so I went to that.  We had a brother from a neighboring ward who came and talked about budgeting, as well as sharing ideas on reducing debt faster and teaching children about money.  It was very good.  Attendance was not too bad - 14, I think.  It is getting better each month. 

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