Saturday, January 5, 2013

January 4th - Keyboard Fixed

My computer guy came by today to check out what was wrong with my keyboard.  Turns out it was the keyboard itself that had suddenly gone bad.  When Bill got home, we went out to dinner and then went to Walmart to get a new keyboard.  (I need to go to Walmart every once in a while to remind myself how much I hate the store!)  Anyway, I came home, plugged it in, and everything works perfectly.  Hurrah!

The rest of my day was pretty ordinary.  I spent a lot of time on family history.  I couldn't really do research since I couldn't type in anything, so I listened to some podcasts about genealogy that I have saved, but hadn't gotten around to listening to yet.  It is always good to learn new things and to get excited about it all over again. 

I also got a number of other things done around the house and at the computer, including my weekly email for RS.  In fact, I kept so busy today that I never got time to go take the nap that I was so looking forward to!

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