Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 26th - Just Another Saturday

This was just a day of chores and routine stuff.  Very not interesting! 

Bill went to church basketball in the morning while I worked on laundry and all that sort of stuff.  In the afternoon, I worked on family history a while.  I have been so tired that I took a rather long nap and slept really deeply.  I hope I am not trying to catch something and that is the first symptom.

We actually talked about going to a movie, but the truth was that neither of us wanted to make the effort!  I worked on RS in the evening, got my conducting sheet prepared, reviewed the lesson for tomorrow in case there is a problem with the teacher, and a few other things.

Then, after some popcorn for Saturday night snack, I went in to read.  I am thinking I need to get a life!  Then again, I kind of like the one I have!!!

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