Friday, August 23, 2013

Aug 22nd - Day 4 - Iowa Trip - Fun with Old Friends

OK, so I started off by insulting all of my friends from high school.  Let me rephrase, they are not OLD, they have just been my friends for a very long time!

Paula and I were up and our way by around 8:45 and got to Marion about 10:20.  We met up with everyone else at The Wit's End, a cute little coffee house.  They make the best scones.  I also had a hot chocolate with mine.  We gathered back in the back room where we met last year and had a ball, talking, laughing, finding out everything we could!  There were even a few tears over some of the difficult things that life can bring.  There were ten of us - last year there were 8, so we are growing in numbers!  Probably because our reputation for a good time is growing?????

As we approached lunch time, we moved the party over to The Fieldhouse, a bar and grill type of place built around the Iowa Hawkeyes.  We went to the same place last year and it is perfect - not too busy for lunch, so we don't interfere with other people and we can stay as long as we want without being a problem.  In fact, we stayed until 5:00!

What a great day.  Everyone told me to come back to Iowa again soon, so we can do it all again!

Paula and I headed on back to Davenport and met her son for dinner.  Then we were back at her house, just relaxing, watching some TV, and talking.  I know it seems impossible that we could possibly find anything to talk about after two days of intense talking - but, believe me, it wasn't hard!

So, I can chalk up Day 4 as a huge success!

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