Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Aug 13th - Much Better Day!

After such a dismal start to the week, it was bound to get better -- and it did.  We had presidency meeting this morning, so the president picked me up since the car was in the garage.  Our meeting was good and we accomplished some things.

Back at home, I did a few things around the house and spent some time on the computer doing various odds and ends.  It didn't amount to much exciting, but it was all productive. 

Bill and I had some chat time this evening - this happens sometimes when he is preparing a seminary lesson.  (He is substituting for a week and a half for one of the teachers.)  I was back in the bedroom and he came hunting for me; just wanting to talk about something in the lesson.  I always enjoy those kinds of conversations.

I went on in to bed early so I could finish the book I was reading.  It was a good one - Looking for Me by Beth Hoffman.  I then started the next book in the pile, but can tell this one is going to be a little more fluff, which is sometimes good!

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