Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 30th - Storms!

What a dreary, rainy day!  And then the heavy rain and wild winds in the afternoon and evening.  Fortunately, we didn't have any tornadoes or any severe damage in our area.  Not so for some places.

Being that kind of day, I was glad I could stay at home.  I did a few things around the house, 4 loads of laundry, and spent the rest of the day at the computer.  I spent the bulk of that time on RS things - preparing for presidency meeting tomorrow and working on the preparedness part of the weekend email. 

Bill got home from his job early.  That was just about the time I was ready for a nap.  So we were the energetic couple - me sleeping in the bed and him in the recliner!  We are getting so old..............

I fixed an easy dinner - spaghetti.  It is also one of Bill's favorites.  He would be happy with it a couple of times a week. 

I spent the rest of my time working on family history.  I am getting close to finishing the checking of the leaves on the direct lines on Ancestry.  Then I will have to decide which of the several projects I have in mind will be the one that I work on next.

Glad we survived the storms with no damage.  Good day.

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