Monday, January 28, 2013

January 27th - Another New Week

I had to go early this morning to attend ward council, since the RS president was out of town.  Somehow, the RS always has an assignment when she is gone.  This time I had to do the teaching from the handbook.  Otherwise, the meeting was good, other than some rather heated discussion about the girls basketball game the previous day.

Then it was on to meetings.  All were good, as usual.  I especially enjoyed the RS lesson which was from Elder Uchtdorf's talk "Regrets and Resolutions."  We had some great discussion and a very spiritual lesson.

When I got home, I put the crock pot on (I had prepared it last night and then forgot to put it on this morning, duh!)  I figured I would let it cook on high and then just stick it in the oven to finish, if I had to.  As it turned out, Lisa called and she had a sore throat.  Since David had been diagnosed with strep a couple of days before, and the kids had runny noses, it was best for them to just stay home.  When Bill got home, we finished some of the pork loin and veggies in the stoneware cooker in the microwave.  It actually turned out really good, but there is sure a lot of left over!

Bill had to go to a youth fireside tonight, so I worked on family history.  I had managed to get in a nap in the afternoon, so it wasn't a bad Sunday.  Just missed the kids!

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